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Vape 4 Free Program Update

samanthasamantha Posts: 3,097Administrator, Moderator admin
Spring 2015 Program Update 
Since the launch of Vape 4 Free last April, our customers have earned and redeemed millions of points. Trading points for products is unique in the electronic cigarette industry and we are proud of pioneering this type of loyalty program.
Over the past year, we have gathered a lot of information on what’s working well with Vape 4 Free and what we can improve. Effective immediately, we have implemented several program updates that are explained below. Please note that regardless of the changes in the program, your status level will remain unchanged. 

What’s Staying The Same? 
First and foremost, your status level is unchanged. So, if you were a Premier member yesterday, you’re a Premier member today. In addition, how you earn points also remains the same: points can be acquired by purchasing products or through a range of actions such as new customer referrals. Lastly, the redemption of points will be maintained. As before, 10 points equals $1, so if an item is $79.99 you can acquire it for 800 points. 

What’s Changing? 
While the way you earn points has not changed, the value of the actions has changed. Most notably, the point accrual rate is now 1 point for every $2 spent. As a way to offset this change, we are doubling the new customer referral reward to 500 points. In addition, we are updating the every day discount rate for Club, Premier and Elite members; the maximum discount is now 10%. Lastly, the shipping benefit has changed. Three-day shipping is now $5 and will be available based on status level and order size.
The number of points required to qualify for the different status levels has also changed. Read on to learn how you can graduate to the next V4F level.

Why Is Vape 4 Free Changing? 
In order for V2 to maintain its position on the leading edge of the industry, we constantly evaluate all aspects of our products and our operations. The changes to Vape 4 Free will make it possible for us to continue to offer innovative products – and ones that can be acquired with points – at superior value. 

How Do You Get the Most Out Of Vape 4 Free? 
Getting the most of out this program is simple; refer a new customer. One new customer is worth 500 points or $50 worth of V2 or V2 Pro merchandise. That is tremendous value! For example, let’s say you are a Club member with 500 points. There are two ways to become a Premier member: either spend $3,000 (to earn 1,500 points) or simply refer three new customers. The choice is simple.
Helping us acquire new customers helps grow our business, which is good for us. And it helps you earn a lot of points to redeem for free products and additional discounts, which is great for you.

You can find all of the updated program details on the Vape 4 Free page. Thank you for your continued loyalty to V2 and V2 Pro.


  • cvapecvape Posts: 9Member
    So they are cutting our points in half! That's quit a hit for us regular customers!
  • GrannieGrannie Posts: 53Member
    edited March 2015
    While the way you earn points has not changed, the value of the actions
    has changed. Most notably, the point accrual rate is now 1 point for
    every $2 spent. As a way to offset this change, we are doubling the new
    customer referral reward to 500 points.

    THIS is one of many reasons that I decided to look elsewhere for my products. It is bad enough that you messed up my last order and now this. I waited for a long time for my disposables to come back in stock & then I was shipped the wrong ones. No I did bother to do anything about the last order because it was not worth the hassle. I ordered one kind of disposable (several) & was sent another. Fortunately I can still use them.

    But seriously, do you really think that offering a higher customer referral is a replacement for cutting our points? You do realize that there are other companies that offer these kind of rewards or points?

    It really is not that easy to get people to refer, especially when certain products are cheaper elsewhere.

    I am starting to be disappointed with V2 more and more.  Either you get disposables that are dead or get the wrong ones & it seems like there are more and more changes that are suppose to be "in our interest" but yet seem to be more in V2's interest than ours. SMH.
  • talieraytalieray Posts: 1Member
    I agree, I will probably start buying locally...that was really the only advantage to buying V2 products considering how long they take to ship (from Florida - about 2 weeks to get to CT), and now the point value is cut back, and we also cant use points during a sale either? PFFFT. No thanks.
  • daytripperdaytripper Posts: 392Member
    @samantha, This is unreal BS and I as an Elite member  have to TOTALLY agree with @cvape and @talieray!

