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Performance FAQ – Loose Leaf Cart

samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
edited April 2015 in Product Troubleshooting
3.7 , 4.2, and 4.7 volts 
390, 410, and 430 degrees Fahrenheit 

Performance FAQ – Loose Leaf Cart (LLC)

1. Follow the manual’s advice and DO NOT overpack or attempt to stuff the cart past the edge of the metal chamber within the cartridge. If you can’t run your finger along the ceramic base without moving tobacco, you have overpacked it and once the mouthpiece is applied, will have little airflow to create vapor. When you overpack the cartridge, you are essentially creating a block where the airflow comes around the sides and is difficult to draw. 

2. Make use of the included screens, three come in a bag with the scoop and brush, and a fourth one inside the LLC. While the manual does not specify how to use this screen, I recommend to have one at the base of the cartridge before filling and another on top of the material before the mouthpiece. This is especially useful when using a fine loose leaf substance or when you have ground up your materials to a powder-like consistency. Not only will you prevent materials from entering the mouthpiece but also preserve the life of the LLC. Remember, the minimum is one screen on the bottom, with some users gaining an advantage from using a second screen on top of the material. 

3. Avoid damp or moist loose leaf substances, as this will restrict airflow and leave your cartridge filled with residue that will be difficult to clean, especially if you intend to mix mediums or flavors. For example, same vapor/flavor inconsistency with EX Blank users who complain that the cartridge tastes funny when vaping Red after a different flavor (i.e. Coffee). 

Performance FAQ – Liquid Cart (LC)

1. Great vapor on any setting, remember that the lowest voltage setting is comparable to a classic V2 battery (3.7V); the second setting is comparable to an EX Battery (4.2V); the third setting is comparable to a power-cig, if capped at 4.7V, which WILL augment the flavor profile, based on the liquid and flavor used. 

2. Remember that with open system devices, you may find yourself using a lower strength of nicotine liquid, compared to prefilled cartridges. I believe this is attributed to the amount of vapor and therefore the throat hit when vaping.

Performance FAQ – Charging / Battery Life
1. Until the product has been out in the market and abused by all, the answer is simple: it varies. It varies due to several variables, including voltage setting, starting battery charge level, number of cycles performed in X time period and if those cycles were liquid, loose leaf or wax. 

Performance FAQ – Kit 

1. Remember that these units do not use many screws and instead are pressure fitted, so with constant pulling of the cartridge from the magnet in the unit, you may encounter a cartridge that comes apart; for those customers who experience this, don't panic and know that it can be put back together. This is not an official solution but a quick and dirty answer to our fiscally conscientious consumers.
The Looseleaf cart cutoff for the Series 7 is 150 seconds after the green light is active. From the manual:

“Press and hold the activation button for 3 seconds or more to turn off the heating function. The device will automatically cut off 150 seconds after the LED perimeter turns green. The green LED will start to flash 5 seconds before cut off.”


  • pumapuma Posts: 2Member
    Got my Pro 7 in early March, works great and I'm loving it. I have had a problem on the loose leaf cartridge, the little metal strip on the side of the cartridge (with little holes in it) has come off at each end. I put a very tiny drop of glue on the ends and that seems to have done the trick.
  • JonathanNYCJonathanNYC Posts: 4Member
    @ Samantha,

    Regarding recommendations on how to properly use the loose leaf cartridge for the Series 3.

    Are your recommendations for the proper use of the loose leaf cartridge only for the Series 7 or is it also for the Series 3's loose leaf cartridge?  If they are only for the Series 7, can you please provide me with your Series 3 recommendations.  

    I'm particularly interested in your recommendations in the use of the screens.  Should one be in the base of the unit and then one on the top of your dry material.  I would like to get the best performance out of the cartridge and also preserve the life of it.

    I am new to the V2 Series 3 vaporizer.  I have received the Series 3 vaporizer but I am still waiting on the loose leaf cartridge, I ordered for it.  I have been told, it should be shipping any day.  Before I use it for the first time, I would like to know how to properly use it.

  • boolarooboolaroo Posts: 1Member
    Received lose leaf cart for series3 today.  the e liquid cart has been (and continues to )working perfectly.  unable to get unit to function properly with LLC.  As per instuructions, held the activation button for 3 sec, perimeter light glows red, after approx 10 sec, goes out; no yellow, no green.  I have locked and unlocked (or so I believe) the unit several times.  Live chat says no one available, phone number disconnects after a minute of nothingness.  Any suggestions?

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @boolaroo I can have a CS rep call you Monday to troubleshoot. 

    Jonathan I am going to triple confirm on LLC for S3 & S7 before I confirm with you... will keep you posted. 
  • JonathanNYCJonathanNYC Posts: 4Member
    Samantha, thank you for looking into it for me.  Let me know what you find out.  I should be getting my loose leaf cartridge tomorrow.

  • JonathanNYCJonathanNYC Posts: 4Member

    Samantha, thank you for looking into it for me.  Let me know what you find out.  I should be getting my loose leaf cartridge tomorrow.


    I received my series 3 loose leaf cartridge today.  I would like to start using it but I am going to wait for you to confirm the recommended way to best use the LLC.  

