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Loose leaf cartridge. Hits without Vapor

emongrllemongrll Posts: 2Member
Okay so is anyone else having trouble with your loose leaf  cartridge?
I putted the finest herbs and no smoke comes out of it, I do get the flavor but no high nor smoke. 


  • John_BJohn_B Posts: 10Member
    Is it dirty?  Mine started out producing a decent amount of vapor, and has steadily gotten worse.  The rubber mouth piece on mine gets almost completely clogged very quickly, and is almost impossible to clean.  Though I've been told here NOT to clean it.

    Taking the mouth piece apart and soaking in in ISO alcohol helps loosen the gunk a little, but it's very rubbery and not at all like what you find inside a pipe.  And if that's what the mouth piece looks like, I can just imagine what the cartridge under those little holes looks like, which you can't get at to clean.  I do wipe out the chamber with a Q-Tip soaked in ISO, and that helps a bit.
  • John_BJohn_B Posts: 10Member
    Also, the herb needs to be ground and the cartridge packed all the way to the top of the white ceramic ring.  It seems that any air pockets trapped in the chamber reduces its effectiveness.  A cartridge filled only half full or with big chunks produces no vapor.
  • judaspriestjudaspriest Posts: 32Member
    I have no problems at since I got the V2 Grinder which I'm sure you have? Works fantastic, But you know this already.
  • AWiddyAWiddy Posts: 5Member
    I have been using V2 eliquid products for about 7 months now and have been nothing but satisfied, however I tried the loose leaf cartridges on my Pro series and have not been able to produce any vapor at all. I've tried troubleshooting with all the advice on the forums with no success. V2 even sent me another cartridge and that has had the same result, no vapor produced. IMO the pro series loose leaf carts are a bust :(
  • Jeremiah_V2Jeremiah_V2 Posts: 45Moderator
    Andrew, we will be in touch momentarily to assist.
  • torttort Posts: 1Member
    I am also having problems with the leaf cartridge. In fact, both my wife and I just purchased the V2 Series 3 vape pens with additional wax, liquid and leaf cartridges. The liquid cartridge works fine, but neither of us gets ANY vapor from the leaf cartridges. We followed the instructions, tried it multiple times and have yet to get ANYTHING from the leaf cartridge. Battery seems fine, lights appear as they should according to the instructions, but no vapor.
  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Posts: 181Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello @tort ;

     I will send a direct message so that we can get you and your wife vaping again. I am sorry that you are experiencing that difficulty, but I am happy to rectify this for you.
  • BJ_OlanskiBJ_Olanski Posts: 1Member
    Just got my first Pro 3 and was super excited about the loose leaf. Same issue here. Filled correctly, tried hitting lighter, slower, etc. No vapor. Do some cartridges work better than others? Serious bummer.
  • Jeremiah_V2Jeremiah_V2 Posts: 45Moderator
    BJ_Olanski, we regret to hear of this issue. Please send us a direct message, and we will contact you back for further assistance. 
  • SHANTISHANTI Posts: 2Member
    Okay I too am having major problems with the loose leaf cartridge not responding at all. I called the company twice spoke to eat two ladies and both verify that they would send me a replacement. That did not happen then Philly sent me an email and said that he would send me a complimentary loose leaf cartridge. As I never got the one that the girl said that I was going to do I finally did get the one that Philly soon however it has the very same issue as the one that I purchased I have done exactly as people have suggested and no luck at all. This is absolutely ridiculous! I sent Philly another message as I absolutely want a refund of both the original Series 3 as well as the cartridge that I purchased. That is over $80 I am absolutely so dissatisfied that I can't believe it and not only when they do send the cartridge and assured me that the problem that they were aware of has been fixed it absolutely was not and the shipping time is extremely long. Does anyone have similar experience with this and if so what did they do! Thanks in advance exclamation
  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Posts: 181Administrator, Moderator admin

    As per our phone conversation today, we will get this resolved for you  :). Thank you for allowing me to find a resolution for you. We will be in touch again shortly.

    Thank you again,

  • iangiang Posts: 1Member
    Hey I'm having the same issue. I've tried the grinder, putting in more, putting in less, pulling harder and softer but no smoke at all. I can't tell if it's the body of the unit or the cartridge itself. I think it's not pulling air through.
  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Posts: 181Administrator, Moderator admin

    I will send you a direct message for further assistance.

    Thank you,

  • SHANTISHANTI Posts: 2Member
    Ok, firstly working with V products and customer service is the ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIENCE  that I have ever had!  I ordered the Series 3 to use with loose leaf way back in the November 2016 time frame.  Took forever to get and called and they said they would send priority (I think just to shut me up!) Needless to say, it did not come priority and when I finally got the unit, it did not have a loose leaf cartridge with it (my mistake, thought it did). So I ordered the loose leaf cartridge which again took FOREVER to get to me.  When I did, IT DID NOT WORK---NO SMOKE.  So, I contacted them and sent it back.  They said that they would let me know when they received but I did not hear back.  Finally, called them back and got talked in to purchasing the series 7.  Guess what???  Again, delay in delivery  and GUESS WHAT?? loose leaf cartridge worked ONE TIME WITH ONE PULL.  Since then NOTHING and I have closely and meticulously followed instructions!! NOTHING!  So, called them again and they said that they would send me another loose leaf cartridge but then said that keep in mind that the cartridges wear out???Hmm???  And GUESS WHAT?  No replacement YET AND THEY SAID THAT I COULD RETURN THE UNIT up to a month but now it has been over a month since I am STILL WAITING on the replacement loose leaf to see if it will work!!!  HORRIBLE HORRIBLE experience.  BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU...HERE I COME!  This really has been the worst experience of any product that I have ever experienced.  IF ANYONE HAS ANY SOLUTIONS, PLEASE PROVIDE!!  THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON SINCE NOVEMBER OF 2016!  REALLY???
  • KittyKatKittyKat Posts: 1Member
    Just got my V2 Pro Series 7 a week or so ago. It is my first vape ever. I grind my loose leaf material, I fill the chamber correctly, and I have tried it on all 3 power settings, putting in more material, putting in less, pulling harder, pulling softer; but no matter what I get no vapor, and it is very difficult to draw through, as only a very slight amount of air passes through the vape. Help please.
  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Posts: 181Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited April 2017

