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V2 Pro Cartridge Magnet Problem

Hi all,

The magnet in my v2 pro series 3 has become dislodged. Now when I remove a cartridge, it comes out with it, and when I reinsert a cartridge it is loose.

It happened after about 3 weeks. Prior to this, I was very happy with the product, but now using it is extremely frustrating.

I have contacted V2 support, and they agreed to send me a new unit: the catch is, I am in Australia, and would have to cover the return of the defective product. This is a problem, as delivery of the unit in the first place was $50 US. This means, if I return it, it will cost me nearly as much as the product itself, and, I will be without an ecig while awaiting the return and shipment of a new unit. Shipment to Aus, although marked as express took several weeks when I placed my order - not leaving the warehouse for about a week. Since I am quitting smoking, this would be a huge setback.

My question is this: has anyone managed to repair a faulty magnet - i.e., used some form of glue or epoxy to stick it down, and has this been effective? I am loathe to do this, as it would void any warranty, but for me, any warranty is rendered basically useless due to the cost of shipping, and the extended wait it would entail.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.




  • 2senior2senior Posts: 3Member
               Have the same problem. Here is a solution that has worked for me two weeks and counting. You need a super glue with a longer drying time. I used a product called Gorilla super glue. Its workable for about a minute or so. I used a small diameter stick to place glue in grove of battery where the magnet was.attached. I used a piece to rubber tubing just smaller than diameter of shaft to push magnet down shaft and into grove at bottom and seat it. You don't want to disturb the electrodes on the battery so the hollow tube works best to avoid them. Main problem is getting glue in grove at bottom of shaft and not the shaft itself. Good Luck

  • Andrew_LAndrew_L Posts: 2Member
    Thanks Rick,

    Glad it has worked out for you. I will get some glue in the next few days and have a go. Like you say, I will just have to be careful not to spill the glue. I'll post back with my results.


  • gcordlegcordle Posts: 24Member
    I had the same problem a few months ago. They sent me a new unit. I believe what caused it was a tank had been leaking thru the bottom. When I noticed it I cleaned all the juice out with a qtip in alcohol. That's about the time the ring came out. Pretty sure the alcohol didn't cause it since I just wiped it, but the juice I believe dissolved the glue that holds it in.
  • CupcakeCupcake Posts: 11Member
    I fortunately have 3 pro series 3 units, so I'm not without, but I just unplugged the charger from one and the bottom magnet came right out with the charger. Its a magnetic attachment, it slides right off, so its not as if I tugged on it. The wire attaching it, to the battery I assume, snapped right off. Customer service will help I'm certain, but what a pain.
  • CupcakeCupcake Posts: 11Member
    @samantha I just ordered a new series 3 kit. I'm going away for a long weekend soon and didn't want to be without the extra battery. Its too late to exchange the broken battery. If I mail back the bad battery can I get some store credit for future purchases maybe?
    Cupcake said:

    I fortunately have 3 pro series 3 units, so I'm not without, but I just unplugged the charger from one and the bottom magnet came right out with the charger. Its a magnetic attachment, it slides right off, so its not as if I tugged on it. The wire attaching it, to the battery I assume, snapped right off. Customer service will help I'm certain, but what a pain.