    The least you could do for your loyal customers who have helped grow this business, is either grandfather our point system level and benefits or at least give us some warning of change, thus giving us the opportunity to have maybe a week or so of grace to use our points. This recent action falls in line with having a major sale, not having enough stock on hand and then taking a month to fill the order.

    As I have fully supported V2 through their growing pains and tried to keep a positive attitude among our forum members for the past 9 months, I think the time has come to abort this company! I will encourage all my referrals and family members to follow suit and move on to companies with American made products that have better quality and pricing, along with owners with a conscience!

    To all the forum members I have had the opportunity to assist, it was a great pleasure to have gotten to know you and wish you the best on your journey to continue a healthier life style.

    To Samantha, Jeremiah and the smirking  Philly....thank you for the extra efforts you put forth to assist me in these troubled times and best wishes going forward. This posting will most likely get deleted and/or edited along with me getting banned, but at least I tried! Farewell!
  • New_VaperNew_Vaper Posts: 629Member
    I have to agree.  I am also an Elite member and I feel like I am getting totally screwed.

    I've spent a lot of money with V2.  As a thank you for being a loyal customer, the points I earn are being cut in half and I've lost a third of my elite discount.

    I've also been positive supporting V2 through its growing pains but this is too much.

    I realize the cut in the points program is designed to save V2 money, but how much money do you save when you drive away loyal customers?
  • rickiraccoonrickiraccoon Posts: 38Member
    This is really a shame. I haven't been with V2 very long, but long enough to watch service decline considerably in the last couple months. And that's unfortunate because you have a good product. I've always felt a bit put off too that the money I spend on Vapor Couture doesn't apply towards the V4F program. IDK, I'm disappointed in V2 and now this latest move appears to be nothing more than corporate greed.
  • JoBurrJoBurr Posts: 317Member
    I totally agree.  This change does nothing for me except make me think twice about continuing with V2.  I feel extremely bad for folks like @daytripper.  I found his information and encouragement enlightening and will truly miss his posts.  I do understand to remain profitable V2 must make changes in the way they do business, but to do it on a program such as V4free hurts those who have been loyal.  Such a shame!
  • KatFreqKatFreq Posts: 496Member
    I am a Premier member with V2. I have already begun my transition to another company. This was brought on by the shipping issues and cost , more so than stock issues. (In my case, as I use prefilled carts). I paid for shipping, because the free ship took about 10 days. The discount, and earned points, helped. Now my discount is cut in half, and the points are cut in half. You expect unhappy customers to bring you more customers. Ummmmmm, am I missing something here? In the recent past week, I have placed an order with another company. They send me specials, on a constant basis. My order cost me 1/2 of what my V2 order cost. The shipping charge is 1/2 of what I paid here for 4-5 day, and its priority, 2 day. There are 100+ flavors to choose from. V2 is no longer working in my best interest. Customer Service, and Samantha, have treated me very well. For now, I am still using the V2 batteries. That part of the switch will take a little longer. I am homebound 90% of the time, its not likely I will be finding you new customers, nor would i want to. Just WOW! There may be a mass banning. There was one of those not that long ago. JIC, love you forum members. You are the best!
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,097Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi all - We do understand any frustration about the V4F program but there were just so many abuses and the program was losing us entirely too much money. This decision was made strictly based on financial stats. I do apologize if you feel under valued as that is not our intentions and is why we doubled the referral points. We have to be a profitable business so that we can offer great vapor products that we are proud of. I've banned 3 members in the past so not sure what a "mass banning" is Kat but I would never ban anyone on the forum for logically and respectfully voicing their concerns with V2 products/service. The comments on this thread are very different than the argumentative and disrespectful comments posted by others months ago. Not sure how many times I have stated that, but here it is again. We greatly appreciate everyone's business and feedback thus far and are sad to see any loyal V2 customer go but at the end of the day, you have to do what you believe makes the most sense for you. If there is anything I can do or assist with, feel free to let me know and I will gladly assist.
  • KatFreqKatFreq Posts: 496Member
    Sometimes I think V2 is its own worst enemy. Personally, I have seen V2 giving out, what I consider to be large amounts of award points, to soothe a disgruntled customer. And geeeezzzz, is it really worth cutting off your nose, to spite your face? Just a thought.
  • murph99murph99 Posts: 237Member
    Think I will have to agree with most of the above. Doesn't surprise me that the company is losing money on some of its programs/products . However I think that is it's own doing. The production/inventory/shipping debacle that seems to be never ending has not been dealt with effectively. Company operations management does not seem competent. .....as in the COO doesn't have a clue. Sad but all too common with rapidly growing companies. The new reputation now gaining momentum will be tough to overcome. I don't wish ill will on v2, I just wish they knew how to run the thing and had someone there to kick some butt. Iam self employed and know that tough problems can be the undoing of a rapidly expanding company, and the determination and tenacity with which solutions are pursued determines the outcome. Only time will tell. It is unlikely that I will reorder since other more deficient sources are out there. Best wishes to all on their journey away from analogs, and thanks to @Amanda for your help. Buckle up for an interesting ride.
  • murph99murph99 Posts: 237Member
    Geez....I meant @samantha in last post. My work for a customer named Amanda is testing my limited brain function. :-S
  • New_VaperNew_Vaper Posts: 629Member
    edited March 2015

