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Why V2?

We all have stories to tell and I love to hear them even more then telling my own. After almost 50 years, I have plenty. I have been smoke free for over six months now along with my wife. We tried other brands before coming to V2, I did Blu and my wife had tried Vuse I think it was called. No, I do not have a grand story about health issues, but really had to get off the cigarette habit.

Why V2? Simply, good products, good flavors, great customer service, and my selling point flexibility.

Flexibility? They have multiple product lines to fit your needs. They have multiple flavors of e-liquid to fill your taste needs. My biggest point is that they actually have multiple nicotine levels and go all the way down to 0%!  For me, I started with regular batteries that were good that I still use, but I did have issues with the long ones not working with certain carts for some odd reason. I now have EX batteries that just plain work great and look great.  The only issue I had was my small wife has the strength of a Ape and twisted the end off her really cool red EX battery. EX batteries and regular carts go with us everywhere. At home, I use EX blanks that I don't really trust out and about.  We now have two V2 Pro 3 that we really only use at home, but they are just awesome.

Customer Service?  About that EX Red battery, I decided to give customer service a try and they sent out a replacement right away and waited for me to send back the broken one.  Even though they did not have red in stock, it still showed up real quick.  All my orders show up real quick, ok I live in Florida and it does not take long from Miami.  :))

Flavors?  Well, Menthol sold me!  We buy a 50ml bottle with almost every order.  Peppermint is number 2 on my list and I toke on that quite a bit.  I love the chocolate and grape a lot too, but I have noticed chocolate does not work well for me in EX blanks or the Pro.  Oh well, just have to enjoy it in the regular carts then.  ;)  Sometimes I need that cigarette flavor, and there is Red for that!

That's my story and I am sticking to it! Oh, two other notes, I can tell our health has improved!  Also, even though I see money sailing out of our hands to V2, we do seem to have much more money then we did before smoking cigarettes!  Also, going to enjoy the health insurance discount from not using tobacco products next year!


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Great story @Firebird94! We really appreicate the feedback and your personal story. So glad V2 has helped you and a loved achieve such a big accomplishment! :)
  • SamKhan1977SamKhan1977 Posts: 3Member
    I could my bit here -   I had quit smoking 3 years ago for a year with the help of V2 then recently came back using it and want to quit for good.   I could say V2 is the only e-cig that could do it.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
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