    I did notice that the loose leaf cartridge did not come with any screens.  Looking at the inside of the LLC, it has 6 small holes on the bottom of it.  Can those holes get clogged up?   Would it benefit from having a screen on the bottom?  How about another one on top of the material before the mouthpiece?  Would that prevent material from getting into the holes in the mouthpiece? I would like to get the best performance out of the cartridge and also preserve the life of it.

    Please let me know as soon as you find out.  I'm looking forward to trying out my new toy. Thanks
  • MrGreenjeansMrGreenjeans Posts: 2Member
    yikes........ so I purchased the series 7 kit and have been enjoying the short time that I have had it......however I have run into problems with the lids for the cartridges....the problem is that they are a very weak material and can break at the locking mechanism very easily with light normal use, they also dont stay on very well....I hope they are getting this figured out because this seems to be the only downfall with the series 7 it would be a shame to to be able to use the product because the lid wont stay on or gets broke easy.....so far I have had to Frankestein one of the lids just so I get use my loose leaf cart and the liquid cart lid is just kinda sitting on the cart top barely holding on. 
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @MrGreenJeans I can have a CS rep contact you to troubleshoot and assist with a resolution.
  • JonathanNYCJonathanNYC Posts: 4Member
    edited April 2015
    samantha said:

    Hey @boolaroo I can have a CS rep call you Monday to troubleshoot. 

    Jonathan I am going to triple confirm on LLC for S3 & S7 before I confirm with you... will keep you posted. 
    @ Samantha,

    Have you found out yet?  Would love to try out my new toy.
  • catzooeycatzooey Posts: 5Member
    I really like my Pro Series 7 (Order #3496082) but unfortunately I have a problem with the Loose Leaf Cartridge. The plastic mouthpiece has come off and can't be screwed back on as the plastic nubs have worn off. My Loose Leaf Cartridge is no longer usable. The mouth piece from the liquid cartridge fits on the loose leaf cartridge and stays on but as you know it wasn't made for the loose leaf cartridge. I also had problems with the little metal strips on the side of the Loose Leaf Cartridge both came loose and I applied a very, very tiny drop of glue on it to hold them on, but it was still usable and worked fine until the mouth piece broke off. I know that cartridges are not covered by a warranty but this is a design flaw and broke far too prematurely (less than 2 months).

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    UPDATE: (after a lot of email exchanges with R&D :D)

    1. We recommend, unlike your cell phones, that you do not charge them between uses unless you are depleting the battery almost completely
    2. The cycles of the battery are comparable to our micro cig (~300 cycles)
    3. A cycle is defined as the full discharge and charge of a battery
    4. If a person finds themselves discharging a V2 Pro series 3 once a day, then they can assume the product will last up to 300 days (~10 months). The more they use the unit, requiring more charging cycles, the shorter the lifespan of the unit. An aggressive vapor who needs to charge their unit twice a day will only last them ~150 days or 5 months... and so on.

    My own points:

    5. If we offer a 6-month warranty on the product, an aggressive vapor will replace the unit by month 5 and then get another 4 months extra out of warranty to extend the life of their initial purchase. i.e. I spend $50-60 on this unit and get $100-120 in value :)
  • ann_eman101ann_eman101 Posts: 4Member
    Can home made cannabis infused liquids be used? What companies make liquids that are compatible?
  • Zebra8790Zebra8790 Posts: 6Member
    Anyone ever have their leaf burn after only one draw? It was just working now it's not. But the liquid cart is working fine.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    bump for newbies
  • Jupiter75Jupiter75 Posts: 4Member
    Samantha, I ordered the pro series 3 with the LLC. I've read some of your comments about putting screens in it. I did not receive screens with my cart. Having issues with getting vapor from it. Is the screens part of the problem?
    I have the V2 S7 I bought a month ago. When filling the cart I pulled the plastic silver to pull the cart out but because of the magnet holding it down the entire plastic part that is glued to the heating chamber came off (not the black cap you unscrew to fill the cart) the entire plastic part black cap and all. If the chamber gets hot, why would V2 use glue to hold the plastic part to the metal chamber tank? I pried the magnet off the bottom so I could scrape the glue off the metal chamber as well as the plastic, so the plastic would slide down all the way again. So now I just leave the cart in when filling the LLC. I am wondering why V2 uses glue? And just how much of that glue did I inhale as it was being loosened from the plastic ? Definite design flaw. Some sort of snap button should be used instead of glue that people can inhale as the cart gets older and heated and eventually comes loose. There is no reason the 2 should separate. Make it one piece or connect it better. NOT using glue! These carts only last a month? I can't imagine how long the concentrated/wax cart  will lasts, that get much hotter than the LLC. I will fill that tank without taking the cart out and hopefully the tank won't separate from the plastic part that is glued onto the tank in less than a month. 
    edited November 2017
    Can home made cannabis infused liquids be used? What companies make liquids that are compatible?    I just read in high times magazine that they have a liquid you can either microwave or use a double boiler on top of the stove to dissolve concentrates /dabs/wax that you can use in the  e-cig cart. Virtually undetectable. They wont disclose the actual ingredients in it.. If they use p.e.g.  or what.. But there is an option.
  • SidSid Posts: 1Member
    edited November 2017
    I have found my V2 Series 7 mouthpiece on the loose leaf cartridge to be of poor material.
    The locking mechanism tab/nubs have basically melted down so it won't stay securely attached.
    I've read others have this issue as well.
    Any plans on changing the composition of mouthpiece materials. ?
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    LLC thread
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