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So annoyed I canceled my order

For the past 4 years I have been ordering every single month my regular of 80 peppermint carts. Usually 2.4 but in recent months they have been out of stock most of the time so I've been ok ordering 1.8. On Thursday I order my regular order and it showed that the 2.4 was in stock (YAY!) Then on Friday there is an email saying it was not in stock :-/ what did I want to do. I say ok just do Peppermint 1.8 then. I didn't get an email back over the weekend or today so I called. I just wanted to make sure they got my message. Well CS tells me they are also out of stock on the 1.8.....at this point I don't know what to tell her. I've tried other flavores and this is the one I like! then she says that it will take 30 days to get them back in stock. Now I'm at a lose because that just means I will not have carts for the next month. She suggests that I switch to menthol which I have ordered some in the past but I just don't like it enough to vale it for the next month! AND I don't feel like paying $100 for a flavor that I don't even enjoy that much just because they can't get their stock in order. It's been happening for months and I was left with no choice but to cancel my order and I'm going to have to start looking elsewhere. I'm upset because I do like the product a lot when they actually have it and because I am expected to pay my $ on something I don't really want because they can't get their things in order when it comes to their stock. End of rant. @samantha


  • vaperholic67vaperholic67 Posts: 12Member
    @Vianky, I too have been using the V2 products since 2011.  I have also noticed lately that my V2 Red liquid is out of stock more than not.  I understand that at the rate this company is growing, that supplying the growing demand can be difficult.  The way I combat this to minimize aggravation, is that when I caught my flavor and strength in stock, I bit the bullet and ordered 2 months worth.  And now I order each month, as usual, making sure that I have at least an extra month's supply at all times.  I know that this is not the perfect solution, but it keeps me from having to buy a different brand that I will not be as satisfied with.  I hope that V2 can find the balance between supply and demand soon.  In the mean time happy vaping.
  • JuliehbirdJuliehbird Posts: 114Member
    @Vianky.. have you tried filling your own carts?  honestly its much better then the pre-filled carts in my opinion. May be you could order a bottle of juice & some standard or EX blanks (I prefer the EX blanks.. taste/vapor is better & they can be cleaned & re-used multiple times) & give it a try at least until your carts are back in stock. You may find you like it much better or at least you'd have something to tide you over!

    Just a thought...
  • JdneneJdnene Posts: 22Member

    @Vianky.. have you tried filling your own carts?  honestly its much better then the pre-filled carts in my opinion. May be you could order a bottle of juice & some standard or EX blanks (I prefer the EX blanks.. taste/vapor is better & they can be cleaned & re-used multiple times) & give it a try at least until your carts are back in stock. You may find you like it much better or at least you'd have something to tide you over!

    Just a thought...
  • JdneneJdnene Posts: 22Member
    Quote didn't work with the reply, sorry.

    I use ex blanks and liquid.

    Peppermint is in Stock, I'm guessing. Mine was shipped n will be here Monday.
    The ex blanks are out of stock. I don't know if the blank cartridges are in Stock. Worth checking.
  • NomadNomad Posts: 34Member
    @Jdnene the ex blanks are showing in stock. @samantha can you confirm the ex blanks being back in stock. we want to get them for a relative for Dads day. TY.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited June 2015

    Happy ordering!

    Vianky - If there is anyway I can assist and get your order replaced with comp overnight shipping, please PM me. I am sorry for the experience you have had and would like the opportunity to help you give V2 one more chance.
  • JmalJmal Posts: 4Member
    There has been such a delay on my previous orders as well, my current delay well over 30 days, that I have had to start looking for a new company and alternative when I run out. Because the disposables are widely available in the area I would have picked them up, but the ones I get as free gift are always defective and stores here treat them as analogue and they cannot be exchanged or returned once opened so I saved myself some frustration and money. They are really great about replying back but they keep giving me a standard "We expect them in 15 days". Honestly they should just pull the flavors they cannot keep in stock.I don't want a new flavor or a weaker cart, I would like what I ordered.
  • Jazzkitty6Jazzkitty6 Posts: 75Member
    Most the time my e-liquid I like is in stock but the EX Blanks always seem to be back ordered now. How a company can run like this is beyond me. How can they make any money when people can't buy what they need? V2 has been losing customers left and right yey they still haven't found a reliable manufacturer. And given how long they've been in business, stock issues should have been figured out. This is just getting absolutely ridiculous.
  • kqnashkqnash Posts: 13Member

     Now I am really annoyed!  I saved a draft, it says I have 2.  One is blank but is labeled to the 'annoyed' post and the other was definitely not me.

