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Thank you for the return of the safety/tamper-proof wrap

JuliehbirdJuliehbird Posts: 109Member
When V2 changed the bottles to needle point, they also discontinued the plastic safety wrap which had many of us upset that all safety/tamper-proof  measures to seal the bottles had been done away with. I was one who was very vocal of my disapproval of those changes.
To the point of this note, with my last order, I noticed that my eliquid was sealed nice & tight with a plastic safety wrap which made me very happy! Given I was so so vocal about wanting that safety feature re-instated, I felt I should publicly THANK V2 for going back to sealing the bottles w/ the safety wrap. I very much appreciate receiving a product that I can be sure was not tampered with prior to when it's shipped to me. Thank you V2 for listening to your customers!!! 


  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,124Member
    Good news, I feel much more comfortable with the plastic seal. Nice, I too appreciate the return.

    Thanks for the update @Juliehbird
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