WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
18+ to purchase
V2 is designed with you in mind. V2 is the leading e-cigarette brand, delivering genuine satisfaction with authentic flavors and unparalleled performance.
Vapor Couture Collection Vapor Couture is the original e-cigarette for women, inspiring an entire line of fashionable accessories.
V2 PRO V2 PRO is the world’s most advanced line of vaporizers, representing the ultimate in form and function.
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LADIES: Have you tried Vapor Couture?

samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
edited March 2015 in Promotions and Discounts
If not, now is the perfect opportunity to shop on www.VaporCouture.com! When you shop on March 12th, save 25% on your entire order when you purchase any beautiful battery, starter kit, accessory, flavor cartridges & more! 

*Sale ends at Midnight, Marth 12th.

photo vc-social-st-patrick-sale-0312_zpswl8ia1e3.jpg


  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member

    I love the elegant VC designs.

    If I'm reincarnated as a woman I'll be all over this brand :P

  • alihepp787alihepp787 Posts: 9Member
    If you like spending money at v2 you'll love vc. The crystal tips that lite up are awesome and it's a different color tip for each color battery.  Rose gold is my fav and I like to mix and match the different cart flavors.  I have a few dif batt colors now.  N the whole people liking to smoke hands free r whatever..this is way easier w/ these cause they're ligther/thinner n can even put more easily behind your ear (not crazy dancin r anything). The carts do run out a lil faster and batts maybe run out little faster but vapor production exactly the same!  I do wish you could checkout v2 stuff and vc at same time for the up tp $50 free ship and some other deals n stuff...but also knida glad not compatible cause then they wouldn't be so light.  Fav flavs are strawberry champagne by far and passion fruit close second
  • rickiraccoonrickiraccoon Posts: 38Member
    I love my Vapor Couture! Surprised somebody finally mentioned them....thought I was the only VC vaporer I knew :)  I don't know how I missed the sale since I try to check in every day for just that. oh well, I just received my previous order of 4 packs of cartridges and CS was kind enough the throw in a courtesy package! Thank you soooo much VC and V2 !!
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member

    Spending money is my hobby @alihepp787! I went through a phase of only wanting to make it now I only want to spend it  <:-P

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    lol Spending money is always fun :P Glad you all like the VC - hoping to get more fab women on the VC brand :)
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