    I apologize for your experience. I will call you directly to see if I may assist with your concern ma'am.

    @KittyKat I am sending a direct message for further resolution.

    Thank you both.

  • MonaMona Posts: 2Member
    Philly.....it seems we are all having an issue with the loose leaf cartridge.  me too.  no smoke.  whats up?  I also have the series 3 v2 pro and it leaks liquid from the bottom of the battery??????  VERY disappointed as I was looking forward to this change and getting some thick vapor!  NOT HAPPY!
  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Posts: 181Administrator, Moderator admin

    I have spoken with a few clients  on this thread and usually any concerns are easily resolved.  Now the Loose leaf cartridge should give you some vape cloud, but it shouldn't be a massive plume as you would get with the Series 3 liquid cart or the S3x Liquid Cart. 
    May you please send me a direct message so that I can look up your account and we can get this resolved for you?

    I'm totally here to help and will do my best to find you resolution.

    thank you Mona.


  • Jupiter75Jupiter75 Posts: 4Member
    I'm having the same issues. No cloud whatsoever. Done everything except putting screens in it. Not sure what to do now. Any info or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  • GMan62GMan62 Posts: 3Member
    So I was getting very little vapor as well, but then noticed in the dark with the TV on I could see the vapor I couldn't see in the regular light. It's there, but just isn't very visible. It's a different concept, but it works and no one complains about the smell.
  • barefootbobbarefootbob Posts: 1Member
    I'm having the same issues with my new V2: no vapor, hard to hit, no effect. Any ideas?
  • New2VapeNew2Vape Posts: 1Member
    edited February 5
    Super uber bummed. I purchased my very first vaporizer and chose the V2 Series 3. I was looking for something small and compact for loose leaf. I was so excited and paid the extra $10 so it would be delivered sooner. Once it arrived I was soooo bummed that I needed to order an additional Loose leaf cartridge. I was naive to believe 3-in-1 didn’t mean what I thought. So I went back online and ordered 2 loose leaf cartridges after chatting w a customer service rep. I also paid the additional $10 so it would arrive sooner as the anticipation was killing me. Once that finally arrived.
    I tried EVERYTHING to get it to work. Called and waited on Hold forever to speak to a customer service rep. After she walked me through all the steps and I was unable to get a good draw with any vapor whatsoever. She advised that I pretty much bought the wrong one and I’d be much happier if I purchased the V2 Pro SX. I already spent over $70 and I’d have to drop an additional $100 to buy a total different one?....
    why was the first one advertised as good for all 3: oil, wax, and loose leaf if it doesn’t work?... I expressed my disappointment and asked if there was a coupon code I could use since now I have a vape pen that’s totally useless for me. As I only smoke flowers. She put me on hold and came back with 15% off.

    I almost bought it. But I’m scared it’s going to be a another total waste of money.

    I’m so disappointed. Can anyone advise please?
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @Barefootbob - have you been able to give our customer service a call to troubleshoot? Pls let me know if you want to reach out to us or I can have someone call you on Thursday.

    Hey @New2Vape - I'm so sorry about the misunderstanding; the S3 does allow you to vape eliquid, flowers and wax, but yes, each medium requires a different cart. Let me know if I can help you. If you provide me an order number I'm sure I can find a way to get the resolution resolved to your satisfaction. Pls pm me your order # if you are interested. The S3 or S7 both are great with all 3 mediums and should work. 
  • israellimonisraellimon Posts: 1Member
    Hi, I recently bought a series 3 and a loose leaf cartridge, same situation, very little, almost no vapor coming out, what is the general advice for this? Can you guys help me out?
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @israellimon
    We'd like to do some troubleshooting with you via our customer service department. Can I have a rep call you now?
  • NeilBNeilB Posts: 1Member
    I'm having same issues with it.
  • Mdyoung218Mdyoung218 Posts: 1Member
    Just purchased the v2pro series 3 and after reading the comments here seems I should have stayed away.
    I'm using the loose leaf cartridge and getting very little to no vapor. Lots of problems posted but they are mostly a few years ago so I hope any manufacturing defects have been addressed, apparently not though. I can't imagine it is a cleaning issue since I've only filled the cart 2 times. Using ground leaf and battery lights seem normal. Any ideas?
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @Mdyoung218 - My apologies for the delay. Have you been assisted by customer service yet? We may need to troubleshoot with you to assist. If necessary, we can process an exchange. We would love to keep you as a new customer. Please provide me with your email address on your V2 account or order #.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @NeilB
    Have you been assisted? 
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