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My 4 year Anniversary is coming up.

TamyTamy Posts: 1,882V2 Veteran
My 4 year Anniversary is coming up.Yes you herd me correct. 4 years and I'm still with V2.I may get some juice from other places, but all my blanks and battery and most juice are still from V2.  So on New Years Eave it will be 4 years smoke free.

@JackieO  you still around?


  • JoBurrJoBurr Posts: 316Member
    @Tamy that is fantastic. Good for you and good for you sticking with V2. I personally am a year analog free now and will stick with them. Their hiccups will have to end soon I'm sure. Yay for you! =D>
  • @Tamy Congratulations on hitting your 4 year mark! That's fantastic! And a big thanks from V2 for sticking with us throughout your vaping journey. We love hearing success stories! 
  • sclintonsclinton Posts: 102Member ✭✭
    I hit 4 years in January! Congrats!  
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