  • JoBurrJoBurr Posts: 317Member

    Another one of your senior moments @murph99=))

  • kt5280kt5280 Posts: 214Member
    I have to weigh in as well. I am new to V2 and was pretty excited when I hit the first membership level. I had been holding off on ordering using my V4F points. With the last sale, I jumped in and spent it all. BOY am I glad I did.

    I do think that a clarification is in order, though. Re-reading the original announcement/post, it doesn't seem that already accrued V4F points will lose value and will have the same buying power going forward. If I understand correctly, future purchases will accrue points at the rate of 50% of what they have in the past (instead of one point for $1, it is one point for $2). The REDEMPTION value of points remains the same, you just have to spend twice as much to earn more points going forward. So, if you have 500 points from the previous V4F structure, you can still get $50 worth of products for free. @samantha - am I misunderstanding this?

    My biggest confusion is that V2 is really pushing referrals rather than the continued business of current customers. I get that more customers is a good thing IF you are able to fill their orders. I would be hesitant to refer anyone to V2 given their recent difficulties in fulfilling orders. I would recommend the products (I'm a standard battery and pre-filled cartridges kinda girl - so I haven't experienced the problems with equipment that pro-series users have). I just wouldn't feel comfortable recommending V2 to people I know due to the "you'll get it....eventually...probably" fulfillment system.  

    The message there seems to be that V2 values us more as marketing devices than they value us as paying, return customers. 

    I know that I have been the grateful recipient of some "sorry, we goofed" freebies. I genuinely appreciated each and every one, I mean it. But I wondered how they could afford to continue giving away the shop? 
  • twpiercetwpierce Posts: 10Member
    edited March 2015
    I'm with the rest of you guys...too many problems getting what you order...takes forever to GET your order...defective products. ...having constant sales for items they don't have in stock... Last wk i ordered from another company that had my order in my mailbox in 3 days! And the shipping is free on any size order! V2 has some really good flavors but not worth the hassle. I'm done.
  • JamesRJamesR Posts: 106Member

  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    This thread is not rising, it will fade off to nothing. jmho
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,173Member

    A private business has the right to make the business decisions they need to based on analysis of cost vs benefit of any program or policy they offer. VMR has internal program and financial data they are acting on. 

    That being said...

    Timing is everything. As a person who has been in a position responsible for making these type of business decisions affecting a national customer base many times I would have delayed implementing this decision until after the sting of shipping, customer service, inventory, PRO3 quality, OOS and the removal of complimentary shipping was further in the rearview. Faithful, supportive customers are hitting burnout. As a user quite fond of VMR it is painful to see so many loyal users converted to unhappy customers looking elsewhere.

