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My orders from V2 seem to be cursed lately...

I have been buying from v2 for 5+ years and have always been a huge supporter, never had any major issues, but my last 3 orders have all had something go wrong and it's driving me crazy.  

First had an order that showed as shipped with tracking, but days later after it should have already been delivered, it had not yet left the warehouse.  Called v2 they said they'd get a replacement order out that day - got a message confirming the replacement order but it never actually shipped, and the original order showed up a few days later.  May not sound like a big deal, but when you order expecting to have them by a certain day so you can space out the remaining vapes so you don't run out and it takes over twice as long as it should to arrive, it matters.

Next order I got some e-liquid and was sent the wrong kind, had to call to get a replacement sent, not a huge deal, but still frustrating and a hassle to have to wait and send back the wrong one.

Placed another order Thursday morning, which should have shipped by Friday at the latest, and now Sunday I check to get the tracking number and it hasn't shipped.  Fulfilled, but not shipped.  

Oh, V2...what have I done?  Let's be friends again, OK?


  • SHANTISHANTI Member Posts: 2
    Yes, I wonder if they are going out of business.  I am new to V2 and bought a series 3.  Was very delayed in delivery and when I called them they said that the would priority mail....well that didn't happen.  I then didn't realize that I needed a loose leaf cartridge so I ordered one.  Again, took forever to come and when I got it FINALLY, it DID NOT WORK!  So, called them and spoke to a "lethargic" customer service employee and she said that she would send a replacement.  5 days later, no sign of it shipping and called again and the lady was nice and said that she would check on the order for me.  So, that was 6 days ago and no indication that it has shipped...my patience is running OUT!   WHAT IS THIS COMPANY???
  • bschap1bschap1 Member Posts: 1
    brand new customer and am dealing with the same thing.  I work for a company that ships 500 packages a day.  I don't understand how this takes so long.  
  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 159 admin
    Good Evening Everyone,

    I will send direct messages to everyone individually too see what I can do to assist with your particular situation.

    On another note, We apologize profusely for the delays and appreciate all of you being so patient. Our distribution center already has a plan of action in the works to resolve this in the future.
     I assure you we will do all we can to assist with this matter.

    Thank you again,

  • swebsweb Member Posts: 20
    3 days later and I'm still waiting for my "YOUR ORDER WILL BE PROCESSED WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY" item to actually be processed! I really appreciate the great customer service but it doesn't make up for the horrendous shipping time!    
  • truejabbertruejabber Member Posts: 7
    I placed my first order weeks ago. I wondered why my order was still going nowhere after a few days so I sent a message to customer service. Never received a reply.

    If there are shipping issues it pays, in my opinion, to get out ahead of it and let customers know. I don't care if it will take a few extra days, just tell me so. But when you say "one day" but take a week, and don't reply to customer inquiries that's just going to make people mad.

    I placed a second order 5 days ago and it's still "awaiting fulfillment." 
  • cldittuscldittus Member Posts: 4
    New Customer here...I went with V2 because in the reviews I was told they were the best cig a like.  Reviewed their website prices seems fair product didn't look cheap and they said that all orders are processed in on business day. I am trying to quit smoking.  I placed an order for a starter kit and timed it so with shipping it should show up with a pack to spare in my carton of regular cigs.  Ended up contacting Customer Service after 2 days passed and no tracking.  I was assured they were looking into the problem and they would take care of it.  2 more days pass still no tracking info.  Finally on the 5th business day tracking is provided.   then a week an a half later my shipment arrives.  Needless to say I ended up buying another carton of regular cigs while waiting.  I have no complaint about the actual product.  I talked to another customer service rep because after trying it I wanted to place an order for additional cartridges and e liquid.  However I wanted to know how long before they would be here so I could again plan accordingly.  I was told that the shipping situation from my first order was a glitch, they gave me 50 points said sorry and assured me that they are striving for customer satisfaction.  I place a second order and here I am 4 business days in and still no tracking, still pending fulfillment, talked to customer service and all they do is apologize and ask is there anything else they can do...what the hell...
  • truejabbertruejabber Member Posts: 7
    "A glitch?" For crying out loud. Just be honest with customers! 
  • swebsweb Member Posts: 20
    I ordered my latest batch of juice from Halo because I didn't have time to wait for V2 (I'm a nicotine addict, ya know!). I placed my Halo ordered mere minutes after placing my order with V2 for blank cartridges. I received my Halo order today and my V2 order is still "awaiting fulfillment." Looks like it's time to purchase a new device elsewhere! 
  • Elaine99Elaine99 Member Posts: 5
    edited February 17
    I placed my order yesterday 2/17/17. I hope it's not going to take weeks. I'll update when my order comes in.
  • Katie12Katie12 Member Posts: 21
    Same thing here. Ordered 1-business day items on 2/3, still don't have it. I did talk to customer service and they changed the shipping to priority--3 business days--so it should arrive by today. But it hasn't yet and I ordered it two weeks ago now.

