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V2's XEO Void Tips from DaBigEDude

DaBigEDudeDaBigEDude Posts: 23Member
This is overall an excellent product and a great entry point for new Sub OHMers and old timers looking for a little less vape with their Sub OHMing (mild trade off will be less intensity for flavor, but does eliminate that "congested feeling" I experienced with high end sub ohm devices).


1. This is especially cool for old timers, this truly can be a totally leak free device. It's amazing if you become use to leakage over the years. But common sense is required. The fill line is there for a reason and is accurate. Go over and it will cause a small amount to come out as you twist on the top. You'll be tempted to overfill because it is a smaller tank and you'll need to refill frequently when vaping heavily and also once the top is in place the level line isn't flush with the top of the little window, but slightly below. You want leak free, fill to line please.

2. Illusion that you are having frequent atomizer failure is easily perceived. To reduce the illusion (and before you trash a perfectly good atomizer before it's time like I have), try the following.

A. When you install a new one, follow the instructions. If you haven't read them, read them. Nuff said.

B. If it's sat for awhile I recommend doing a couple drags without the button to prime unit.

C. If you start to get a dry hit lay off button quickly. Check if you are low and refill (it's easy to let the tank go dry with this unit since the viewing windows are below your sight line and the tank is in a different place than some might be used to from past devices.) If it is with fluid, do a few drags to prime and test. Many times I have though the atomizer was dead and that's all I needed to do to get things going again.

C. I recommend early refilling, don't wait until you can't see fluid line at the bottom. An ounce of prevention, means less dry hits and possibly extension of atomizer life.

3. As with ANY vaping device, do not invert or tilt until top is below horizontal. Sorry bed vapers out there, unless your using prefill carts, expect a leak. It's a hole folks, you turn something over and vape on it, expect fluid. Blame yourself.

I really like this device and I don't mind refilling in exchange for leak free vaping and less congestion feeling. I highly recommend this product.



  • Matthew_V2Matthew_V2 Posts: 109Administrator, Moderator admin
    Great advice/feedback DaBigEDude
  • DaBigEDudeDaBigEDude Posts: 23Member
    Getting another VERY soon. Keeping eyes glued to inbox. Which I should also mention, if folks out there haven't clicked on the promotions link at the V2 site and put in your email address, you really are missing out on some cool opportunities.
  • DaBigEDudeDaBigEDude Posts: 23Member
    Update... Or got my second one Monday. I definitely like the silver over black if folks are on the fence. I knowing me I'll probably end up with Gun metal in the "collection".
  • Thunderthud54Thunderthud54 Posts: 4Member
    Hi DaBigEDude, thanks for yours posts! