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What is going on with the EX Battery stock?!?!

V2 Cigs​ what the hell is the deal with the 30 day wait on the EX Batteries?!?! I know you have had big sales recently and all but THAT IS RIDICULOUS!!! I now have 3 more defective batteries to replace (MAKING THAT 11 BATTERIES IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS I HAVE BEEN WITH YOU!!! AND I REFUSE TO WAIT A DAMN MONTH TO GET 2 STAINLESS STEEL AND A BLACK BATTERY REPLACEMENT!!! I would have settled with getting just ONE replaced right now for a dang red one but you have a 30 day (pretty sure that is MINIMUM wait on those too!) SO I EITHER WANT MY MONEY BACK FOR THESE 3 BATTERIES OR I WANT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHEN YOU ARE "SUPPOSEDLY" RESTOCKING YOUR SUPPLIES. I don't mean to be threatening or nasty about this, but the fact that I have now had 11 out of 11 batteries be defective in some way really has me almost ready to say enough is enough. Does anyone from V2 have anything to say as to WHEN the EX Batteries will be in stock, because I REFUSE TO GOING BACK TO USING MY VUSE FOR A MONTH AND HAVING TO SPEND DAMN NEAR $100 U.S. DOLLARS WAITING FOR THESE TO GET BACK IN STOCK WHILE GETTING NO COMPENSATION FROM V2 FOR THIS! I would really like answers A.S.A.P.


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @Emilie_2003 - EX Blanks are back in stock and shopping out accordingly. I am going to check on the ETA of your order now and will keep you posted. 

    I am also going to check on your battery replacements... Have you already talked to a CS rep? We can either send new ones as replacements or provide a refund depending on when they were purchased. 
  • Emilie_2003Emilie_2003 Posts: 22Member
    edited June 2015
    Samantha I was not talking about the blanks to begin with. I was talking about the EX BATTERIES NOT BEING IN STOCK AND SAYING THEY WOULD NOT BE FOR AT LEAST 30 DAYS! You must have misread this post Samantha. please re-read it CAREFULLY AND AS FAR AS THE 2 WERE FIRST PURCHASED. they were defective that came with my starter kit dec 24th the other was a few months ago and no i have not talked to cs yet
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @Emilie_2003 just checking in with you to see if you need any further assistance.
  • LKatLKat Posts: 7Member
    Is there anyone here who uses the wax cartridges? I accidentally ordered two boxes thinking I was ordering e-liquid ones, and in the live chat, I was told I can't exchange them since the e-liquid carts are backordered, even though I never opened the package. I will send them to someone at a discount. I haven't opened them, can't use them, and may have finally reached my limit of patience with V2, and I have been extremely loyal for 3+ years. So disgusted.

  • Emilie_2003Emilie_2003 Posts: 22Member
    samantha said:
    Hey @Emilie_2003 just checking in with you to see if you need any further assistance.

    Samantha, thank you for checking in, I am sorry I did not get a chance to respond, my grandma passed and been going through a lot, have been having nothing but issues with the last 2 boxes of ex blanks I bought, in the past 2 weeks, 5 out of 6 the plastic tips broke off within 2 or 3 refills and the third came apart at the bottom after being filled within the same amount of refills, granted I bought these like within 3 months ago and did not have to use them until now because I had quite a few but now I only have 2 that i can barely get hits from that I will try to clean and I am seeing people saying that you guys are already back ordered again on the ex blanks?! if so then I have had it with V2 and I am not ordering from this company again and reporting to the BBB

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