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Battery Does Not Hold Charge

I've had a few battery issues. I bought a V2 Pro but the battery wouldn't hold a charge so the store gave me a new battery/ V2 base. This one worked better for a few weeks but now I'm having the same issue. It's not charging and not heating up, even when it's plugged in. I plug it in and it glows red, blinks, but stays that way. This has been incredibly discouraging and I can't recommend this product to anyone yet because it has yet to prove itself to me. Can anyone help? I've tried blowing on it to try to reset the battery but that doesn't work. I don't feel like I should try to fiddle with the center pin either. Can I speak with customer support? Or can someone help?


  • Jeremiah_V2Jeremiah_V2 Posts: 45Moderator
    @truongh3 we regret to hear of this issue, as well as the delay in responding. Please send us a direct message with your contact information so that a Representative can contact you to further assist. 
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