    I realize that a company forum is going to attract extremes from both ends of the spectrum and only represents a tiny fraction of the user base but it is certainly an indicator of sentiment. The unhappy posters here over the past 6 months are posting legitimate concerns as opposed to some of the unhinged rants of past posters.

    At an $80 monthly spend on VMR products a typical customer's spend is similar to monthly cell phone, cable, auto insurance or broadband bill. Those companies spend countless millions on customer acquisition, VMR has grown without having those budgets and undoubtedly has a extremely low customer acquisition cost, it makes sense to keep the programs in place that keep loyalty in place when considering future customer replacement cost and customer lifetime value calculations. 

    Bottom line it's been a tough 6 months, I'd hold off on implementing further changes that will be negatively received.

  • LexieCatLexieCat Posts: 177Member
    I'm TOTALLY disgusted.  I am Premier, exactly 98 points from Elite.  So with NO notice, the cheese is moved overnight.  I easily could have increased my last order to hit that level.  And not only do I have to now accumulate an additional 1,000 points, it will take me twice as long to do that as before.

    And for THIS I'm supposed to refer new customers?  I'm not sure, at this point, that I could do that in good conscience.  

    And, just to rub salt in the wound, my account page for my Rewards still says I'm "just 260 points from becoming an Elite member!" (I have 162 points pending.)

    Count me among those who will most likely be taking my business elsewhere.

  • JanieJanie Posts: 194Member
    It's far easier to retain customers than acquire new ones, and you're losing us. You really are. Out of stock, increasingly slow and over-priced shipping, no - and I mean no - CS responses in any avenue and now this. You've not only crossed the line with this, but took a big pink eraser to it. I love the products and you in particular, Sammie, but you've already saved a bunch by forcing expensive shipping on us and replacing CS with three trainees and a monkey. Enough. Now, as a well seasoned forum mod myself, I know what's coming. Do what you've got to do. Bye V2.
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,099Member ✭✭
    edited March 2015

    The Vape 4 Free Program has been updated . . . a result of a business decision based on financial stats.    While for the customer, it may sting a bit, however, the program remains in place and is still beneficial to all who use it.   It was not eliminated entirely and any points earned to date were not lost.

    I am an Elite member and appreciate the fact that V2 offers this program to me.   I have accumulated and redeemed several points and am grateful for the savings that have been offered to me.

    There are five (5) vape shops within a 30 mile radius of where I live.   None of these shops offer me the products that I purchase from V2.   None of these establishments offer any type of discount or have in place, any type of "reward" program for me.   Bottom line . . . these establishments don't have what I want . . . V2 does.

        I purchase my batteries, my pre-filled carts, my eLiquids  and associated vaping supplies in addition to vaping "gifts", only from V2 and will continue to do so.    With  V2 I am quite satisfied.   To date, V2 has not done me any wrong and I shall stand-by and remain loyal to this company.  



  • JamesRJamesR Posts: 106Member
    edited March 2015
    All existing customers on the V4F program should be auto bumped to Elite - other companies have done similar things to "original members", giving greater benefits to those who have supported them over a longer timeframe. 
    Given how the goal posts have been moved, this might be some salvage to retain long-term customers.
  • JamesRJamesR Posts: 106Member
    edited March 2015
    No other comments from anyone?

    I love V2, I really do. Without them I would not have kicked the smoking habit (nearly 2 months now! yay!) But this appears to be quite a contentious issue....

    I've seen businesses fail in the past due to poor decision making, and I sincerely hope that V2 rectifies some of these matters to retain existing customers. As mentioned, from running businesses, it is much easier to retain an existing customer base than it is to attract new ones. Added to that, I would presume that it is the existing customer base that leads to a significant proportion of new customers through referrals (either direct or indirect).

    The vape market is only going to get more competitive into the future, new products consistently in development, and new vendors opening up all the time. Therefore, making long term decisions as opposed to short term finance based decisions is paramount. If I were Andreas I would be having a serious discussion with my marketing and finance managers right now.

