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Tips falling off of V2 EX Blanks for E-Liquids

Has anyone else had a problem with the tips of the Ex blanks falling off easily? The last 2 boxes of blanks I've gotten at least 3 of the tips came off. I haven't had this issue previously.
If it safe to glue them back on?



  • JuliehbirdJuliehbird Posts: 114Member
    I have it happen occasionally.. don't know about gluing them on. Most the time it's because they get caught on something while in my pocket thou.. only had a couple over time that broke off inexplicably. I make a habit of saving the tips of my EX blanks that are no longer viable so I always have a couple extra on hand to replace any tips that get broken before the life of the cart is over. 

  • JoBurrJoBurr Posts: 317Member
    @Juliehbird and @JeepinMike quite honestly I've never broken off a tip from the ExBlanks but I think the breaking is more operator malfunction. I have now, after more than 9 months, had 2 tanks crack...my own fault because I've dropped them. I'm still using some of my original blanks...just keep cleaning them on a regular basis. I did learn, however if you fill one and leave the juice in them for a month, they don't function well and taste terrible, so the cleaning thing is a must. Happy vaping!
  • JuliehbirdJuliehbird Posts: 114Member
    @JoBurr.. I agree it's usually because of operator error..at least in my case.  In well over a year of using them, I've only had a couple that broke off thru no fault of my own (broke while twisting caps on/off for refill) but it doesn't happening regularly.. I too clean mine on a regular basis & they last at the very least 2-3 months (I'm a heavy vapor) usually longer, which is why I love the EX blanks.. if you take good care of them they can last a long time & for many more then the reported 20 refill limit.

    It does help to keep a couple tips on hand from those that do expire just in case I break a tip somehow that way I don't have to throw away a perfectly good tank. 
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