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Got my Doctor!

So, went into my doc the other day for the every three months bloodwork and checkup that diabetics and people with whacked out thyroids have to go in for.

Got my blood drawn and waited the 45 minutes for the tests to be run and the results to be transmitted to my doc's computer. She called me into her office.

We went over the results, (very good except for the thyroid, I need my replacement hormone increased. No big deal) She asked me if I was still smoking. I said, No. I'm vaping...using an e-cig.

She said, "Great! I'm still hooked on the gum!" She asked me a few questions about the e-cig, and I pulled out my S3 and took a hit. She said, "Wow! That smells like apple candy!".

I happened to have a spare clearo with me filled with peppermint and asked her if she'd like to try it. Once I assured her that there was nothing in there but food safe PG and VG, peppermint flavouring, and nicotine, she was up for giving it a try..

I swapped clearos, showed her how to work the S3 and hold the power button down while taking a hit, and that you inhale the vapour just as you would the smoke from a cigarette.

She did quite well for a raw newbie and was very impressed. I gave her V2's web address and phone number, she wrote that down and the name of the device I use, and I told her to use me as a reference.

Another one bites the dust.

Meanwhile, I ran into the cop who pulled me over a couple of months ago because he thought my S3 was a one-hitter. He was very intrigued by my PV once I explained it to him. He was standing in line behind me at a local truck stop and recognized me. He had to show me HIS e-cig.

NOT a V2. That newbie went all the way and has a Provari. Our police department must pay better than I thought. I'm still glad I got him vaping.

So far, it's my 83 year old neighbour, one of my town's finest, and possibly my doctor. The beat goes on.


  • JoBurrJoBurr Posts: 317Member
    new2v2  these are the stories that those of us like to hear!  Love to hear these stories!             ^:)^
  • new2v2new2v2 Posts: 106Member

    My neighbour is the coolest of the bunch. He'd been smoking for 70 years. Had tried quitting many times without success.

    I got him a S3  shortly after I got my situation (bad batteries) sorted out, he took to it right away. He is on a VERY tight, fixed income. The primary juice vendor that I deal with sends out "vape it forward" samples with each order, and in addition, I have a real talent for ordering juices that sound wonderful and turn out to be real duds even after steeping.

    He has lost much of his sense of smell due to age and a series of strokes, so has a limited sense of taste. Basically, he vapes anything with nicotine in it. So, I give him my samples and my duds, and buy him a couple of 60 ml bottles of an absolutely ghastly peach flavoured "pipe tobacco" juice that he can manage to taste per month.

    I got him 6 clearos ffor his S3 and every couple of weeks I clean them for him when I clean mine.

    He reports that his "wind" is better and confided in me that he no longer needs Viagra. I thought that was a bit of overshare, but he does have a lady friend, so I'm happy for him.

  • JoBurrJoBurr Posts: 317Member
    Sounds like he needed some bragging time so he shared that info with you. Extra nice of you to look after him with supplies. With you helping him he'll see a few more years with luck! =D>
  • new2v2new2v2 Posts: 106Member

    I'm a bit worried about him. I'm planning to move once I get this place sold (it is currently on the market). We've become friends despite the 30 year age difference, and sort of look out for each other.

    I am hoping that he will move in with one of his daughters soon, but he is fiercely independent (likely what has kept him going all these years), and doesn't WANT to move.

  • JoBurrJoBurr Posts: 317Member
    @new2v2 I still applaud you for your small part getting him off analogs, and I'm sure, should he deside to move in with one of his daughters, they will be thrilled he may not burn the house down with a cig. :))
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Good stuff on the doc visit and getting the cop to transition! :-P
  • new2v2new2v2 Posts: 106Member

    Well, I think the cop is gonna stick with vaping if he started out with investing in a Provari. I suspect, given his age(mid-20s), that he'll probably get into modding and DIY juices and the rest of it.

    My doctor may start vaping, but will research it pretty thoroughly before making a decision.

    My neighbour is sold on it. Hasn't had an analog since Christmas day when I set up and charged his S3 and showed him how to use it. The money he is saving over smoking is going into a savings fund to be used to attend a Naval reunion for crew on the  ship he served on during the Viet Nam War out of Hawaii. I hope he lives long enough to save up the money to go as its been a dream of his for several years now.

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