    <grabs popcorn>......
  • JoBurrJoBurr Posts: 317Member
    There isn't much more that can be said @JamesR so I assume many who vented here figure the same thing...no use beating a dead horse, but I do agree with what you said. New business for V2 comes, not just from what one finds on line, but from referrals from happy customers. Its unfortunate that this had to happen, but the reality is...it happened and no matter what is said on this Forum...the decision was made for what management felt was best for V2, but I to agree, this wasn't one of their best decisions...but I'm just a customer...what do I know. :-S
  • JamesRJamesR Posts: 106Member

    I will say that I will continue to support V2, solely based on my personal experience with them and the fact that I have liked their products to date. 
    However, I can say that my order frequency will be less now that there is no incentive to build up points. my orders will be based only on what I want, and not on what can be included to bump up my V4F stat's. 
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,099Member ✭✭
    I tried several e-cigs before I found V2 and none of them allowed me to quit "smoking" . . . With V2 I did quit. I purchase all my vaping supplies from V2 because these are the products that work for me. In making my purchases, I earn V4F points which I can use at a later date. While under the new rules, I do not accumulate these points as rapidly as before, I continue to accumulate them. Since all my purchases are exclusively V2, all my vaping purchases earn points.

    I don't buy V2 products to get free merchandise, I buy V2 products because they work for me. The accumulation of points is beneficial for future purchases and I appreciate the reward program being offered to me. It is as though I receive a 5% rebate for each dollar spent. Thank You V2.
  • JoBurrJoBurr Posts: 317Member
    Don't misunderstand, the V4F program isn't a reason for me to buy.  It was a perk and by no means will I not use the service of V2.  Their product is exceptional in the hardware I have purchased so far, their juice is better than any else I have tried.  I must say, I feel for those who purchased the S3 units and carts and continue to have issues.  My point is, V2 isn't going to change their minds.  They are no different than any business out there today...it's called profits and profitability, so moaning and complaining about their program change is no longer a valuable discussion.  Like @mrt said...this discussion will fade. 
  • JamesRJamesR Posts: 106Member
    @Navy20 and @ JoBurr I feel you. The products really are great IMO, and I have had no real issues with anything not working. My comment was solely based on the fact that living OS from the USA, I have had to order in bulk, and this has caused me in the past to over order, partly because I knew I would be accumulating points. It was in no way meant to be a hate fest on the company :) 
    From the comments of others, I still feel this is not a smart business decision on VMR's part.

    As noted, I will still continue to support and order from V2, as I value their products. In addition, the personal manner in which employees have interacted with me on this forum has been exceptionally great. Points or no points, its the product I want (but hey, if V2 wants to bump all existing customers to elite, I would be happy to receive it ;) haha). 

    This seems similar to a situation another vendor went through, backlash included, when they changed free samples with orders to 1/3 of the size. Who cares. Still free product right? But this seems to have affected the way in which people, particularly long term customers who are here on the forums, perceive the company an their loyalty to long term customers. People seem to be saying that this is another ongoing perception of V2 not listening to their customer base, and that is sad as it is representative of a business in failing. I certainly hope this is not the case - I want to continue to procure my Green-tea-menthol!!! :) :) :) 
  • JoBurrJoBurr Posts: 317Member

    @JamesR It may be a bad decision on VMR's part to change their incentive program from our perspective, but I don't really think it will have much affect on personal orders, but will definitely effect future referral business and as a former business owner, relying on referrals plays an important part. It's a proven fact that one bad experience leads to a customer telling 10 people of the problem, where it's not so if you only have good experiences.  Customers tend to forget the good things.  However if you offer an incentive that it makes it worth ones effort, there is much more to be gained, in my opinion.  Unfortunately we don't have much influence over management when it comes to their decisions making.  Again, it is a matter of profit and loss. 

