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Black Note Sonata Killing EX Re0-fillable Cartridges??

Hi all,

Love the Black Note flavors but seem to have found the fluids seem to "kill" the EX Re-Fillable Liquid cartridges. I'm on my second batch of Black Note Sonanta, 1.8 fluid and have experienced two cartridges dying after about 20 fill-ups with the Sonata fluid - one on the first batch and now one on the second batch. They just stop vaping - no sound, no smoke, no nuthin'!!!.

Battery is fully charged...I've switched the battery to a cart with Congress and all is fine. I NEVER allow my carts to "dry-up" so I know I didn't fry the filament by heating it dry...I regularly clean the battery connect pads and threads and carts and do NOT flood the carts when filling.

Anyone else experience the same???


  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,228Member
    Yes, the Black Note Lagato that I purchased greatly shortens the life of the EX Blanks dramatically, and at 4-5 dollars a blank that is not acceptable. Something about the VG/PG mixture is clogging rf creating carbon on the coils much faster than V2 Platinum liquids and others juice's. Although it has the best tobacco taste I've ever tried I will not be buying it again.
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