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Now smoke free...V2 Pro is frustrating however

cyoungcyoung Posts: 5Member
Hello! I thought I would join and say your customer service is excellent (wait what?).Pack and a half smoker a day previous, none now. I really like the V2 Pro 3 when it works; however I am quickly losing faith in the product and its leaky and faulty components. 

For the sake of not having to spew all this over the phone I will leave this here. I purchased a V2 Pro series 3 at a local smoke shop and 3 extra e-liquid carts about 3 weeks ago. Worked great first day, then issues. The light went green after about 30 seconds of charging, even if left overnight would give an hour of use at most. Was finicky when trying to use on the charger. 

A quick search led me here, where I found out the issue is likely the charger. Ok, V2 is aware of the issue and has a solution. I ordered another V2 Pro in silver, since the biggest issue I had besides charging was constantly misplacing my Pro. I ordered a wax cart with this.

After the order I contacted Customer service through online chat about the charge issue and was told to return the defective unit to the vendor, which I did. Same charge issue. I followed the instruction manual to charge fully before use. 

I called customer service, told the gentleman about my issue and he said a new charger would be sent with my order as it was delayed because silver was not in stock (I was aware of the delay when I ordered, no complaints there). He also stated since the silver was a new shipment it would have an updated charger.

Order arrives, no extra charger. I fully charged the new device before first use, verified it worked then tried the wax cart. Dead. Did not work in either device (I have 2 Pro3's at this point).

Another call to V2 and again another very helpful courteous person. Verified both my chargers are the old problem ones, model UC46048. So my 'new stock' silver is old stock, contrary to what I was told. I'm cool with that as the rep states the chargers will fix all issues, I didn't have to fight about the wax cart either. New wax cart, 2 new chargers are on its way. I was pleasantly surprised. Items were shipped that day.

I just got home and received my replacement parts. The new wax cart works. The new chargers have model number UC46048A, and say compatible with series 7 and 9. They look really close. Identical even.

I was excited until I tried to plug it into my Series 3. The ring outer diameter is slightly bigger on the new chargers, it does not fit either series 3 I have. I have 4 chargers now, 2 that is rumored to not charge correctly, and 2 which do not fit. The UC46048A does not fit. Try it. Take a series 7 or 9 charger and try to seat it on a series 3. 

Then there is the matter of leaky or non working e liquid tanks. Only 1 does not leak or malfunction. 2 came with my devices. I purchased 3 more locally. 

Tank 1 - Good. leaked after about 15 refills. 
Tank 2 - DOA. Dead. nothing out of it. 
Tank 3 - Leaked from bottom 4 holes out of the box. The coil over the wick was on the outside of the o-ring, making it impossible for the little o-ring to seal. A case of shoddy craftsmanship. I can provide pics. 
Tank 4 - Was ok, started leaking from bottom of tank on first refill. 
Tank 5 - Same as tank 3

Out of 5 e cig tanks, only 1 was not defective. Out of 2 wax carts, 1 is defective. Out of 4 chargers, 2 defective 2 do not fit. Out of 2 V2 Pro3, 0 that will work or charge properly, or work properly while charging. 

There are some positives to V2 and its product. Calling customer service has been pleasant. I made 2 calls, each were under 15 minute wait time. For calls like these I just put on speaker and keep busy so not a bad deal. Each rep was courteous and adamant that they will stand behind their product. They didn't have to send a new charger for my locally purchased device but did (or said they would first call lol). Second call, no hassle, and warranty replacements were shipped extremely fast.

I have quit smoking analogs entirely, I could use the V2 and be happy. I like the quick switch between wax and liquid. Nothing else is faster. But between the charger issue, even both are not usable all day without several charges in between. I need to purchase a new e liquid tank, since 4 are defective and I only have 1 tank but 2 V2 Pro's. I am hesitant to order another cart, as with my statistics I need to order 5 to guarantee I have one good one. 

I want to love your product. I want to give you my money for what is offered for sale. I smell nicer than when I smoked. I cough less. This works for me, however the device and its components rarely work at all. 

I want help, but wonder if this is beyond customer service as sub-par quality control and manufacturing is what I think is killing it for v2. CS is excellent, but what now? Is there ANOTHER charger that will magically make all issues go away? And then what, a 80% premature failure rate on carts? Half of those failures because of incorrect assembly of wick, making seal of inner o ring under the wick impossible.


  • cyoungcyoung Posts: 5Member
    @samantha ;

    Could I ask for your assistance?