    I was told it was issues in the packing/shipping center, but I don't understand why V2 failed to send at least a form courtesy email to the affected people. It just makes me concerned about ordering from here now.
  • Katie12Katie12 Member Posts: 21
    edited February 17
    STILL didn't get it. I'm contacting CS yet again but now will have to get juice from elsewhere. Just terrible service.

    Update: Calling CS was pointless. This was supposedly upgraded to priority, which is three business day shipping, and left V2 on the 14th, so the latest arrival should have been today. But it's in Tennessee apparently (I'm in NY). Probably won't get it until Monday or Tuesday, 17 days after I ordered something that was "ship in 1 business day."

    I really should just close my account and be done with it. This isn't the first time there's been issues on V2's end with one of my orders. It's sad, their menthol is A+ and I've been a consistent customer since 2012, but enough is enough.

    I also just realized CS told me before it would ship "Monday by the latest" but it still wasn't shipped until Tuesday.

  • cldittuscldittus Member Posts: 4
    hey, just updating on my situation, still "awaiting fulfillment" (just a reminder order was placed on the 11th) Finally received a response from CS 2 days after sending my email....they said it could be another 24 - 48 hours before it is sent out!!!!  I too placed an order with Halo (yesterday) guess what...already on it's way...just an interesting fact...both V2 and Halo located in FL.  

    What horrible customer service and I can't see what excuse they could possible have for these delays...and as far as taking care of their customers...lying and then apologizing and then lying again....not good!!!!

  • truejabbertruejabber Member Posts: 7
    My last order was placed on the 11th and is also still "awaiting fulfillment." If I want to keep using my Void I have to order from V2 since I haven't found anywhere else to order the coils, but I won't be ordering anything else. Really disappointing.
  • Katie12Katie12 Member Posts: 21
    It's just a shame. I don't really like complaining--believe it or not :)--there's just been more than one incident over the last few years. CS usually resolves it, but I'm tired of having to go to CS to begin with, and they were pretty uninterested in helping this time. I'm not a money bags but I tend to spend around $1,000 here annually.

    The live chats are also a mess--I was stuck on one for 45 minutes that dropped me anyway, which is why I called. If you have that many incidents at once consistently dragging down your system or not enough agents, something is fundamentally wrong with your business. VMR's BBB and customer satisfaction bureau ratings are also way down, and it's because of V2.

    In this case, they should have given us some type of notice, especially since V2 charges at time of order. This gives the appearance that they are having money issues which are impacting supply. That may not be the case, but it's just not the image you want to project to your customers.

  • swebsweb Member Posts: 20
    and yet they still list products stating "YOUR ORDER WILL BE PROCESSED WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY" when clearly they know it won't. So angry with them!
  • cldittuscldittus Member Posts: 4
    hey guys guess what I got an email saying that my order status has been updated!!!!  After 8 days of "Awaiting Fulfillment" now it is "Awaiting Shipment"
    While waiting I went around to the local stores that according to V2 website carry their product and received the same answer from all of them, they are a terrible company and we no longer carry their product!  

  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 159 admin
    @sweb, @truejabber,

    I have sent you direct emails regarding the matter. @cldittus, I am sending a direct message to you and @Katie12, I am also looking into your account to see what I can do.
    I understand the frustration, but I will do my best to resolve your concerns.  I appreciate everyone's patience.

    I will be in touch with you all.

  • Katie12Katie12 Member Posts: 21
    Thanks again for the help, Philly
  • Elaine99Elaine99 Member Posts: 5
    edited February 22
    Ordered 2/17
    Status 2/21 Awating fulfillment
    @cldittus 8 days and still not shipped is way too long. I was hoping to pick up some cartridges at a local store but after reading your post I guess I'm out of luck.
  • NanaVNanaV Member Posts: 1
    I don't know whether I feel better or worse after seeing these posts! I too have been ordering from v2 for a few years. They have had "glitches" in the past but used to, at least, answer messages. I've noticed over the past few months that they wait until I finally have my order sent before responding (if then) to my messages, usually just to tell me that it's been sent and when I should receive it with NO reference to my complaint about how long it's taking. At least they offered 2 day shipping before. Since changing their policy to free shipping for all, they no longer offer 2 day! I've paid extra to receive my order faster and avoid USPS in Miami for years! And now, USPS is my only choice for fast shipping. Oh wait...As I was reminded by v2, I could always pay for 1 day if I don't like it! So, in order to offer free shipping, for those of us that have always paid extra, who finally order enough that we're entitled to $5 expedited, they reward us by lowering the speed of our orders! What is going on with them?! They are so busy trying to find new customers when they need to try a little harder to keep the ones they already have! I'm all for free shipping but it doesn't seem right that they are passing the cost on to the customers that have been there for years!
  • Elaine99Elaine99 Member Posts: 5
    edited February 22
    @NanaV I just placed another order with priority shipping. It should take 3 business days to reach me. If it doesn't I'll ask for the $10 shipping fee back. I have another ecig brand but it's not as good as V2. I just tried to order a new one called Juul but upon checkout they wanted to add $23 in fees. Forget that, lol. I'm going to call customer service & see what's going on with the first order. I can't seem to find a reasonably priced alternative that's the same quality.
    Update: I called CS and one order is getting shipped out today. I don't care which order they ship as long as I get cartridges soon.
  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 159 admin
    @NanaV, @Elaine99