    Anyway.  I ordered EX blanks May 25 and still do not have them.  Reading here they were back in stock.  But they took the money right away.  Calling them today.

    When did they cut the points in half??  As one poster said, they should have left the points alone and stopped sending the freebies that we don't want and cant use.

    And I am getting so many unusable cartridges.  Ive got 6 that leaked all over the bottom condom and another handful that burn the throat when brand new just as if you sucked on it when totally empty.  Ive set them aside and tried them later with different batteries and the same thing happened. 

    If they are growing so well, they shouldn't need to keep raising prices and cutting points. 

    I am less and less happy after 5 years.  But unfortunately I am hooked. 


  • Cris_NCris_N Posts: 20Member
    As so many others have asked, why does V2 continue to have sales to attract additional business when they can't service the orders they have? I placed an order on July 21 for e-liquid and a pass through battery. As of today my order is "Awaiting fulfillment". I am so frustrated. Is it time to look for a different source of e-liquid. I only vape Congress and haven't yet found one that's like it. :(
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @Cris_N - I am going to look into the status of your order now. We have actually made it a point to limit our sales and only offer them on products we know we can fulfull. We are offering a general sale right now (save $10 when you spend $75) so that is exempt but in general, when we are out of carts or eliquid, we don't have carts or eliquid sales. I'll send you a PM once I get more info on the ETA of your order. I do apologize for the delay.
  • Cris_NCris_N Posts: 20Member
    Thank you.
  • Cris_NCris_N Posts: 20Member
    I received a call from customer service and I deeply appreciate Jeremiah's assistance. I got a tutorial on the delay coding info for the ordering process - to be honest I never even noticed it. I will be more vigilant from now on.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Glad Jeremiah got in touch with you @Cris_N! Let me know if you need anything else. Feel free to Private Message (PM) me at any time you have any further questions/inquiries and I will try my best to get back to you asap.
  • solisoli Posts: 3Member
    I am very frustrated with CS right now.  I have been a loyal V2 customer since 2012 and I currently have 2 open orders.  One is for an EX battery.  That order was placed 6/21 and is still AWAITING FULFILLMENT.  The second order is for 2 Red liquid 0.6% (50 ml) which was placed on July 9th.  It is also AWAITING FULFILLMENT.  I actually had to order a small bottle of Sahara (which is not one of my favorites) to hold me over til the Red gets here.  As of today, no movement on either order!  Trying to call the 800 number is impossible and the Live Chat is iffy.  Am very frustrated -- I love the V2 product but over the past year, the customer service has been lacking.  I just want to get my orders :(
  • JoBurrJoBurr Posts: 317Member
    @soli, I too have been waiting for the green light on the EX batteries.  I have a few dead ones that I need to replace through warranty and want to purchase another, but don't want to pay for it immediately and sit an wait.  I will order as I approach my 90 order requirement to maintain my warranty.  I did chat with Johnathan over a week ago and was told the batteries are expected between August 7th to the 10.  When pressed, he did admit that these were dates they were give, but it could be longer.  Than as they try to meet the backlog of orders, there was a possibility that, depending on where you stood in line, it could be longer.  Evidently they have had a manufacturer change and are awaiting their shipment from the new guys.  I also need to order more red liquid that has been out of stock for a bit, though I still have enough to last another month or so, but I refuse to pay for an order that I can't receive in a timely basis.  Hope this helps you understand their status.  Unfortunately we are at their mercy if we want to stay with V2.
  • solisoli Posts: 3Member
    Totally frustrated today.  Back on August 5th after my post, I got an e-mail from V2 that my status on my Red liquid changed to 'awaiting shipment'!  I was thrilled!!!!  Then an hour later, got an e-mail that said my status changed to 'awaiting fulfillment' again!!  Way to mess with my head, V2.  

    Just got on live chat and was rudely informed that it's out of stock and would be another 15 business days!!!  My original order was placed on July 9th!!!!???  We have vaping stores all over the place.  I think I'm gonna have to look for a new source :(

  • seatraxseatrax Posts: 2Member

    Whats the deal with V2 ordered two months ago blue v2 7 pro finally got an answer a month ago that out of stock so asked to send black one a month ago

    and only last week got back to me that haven't sent or done anything????????????

    and decided to cancel and still waiting on my refund (

    bad service

    bad customer service

    better buy else where

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