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Series 7 E-liquid carts breaking?

I am on my third liquid cart for my s7. The first one the ring that holds the mouth piece on the cart came off completely, was able to get a new one from C/S. the last 2 have broken the "latches" that secure the mouth piece to the tank. For all the money i spent on this unit i expected a little better construction than some super glue and thin plastic parts holding it together. @Samantha I have been a loyal customer for V2 for over 3 years now and would hate to have to find a new vendor. But with these issues along with the e-liquid issues with shorting orders, and sending out old batches i do not think i can recommend this product to friends and family any longer, which is sad. 
Hoping these issues are fixed so i can continue to use this company, Thank you.


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @smokie - thank you for reaching out. I am going to look into this now and get you taken care of. I am very sorry for the inconvenience and will do everything I can to get your issues resolved as we greatly value you as a customer. Will PM you shortly once I have more info...
  • SmokieSmokie Posts: 4Member
    hey @Samantha, i got a call from the CS, but i missed it. i have tried to call back to the numbers he left on the message, but so far have been unable to reach anyone. At the moment the whole mouth piece has broken away from the rest of the cart, so have been trying to use it that way, not to comfortable got to say. If you can have them contact me again i would be very grateful. Thank you, Smokie.
  • owen93owen93 Posts: 6Member
    I have sent two emails to the support email address about the Series 7 cartridges. The plastic latches on a wax cart broke, and in that case I called and was sent a full replacement cart. 

    I own three liquid carts and now TWO of them have broken latches. I'm down to one and frankly I'm just a casual user, so I imagine the more dedicated daily  users MUST be reporting the same issue. the Black plastic tops of the cartridges for my V2 PRO series 7 have a very short life. The small plastic bits that catch under the cartridge metal "hooks" are breaking with startling regularity.

    Do you folks have a fix in the works for this? That section that breaks on me attaches into the nozzle body by two screws, perhaps you need to look at making that piece  out of metal or a sturdier plastic compound. Do you have parts that you can provide for me to fix these ? It's not rocket  science, the plastic piece comes away from the nozzle body quite easily.

    If there is no fix in the works - any chance I can get some extras so That I can just fix them when they break? I don't want to have to send another customer service complaint each time? And since I have not even received the courtesy of ANY reply that avenue is clearly not satisfactory. 
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