    Samantha mentioned a lot of abuse through the V4F program which also prompted their decision, but I put that on V2's back for allowing it.  That the freebies they keep giving away to mollify customers, though in their eyes, may be of a help, it, in many cases, doesn't make up for obvious shortcomings in product availability.  You don't promote a sale when your backup inventory is on the low side.  It's only asking for trouble and creating a hostile environment thus continued customer support dwindles. 

    We don't know the whole story regarding the decision that was made but as I said, continued discussion regarding this will fade.  We saw it during the discussion of the new shipping charges and will see it on this issue, I'm sure.

    I also value V2's product as being better than most and I have had very little problem with customer service.  I have found them to be helpful, even though it may take a few tries to contact them.  Unfortunately, we have become a society of instant gratification...wanting what we want now, but with patience resolution generally will come.  Happy Vaping, my friend. 

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,097Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi all - Just want to let you know that we do appreciate your feedback, whether it's agreeable or not. I have sent all of your comments to Andries. The decision is pretty final and based on so many factors that I cannot disclose but I do want you all to know what we greatly appreciate your feedback, business and involvement with the V2 brand/forum. I am going to see what little ol' Samantha can do about this. I do know know that the V4F program was losing us a LOT of money (think three figures) so the fact that it still exists is a blessing. And many changes have been made behind the scenes because of all the losses the program has caused. Anyway, I really am sorry to you all -- especially if you have experienced other issues or hiccups with V2. Other issues + this update can be a lot to take in. For anyone experiencing any quality or CS issues, I must advise you to PM me and I will do everything in my power to get you taken care of. Our team understands that many of you are completely just in all of your comments and discernment and although the timing isn't great, the changes were done out of necessity. I will look into bumping members to elite - not a bad idea but again, nothing is promised. I will do my part to ask though.
  • MarieElizabethMarieElizabeth Posts: 87Member ✭✭
    I have been with V2 since damn near the beginning. I started using them in 2011. When I first started the only "incentive" we received was through customer referrals. There was no point system. So even if they cut or points in half, were still getting points. Which is much better than the 15$ off we got per referral. Now we get 50$ worth of products per referral plus points. I mean come on, how many companies give you 1 point per dollar? Ones that go bankrupt maybe. Now the only thing that really irked me was taking away free shipping. Cause you can go to 100+ different companies and get standard shipping for free. Maybe if they brought back free shipping at least it would take some of the heat off about the point system. Just saying, V2 you could do something to appease your customers without losing your ass profit wise.
  • Cris_NCris_N Posts: 18Member
    The shipping thing is what bugs me the most. I have an online business so I understand some of the costs and time. I can't figure out why V2 sends their stuff via FedEx/USPS. I ordered on May 12, got the notification that it was shipped on the13th. When I checked the tracking it said delivery on the 20th. When I ship my product (USPS First Class) it makes it across the country usually in three days and costs 1/2 of what my V2 shipping is. I realize that shipping batteries may add some additional burden but most of my purchases are just e-liquid and could easily be shipped cheaper imo.
  • CHERFCHERF Posts: 12Member

    I hardly ever comment, but I had to join this thread because almost all the posts are spot on.  I have been with V2 since July 2011 and am an elite member.   I remember when V2 had 30% off sales almost every holiday, and you could use coupon codes with those sales and so get your purchase for about half price.  Customer service was incredible back then, and I was in love with V2. Over the past year I have seen V2 go from a friendly "community" to a non friendly corporate environment.  I understand the need to make a profit, but I truly believe V2 has been making a profit all along and have now becoming greedy.  Yes, the competition has become fierce, but if they had maintained that feeling of "community" they would still be well ahead of the competition as loyal customers would be referring new customers left and right.  I know I did back in 2011/2012, but I surely wouldn't today. 

    I use to log onto the website often, just to see what was going on in the forum.  I haven't done that at all recently, and when I logged in today to make a purchase It took me quite awhile to even find the forum!  As you know, they had moved it from the top of the page to the bottom, which tells me they don't respect the community anymore and just want it to go away.  They want people to come, spend, leave.  A corporation at it's finest.