  • CupcakeCupcake Posts: 11Member
    @samantha Wow cs has already called and unfortunately because its a warranty thing no shop credit, but they are sending out a new unit. That was fast.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    Thanks for your patience @cupcake - please keep me posted if you need any assistance.
  • Lolacat@9[email protected] Posts: 2Member
    I have had an ongoing problem.I ordered 3 vaporizers and the magnet came out of two. I called customer service they replaced them but it cost me $10 to ship them back. I received the two replacements and once again the magnets dislodged out of two vaporizers. I called customer service and they replaced them and they picked up the cost of shipping the detectives back. I received two new vaporizers and once again the magnets dislodged out of two of the units. I didn't contact customer service. I am beyond frustrated. The customer service rep told me they that have not had any issues with the magnets, apparently they do.
  • Lolacat@9[email protected] Posts: 2Member
    Just wanted to followup on the problem I previously posted about. I got a call from customer service about my problem. I never contacted them. They called me after I posted. They are going to send me two new units. I love my V2 and hopefully this problem won't continue. One thing I do have to say is this company has remarkable customer service.Every person I have dealt with has been friendly and helpful. It is a pleasure to deal with a company that makes their customer feel like they really want to make them happy with their purchase. A big shout out to Jermiah, thank you!
  • gcordlegcordle Posts: 24Member
    I got a call also from V2 yesterday, I guess they saw something I've posted on the forum cos I haven't called them either. Haven't been able to connect with the person who left me their number, they haven't answered when I called twice..hmm
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    Thanks for the update @[email protected]. Glad we got you taken care of for now. @gcordle let me see if I can have someone call you again...
  • eb10eb10 Posts: 1Member
    I am experiencing the same problem. Cartridge started leaking and the magnet popped out...happened about a month ago and I just stopped using the thing.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    @eb10 - I am going to have a CS rep take care of you momentarily.
  • jcstauderjcstauder Posts: 1Member
    edited January 2017
    I have had this same problem with 3 V2 Pro Series 3 vapes.. that's, three units. The magnet has fallen out of all of them. It is either not meant for full-time vaping, simply not a very good design, or the glue used to keep the magnet in place in the battery unit is not too good. E-liquid cartridges also leak through the vape/battery and comes out of the bottom of the battery where there are 3 lights. I can prove all of this with pictures, in addition to my attempt to salvage a magnet from another V2 Series 3 that was ruined because I didn't notice the magnet stuck to the bottom of my E-liquid cart when I inserted it into a friend's battery (both the magnet in his battery and the magnet on my cartridge stuck together, and I was unable to wholly remove either magnet). Ie. I have purchased a total 4 V2 Series 3 vapes after having to replace his.
  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Posts: 181Administrator, Moderator admin

    I will send you a direct message so that we may assist you further.  Thank you for being patient.

  • bhansen3bhansen3 Posts: 1Member
    I want to love my vaporizer. I really do. But after my 6th V2 Pro Series 3's magnet got lodged inside its bottom cylinder, I wanted to give up and stop wasting money...but I loved my V2s before each failed, so I didn't give up; I bought the V2 Pro Series 7 hoping I can find some reliability over time. If I note anything, I'll post it here.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @bhansen3
    Just checking in. So sorry to hear about your issues. Are things better? Has CS assisted? Please let me know if I can help at all. We'd love to keep you apart of the V2 vapor family.
  • grammysue1grammysue1 Posts: 5Member
    I too had 5 total batteries that the magnetic ring came out over the last 2 years. The first one V2 replaced, but the others I used gorilla glue until after time came out again. I try to re glue, and sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn't. I had to reorder new batteries. Too bad because without this issue, it is a really good product.
  • MajorDouble7MajorDouble7 Posts: 24Member
    jcstauder where my magnet came out and got stuck in another battery because I wasn't paying attention (it's impossible to get down that tiny shaft and remove one small magnet attached to another).  It's a flaw, yes, but still one I deal with.  Hopefully it is fixed.  Does anyone know if this happens with the S3X?  Perhaps an upgrade is in my future...
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @grammysue1  - Great forum name:)
    Welcome to the forum and thank you for using V2/providing us with your feedback. Your mag ring shouldn't be falling out like that... let me look into this for you and see if/how I can assist. 
  • otterdasotterdas Posts: 2Member
    I've purchased 5 of the series 3 pens now, and the internal magnet that holds the cartridge in place has come loose in all of them.  I did pursue the RMA replacement for one of them because I was wondering if the local store where I purchased had a bad batch (the store is listed as an authorized dealer).  I did receive a replacement unit (after I paid to ship the failed unit back) but even the replacement unit had the magnet come loose after about a month.

    Gcordle mentions above that he had a cartridge leaking.  In my experience, the leaking seems related to the magnet somehow.  You can generally still use the pen by just carefully re-inserting the magnetic ring each time, but it seems like all the cartridges, even brand new ones, seem to leak a bit once the magnet has come loose.  I haven't tried the glue approach yet.

    I really do love the V2 Pro 3 (as evidenced by the willingness to just keep buying replacements).  I'm tempted to order one of the 3X series in the hopes that I'll have more luck but at the $99 price point, that's a bit too much of a price gamble.  I should get around to submitting some additional RMA requests for my other 4 units, but last time, they required an order in previous 90 days.

    Has anyone tried the 3X and know if it has the same internal magnet troubles?
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