  • jmuhobojmuhobo Posts: 11Member
    edited April 2015
    I've had the same experience as you, I have bought maybe a total of 12 series 3 cartridges. Out of those 12, 3 of them have been excellent, the rest of them either started leaking after four or five refills and I remember two or three of them either broke apart or just leaked like crazy after just one refill.

    I switched to the Series 7, the first cartridge I used was great, little to no leak from the bottom, but the condensation on the top I would have to clean regularly.  I bought two extra cartridges since I knew eventually I would have to replace the old one. The first extra broke apart when I pulled it off the battery when I needed to refill.

     I've been using V2 for 3 years, so I've been pretty loyal with them and I like the pro versions a lot, but come on.  Normally I wouldn't care, but these pro tanks are pretty expensive (especially the series 7 ones). If the rate of failure for the Series 7 tanks is going to be similar to the Series 3 tanks, I'm really thinking of jumping to the custom ones that you can buy from the retail e cigs shops that are popping up around me.

    UPDATE EDIT: Well Just wanted to also add, that I just got disconnected
    from the online chat for 30 min since they have "high volume" for replacement for the Series 7 catridge.
  • WolfjaeckleWolfjaeckle Posts: 79Member ✭✭
    Is it  just blind loyalty that people stick with V2, or some obscure other motivation?
    I know I'm a candidate for being banned from the forum, well, so be it!
    It may take a while though because the moderator hasn't been around in quite a bit.
  • mrtmrt Posts: 5,021Member ✭✭✭
    Not since 4-15-15 anyhow.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,139Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey all - I am here- my led screen on my MacBook cracked while I was away for my bday - still on my phone and it won't let me post often. I am going to get a CS manager to take care of you @cyoung. My apologies for the delay.
  • cyoungcyoung Posts: 5Member

    THank you for your response and hopefully yo had an awesome birthday with exception to your macbook issue. 

    I have not been contacted by CS manager. My black V2 pro is useless, maybe 5 minute of charge is I leave it overnight. I have no tanks that work or do not have a burned taste. I spent over $100 less than a month ago for all this, and currently do not have a working V2 Pro. The wax cartridge also just stopped working. This has been extremely frustrating, I have purchased an eGo at a local shop, and really wished I did not throw my money away on this.

    Can I have my money back? Or working products?
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 438Member
    edited May 2015
    @cyoung @Samantha
    I had problems with my 2 Pro Series 3 Silver units with the charging issues and my first replacement 3 weeks ago works great no charging issues at all and it came with the UC46048 charger and am still waiting for my other replacement which has been shipped.

    I have seen in other posts that the problem was the software in the battery sensor and not the actual charger as my old charger from my faulty unit works great with my new modified S3.
  • cyoungcyoung Posts: 5Member
    The problem is nobody contacted me. I contact ed them preciously and they stated the charger fix, then sent me series 7/9 chargers which do not fit.

    Has been a nightmare. Was told 2 weeks ago I would be contacted, was not. Posted this 3 weeks ago.

    Called and had to fight to get my money back. I went to a local smoke shop a week ago and got an ego with kanger tank, so much happier. If I have an issue won't have to wait 3 weeks to never get contacted . doesn't leak, works as advertised, replacement wicks and coils are less than a dollar each, compared to 7 plus ship time from v2.

    I very much wanted to like v2. Not a single piece worked ( 2 v2 cigs last maybe 10 minutes in overnight charge). All tanks leak or don't work at all. Out of 2 wax cartridges 1 was DOA, other lasted a week before nothing. Replacement chargers were wrong. Loose leaf is a month + away if purchased.

    My advice, just go to a local smoke shop and get taken care of for cheaper. Less money to purchase, less money to maintain, user serviceable wicks, standardized battery size, etc.

    To v2 users, have fun with those leaky tanks and burnt taste. To v2 customer service, wow. I didn't say anything when it took a week to get contacted cause of broken screen. Guess u don't have a smart phone. Thanks for saying u would have a rep contact and never does. U could have just been upfront that you don't care and to help myself so I could have made the switch long ago.

    Horrible, horrible product. Neat idea, but I think poor quality control and manufacturing, half baked items like faulty chargers, and being lied to by cs twice is killing it. Horrible customer service, yes that's an about face from my initial post. So far every rep has lied to me.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,139Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @cyoung - Have you been helped yet? If not I can have a rep call you now. I am very sorry for delay and inconveniences so far.
  • cyoungcyoung Posts: 5Member
    Thank you for the response Samantha. Have not been helped, I did call in and cancel my return as I really want to try the loose leaf. Gonna give it another shot. Rep can call or email any time.