    Maybe I'm wrong, and if I am I wish V2 would just be honest and tell us exactly why they have made all the changes.  I would rally around a valid reason that all the cuts have been made, like maybe " we had an issue with quality control and so had to dump x number of batches".  Come on V2, be a community partner, not a corporate %$*#!

  • sandyc532sandyc532 Posts: 471Member
    I don't know. I placed an order on May 13th, paid for 3 day shipping and my order is in Boise already and will be delivered Tuesday. Can't ask for better service than that.

    The only question/concern I have is about product supply. I order 50mil bottles of V2 Red 1.2 and for the last few months the web site lists a 15 day shipping. Last time I ordered I had to buy 2.4 and zero and mix them. This time 2.4 is 15 days. So had to order 8 bottles of the 1.2.

    I did feel a little frustration with the change in the Vape4free program because I was so close to the elite status. But hey I got over it. As a business V2 is not obligated to give anything. Heck my grocery cards don't offer the discounts V2 does.

    So V2 still rocks for me.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,097Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited May 2015
    Hey @Cherf - Welcome (back?) to the forum and I appreciate your feedback. You have many valid concerns and our team is fully aware of the issues that we have has over the past year. Technically we are a corporation, but we are still a small startup tech business trying to make the best decisions in a VERY fast changing business environment. The costs associated with all we are doing in regards to lobbying and potential regulation has been one major factor that I am not permitted to go into detail about. Some restructuring and just some issues with our foreign warehouse plus a combination of other smaller factors all happening at once and/or repeatedly over the past year have landed us with some major bumps in the row for the past 12 months. We have hired several additional CS reps and they are working their butts off to assist every customer. Of course we will never be perfect in every aspect, we have improved and are focused on offering the best service, products and innovation in the industry.

    Speaking of innovation, the Series 7 is doing extremely well and we have had little to zero QA issues which is exciting news for me at least. lol

    The stock issues have been our latest focus and we are just about to have almost every product in stock. 

    The forum was moved because of our designers - it was still burried in the website with the old layout so from our perspective, it wasn't a major change but I do understand your perspective and that was not our intention to make the forum less important or less of a community. The forum is a priceless tool that allows us to engage with you and thousands of other customers and get amazing and sometimes harsh feedback that we ultimately need to read. 

    We have reduced some discounts and freebies because it was just bleeding us too much money. We are still a community here on the forum and I personally hope that you reconsider staying with V2 and being more active in the V2 forum. :) Again, I greatly appreciate your feedback and have forwarded it to the CEO. Our team does read the feedback and appreciates it whether its constructive criticism or positive. 

    Thanks for your feedback too Sandy! Hope all is well with you. Inventory is stabilizing so I do not think that will be an issue Summer+.
  • DankYogiDankYogi Posts: 33Member
    Free stuff is free stuff. I'm not going to complain. If your business can thrive by making the changes, I say do what you have to, V2, to stay viable. You have a lifelong customer here.
  • freddo83freddo83 Posts: 7Member
    I agree with you dan. Free stuff is a bonus but I don't mind paying good money for good product and this Series 7 is top of the line. Happy customer here too. ;]
  • Jazzkitty6Jazzkitty6 Posts: 67Member
    edited May 2015
    Has anything happened about the loyal customers being bumped up to Elite? I should have been an Elite member by now but ince it changed I've been stuck at 427 points away from Elite for a long time. I've had orders that showed up in email, were shipped but the orders have never showed up on my account page. I was able to get points for one order posted because I still had the email but the others never did because I hadn't realized some of my orders weren't showing up in my account. Even if we were a hundred or two hundred points away from Elite we should have been bumped up a status. As it sits now I'll have to spend over $800.00 dollars to get Elite status and that will take a very long time. Yet even if I did I still probably wouldn't make Elite because my points needed have been the same since the change in the program.

