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Which product works best for me?

ChaniChani Posts: 3Member
edited October 2016 in Vaping General Discussion
Years ago, I decided to switch to e-cigs in an attempt to wean myself off of tobacco and, ultimately, nicotine altogether. After spending hours researching various brands and options I decided on a V2 starter kit. It was great! Vaping felt so much cleaner than smoking and I was in love with the variety of flavors provided by the cartridge samplers. The only problem I had with V2 and their e-cigs was that there were no local retailers selling their products, so I had to order new cartridges a week or two in advance or find myself without my nicotine fix.

Now that this problem has been solved, I am revisiting V2. There are many more options than I remember and I'm not sure which I should choose. I will confess that I know pretty much nothing about vaping! My best friend vapes and when he talks about it I don't understand half of what he's saying, to be honest.

Anyway, what I want is essentially whatever will give me the most bang for my buck! I don't have an interest in using refillables... unless e-liquids are more cost efficient than pre-filled cartridges. Are they? Should I go with V2 Ex, V2 Pro, VERTX, or just stick with my regular V2 batteries? I've looked at the chart on the starter kits page, but none of the variables listed on the chart really mean anything to me.

Is there a difference in the price:puff ratio on any of these? I really just want the option that will save me the most money. I was looking at the VERTX today and it seems I'd be saving quite a bit of money if the average puff indications on the cartridges are correct. I do have to wonder how long the batteries last in comparison to regular V2 long batteries, though--it says they have long battery life, meaning they have to be charged less, but how long until they absolutely give out and must be replaced? I can't even see how expensive the VERTX batteries are in comparison to regular V2 long batteries, because there are no VERTX batteries in the batteries tab of the store. What's up with that?

I'd appreciate some help from people more educated in all this vaping stuff than I. Sorry for my long-windedness and thanks in advance!


  • ChaniChani Posts: 3Member
  • Feather3Feather3 Posts: 27Member
    I'll give you what I know, which isn't a lot, as I don't know all the terminology either. 

    I started with the V2 regular e-cig/prefilled carts, moved to the EX batteries/prefilled carts, & then to the EX with the blank/fillable carts, then to the Pro Series 3 & just got the VERTX. I tend to vape more at my computer than anywhere else, so I'm still smoking analogs too.

    Of all the above I'd have to say I like the VERTX the best. It's thin/slim (just a little wider than a V2 EX battery & a little longer). It's flat on one side so it doesn't roll away. You can lock it so it won't get turned on in your pocket/etc.

    It has 3 temp options. For mine a 3 second vape....Low is about the same as an analog (depending on the type of analog ...I use ultra lights). Medium gives you more vapor than an analog (often more) & high is a pretty good amount of vapor. Not as much as say a box MOD tho. I'm not looking to cloud chase tho, so I keep mine set at Medium. The higher the temp the quicker you will go thru a cart.

    V2 has had some issues with the pre-filled carts leaking, but are working to correct this. They are supposed to come out with blank/refillable carts soon, which will be cheaper than buying pre-filled. The pre-filled carts have lasted me a good 2-3 days or more. There's a window to see how much liquid is left in the cart.

    Battery wise I think mine lasts all day or more, but I'm not heavy vaping either. It would depend on how much you vape as to how long it stays charged. So far it has taken mine a good 6 hours to totally charge from the red light to full charge. 

    The charger magnet is a bit weaker than the V2 Pro S3 magnet. They did this because the Pro 3 magnet was a tad too strong & they were pulling apart. So if you go with the VERTX I find laying it on a flat surface works best when charging.

    The reason you don't see more options for the VERTX ...they just came out with them recently. More options will be added in time I'm sure.


  • ChaniChani Posts: 3Member
    Thanks for all that info, Feather3! It was all really easy to understand which is definitely what I was looking for. I'm still curious as to how long a battery lasts before it needs to be replaced (not recharged), but I feel a lot safer in my choice now. I think I'll order the VERTX and learn how to do refillable cartridges when they make that an option for it. Thanks again!
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 518Member
    I have used the prefilled carts EX Blanks and the Series 3 Pro. I gave up on the prefilled and when out and about use the EX Blanks as  you can fill then 8-10 times and at home use the Series 3 Pro as e-liquid is much cheaper by the bottle and you get a much bigger throat hit especially with the Series 3 Pro it is a bigger unit but the 1.6ml carts are cheap and you will get about 15 refills it has a 650mAh battery which lasts all day or more depending on how heavy you vape and the battery has a 6 months warranty.
  • chrysti19chrysti19 Posts: 2Member
    Hello, I am hoping someone can help me. I just purchased the V2 Void Vaporizer Kit.  I used to use the V2 Series Pro 3 but I just did not like the way it worked, I could not seem to get any taste or vapor.  I have been using the Eleaf Ijust2, but I would like to give V2 another try. Please help. I also have questions about what ohm to use for my eliquids. Thank you 
  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Posts: 181Administrator, Moderator admin

    I hope you are doing well. I sent you a direct message. Please let me know if you received it.

    Thank you so much!

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