  • Eric95MEric95M Posts: 60Member
    A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Samantha!!

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,139Administrator, Moderator admin
    Cyoung I believe a rep has contacted you a few times - please let me know here or via PM if you need any further assistance.

    And thanks Eric! :D
  • DankYogiDankYogi Posts: 33Member
    I urge everyone to stick with V2. I've had a couple of leaky cart issues, and the charging issue on one unit. But they were replaced quickly each time. I've probably vaped about 15-20 carts, and only three have had issues. I get between 16-25 refills per cart. Give V2 time. I guarantee they got engineers pouring over these issues.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,139Administrator, Moderator admin
    Thanks for the kind words and positivity DankYogi! Agree 100% - anyone having quality issues, please call CS or PM me and we WILL get you taken care of.
  • gcordlegcordle Posts: 24Member
    Except for the issue of tanks leaking, I wish V2 would offer replacement wicks. The wicks burn pretty fast sometimes, and if you've taken the cap off one, you will see black hardened tar right in the middle where the wires are wound. I've been cleaning them by soaking in vinegar/water solution, then poking with a needle to break the hard tar off. Just don't poke to hard or you will cut the wick. I've pulled wicks completely out to clean as well. The only issue with that is I cannot see how 1 of the 2 wire ends are installed. 1 end seems to installed under the seal in the bottom and I can't see any way to put it back lol But, putting 1 wire end in the middle tube and the other wire end across and under the wick (so it touches the tube) makes them work. And actually makes them work better! The 2 wires have to touch the tube to create a circuit or the wick won't heat (simple electrical circuit). I would love to be able to buy wicks since these tanks are so random with how long they work before the taste changes. I've had some that taste changed after 3-4 refills and some that made it over 15+ refills. What say you V2 lol
  • gcordlegcordle Posts: 24Member
    Since the OP mentioned the chargers were possibly to blame, I tested mine.
    My 3rd replacement unit has the charger model UC46048.
    IDK if there is really a problem with the charger as discussed in this post.
    My charger is putting out 4.12 VDC connected to my computer USB, it's listed on the charger @ 4.2 VDC, .5 A

    My charger does charger, I'm just getting new units that the battery only last 4-5 hours. Which may/may not be because of the charger itself?

  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,192Member
    edited November 2015
    I hook jumper cables up to my Aston Martin, works like a charm.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 438Member
    4.12 Volts is quite normal for computer usb ports and will not affect the charging as is only 0.08 of a volt difference. If you are still having charging issues contact customer service an request the updated charger which is UC6048D (Notice the D on the end of the model number) this solved all my charging issues.

    What is the manufacture date on the box of your replacements and how long ago were they replaced.
    From dead flat they should take just under 2 hours to charge.when new. 
  • gcordlegcordle Posts: 24Member
    @David1886 David, In the past 2 weeks I've had 2 brand new replacements sent. Sent 1 back last week as the battery only lasted 4 hours. The 2nd new replacement I'm using is having same issues. The battery charges but on a full charge it lasts < 4 hrs. Matter of fact, it just went dead while watching Sundays recorded The Walking Dead lol This unit is random. Went dead yesterday <4 hrs, charged it back up, lasted rest of the day yesterday. This morning went dead in < 4 hrs. SUPER FUSTRATING! This one dated 07/01/2015 with charger UC46048 What I don't understand now is, WHY IS V2 sending me replacements with known bad charger models, then saying I've used all my warranty!?
  • sclintonsclinton Posts: 102Member ✭✭
    I have been with V2 for 4 years and had similar experiences with the pro. I recently switched (not my juice) to another brand. I had someone send me a message about my pro 3's and am considering giving v2 another shot. I, like you, LOVE the pro series when it works.  
  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Posts: 181Administrator, Moderator admin

    Thank you for being so patient! I will be happy to help with whatever I can. I look forward to hearing from you so we can get the ball rolling again.

    Thank you again and have a great night!

  • nutshellnutshell Posts: 28Member
    Agreed that v2 pro was a cool concept, but poorly executed. I had every issue from faulty charging, 1 out of 5 tanks working, and leaking tanks causing the magnet to come apart from the unit so it always sticks to the tank. I stuck to v2 for 5 years because non-v2 juices seems to clog the tanks. Also remained loyal because I much preferred the compact and lightweight designs. However, v2 prices continued to increase while quality declined. No choice but to move on.
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