    Maybe if the loyal customers were bumped up it would take someof the sting out of the 30 day wait for orders or all the technical problems with the hardware or the CS issues. I have a whole pile of batteries that are brand new because they have never worked right. But after having to go through constant replacements I'd get fed up and just start over by buying yet another new battery or use a freebie that V2 would send my mom because they would send me a free disposable but not a battery plus usb little kit. So I'd have to take my mom's free battery. I'm awaiting shipment of yet another new shorty blue automatic battery because the new one I bought with my last order won't pull anything but air every 4 out of 5 pulls. I was just so fed up with it that I waited to deal with customer service until I had another problem, which I did when the EX blanks ran out. My mom bought me a battery for christmas that has never worked but again, I just didn't want to hassle with it.

    I really want to stick with V2 but I've been getting bad batteries since I started using the products and now all the shipping problems, cartridge problems, sales without the stock to fill the orders plus the points issue, I don't know how much longer me or my family will hang in there. My dad likes V2 but I'm scared to refer him or anyone else for the points because I don't want to put my name on the line for a company who has constant problems. If V2 wants to keep their business going then I would think that taking care of the people, who've been there through the massive problems this last year and a half, that would be V2's priority. Instead they up the referral points yet many of us don't know anyone who'd buy a starter kit to begin with or again, are afraid to refer someone. Even I did get my dad set up he only likes the disposables, so no points there. Plus, I don't want to listen to him get mad every time there's a problem and with V2, there's been a lot of them.

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,097Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey Jazzykitty6 - I am going to look into your account now and see how we can help. Did you place those orders on a guest account on accident perhaps? 
  • SirSmokemSirSmokem Posts: 75Member ✭✭
    freddo83 said:
    I agree with you dan. Free stuff is a bonus but I don't mind paying good money for good product and this Series 7 is top of the line. Happy customer here too. image;]
    I'm definitely with you on that one. You get what you pay for, but there is nothing wrong with FREE! LOL. But then again... I rather support the things I love, so it's catch-22.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 410Member
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    @samantha Being a new customer since Feb 2015 I enjoyed the points that were given as my previous company of 3 years had no rewards program and I enjoyed receiving points for my purchases from V2 and the new Vape4Free receiving 50% less points is not a big issue as it's still something for free. Yes people have had issues with products and shipping but V2 customer service is outstanding especially with warranty problems they just replace no questions asked not many companies make it easy to replace a faulty item. V2 is a private company not owned by Big Tobacco and need to make changes to make a profit. How many customers would be happy if V2 closed the doors tomorrow as they make great products and at reasonable prices. I live in Australia and shipping is $58.00 plus a $5.00 handling fee but I am happy to purchase in bulk for a quality product and great customer service if I ever have an issue and the points are just an added bonus.
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    I did 6 reviews about a month ago received the email to verify which I responded to but the 6 reviews at 10 points each were never been credited to my account.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 410Member
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    David1886 said:
    I did 6 reviews about over a month ago received the email to verify which I responded to but the 6 reviews at 10 points each were never been credited to my account.

    As of today my points still have not been credited to my account I  know it's only 60 points but every dollar saved helps and makes me place larger orders and slightly disappointing as have been a loyal V2 customer.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 410Member
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    Just your annoying customer from Australia again.

    I did another 4 reviews as allowed 10 per year and received the email to verify which I responded but still have not had the 40 points credited to my Vape4Free account.
    I know that equates to only $4.00 but every dollar saved helps towards placing larger orders.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,097Administrator, Moderator admin
    Lol you are not annoying @David1886! You are completely valid in inquiring about your V4F points... it does take up to 30 days to push through but let me send an email and see how I can help, if at all...
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 410Member

    Everything is fine it's not an issue I just posted this comment as have had a bad run of luck with products being faulty and  out of stock issue I was just having a whinge.
  • MSmith447MSmith447 Posts: 255Member
    I just got my owed vape 4 free points too, thanks v2.com! It did take a while but whatever lol As long as I get them. Hope you get yours soon David
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