    I will be sending you both direct messages to see if I can resolve any concerns you are having and resolve as soon as I can.

    Thanks for being patient.

  • Elaine99Elaine99 Member Posts: 5
    @Philly_V2 Thank you. I really like the quality of V2. The other ecig brands I have are awful.
  • Navy20Navy20 Member Posts: 976 ✭✭
    Placed an order on 15 February . . . received this order in full today.   I was in no particular hurry, as I attempt to order well before I need whatever it is I do order.    To date, V2 has never let me down . . . this is why I highly recommend V2 to my family, friends and co-workers.
  • JeepinMikeJeepinMike Member Posts: 13
    I've had the same issue as everyone else. I had two orders. It took 2 weeks for the first to ship and then a week for the second. Both shipped yesterday and are scheduled to arrive exactly one week later. So my first order will take nearly 3 weeks before it reaches me. It's completely ridiculous. I also contacted CS last week and they assured me my first order would ship out that day or the day after. It took another 5 days. 
  • Camaro5Camaro5 Member Posts: 1
    Just chiming in here -- I'm a new user and have placed 4 orders over the last month or so.  In each case shipping has been extremely slow taking about two weeks to get delivery.  The last order I made was placed on Feb. 15th and I paid an extra $10 for expedited shipping.  Today is the 24th and I still have not received it.

    For as much as I like V2 products I am questioning whether or not it's worth staying with them when it takes so long to get something.  
  • Macgyver46Macgyver46 Member Posts: 3
    I order once a month and just ordered a 3rd series 3 and 5 tanks. I have a feeling its going to take way longer then it should to ship. If by Tuesday my order isn't shipped I am getting my money back and finding another company. Which is sad since the wife wants to upgrade to series 7 and I want the new series 7X.

    Have a broken series 3 and was told 4-6 weeks for a replacement. With current shipping issues I bet that would be 6-12 weeks. I thought I was being smart and ordering a 3rd then sending back the broken one but looks like it might be way to long a wait for my new order.
  • Elaine99Elaine99 Member Posts: 5
    Both of my orders arrived on the 25th. I paid an extra $10 for faster shipping for the 2nd order & they combined them.
  • Macgyver46Macgyver46 Member Posts: 3
    > @Elaine99 said:
    > Both of my orders arrived on the 25th. I paid an extra $10 for faster shipping for the 2nd order & they combined them.

    Glad to hear. Your orders got to you. Hope mine go out soon. If my wife and I upgrade from series 3 to 7 I will be getting extras so there is no need to care about ship times.
  • truejabbertruejabber Member Posts: 7
    Philly had my two orders combined, shipped overnight, and gave me some points. Which is great, I'm not complaining, but those products still show on the site as processing within 1 day. We're just the ones who've said something. As a customer service guy I have to wonder how many have just walked away without saying a word, and why companies don't get out in front of things like this and let customers know they are having delays.
  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 159 admin
    @JeepinMike @Macgyver46 @Camaro5

    Thank you all for being patient. I will send you all a direct response in hopes to resolve all of your concerns.

    Thank you!

  • Macgyver46Macgyver46 Member Posts: 3
    I understand delays and issues. A heads up on the site would be nice and maybe a little gift to those who ordered and didn't know about a delay. I am replacing a broken device since warranty takes 4-6 weeks and this delay isn't helping calm the wife. Was trying to surprise her but that didn't work out. Hopefully this is all back to normal by the time we upgrade to series 7.
  • fbr2017fbr2017 Member Posts: 1
    Placed order on 2-13 and items that are supposed to be in stock still haven't shipped. Contacted customer service via email (no response) and then by chat on 2-20 and was told items would ship by last Wednesday 2-22. The only thing that has happened in 2 weeks is the order eventually got marked Awaiting Shipment. I really like the V2 products but this is getting ridiculous. 
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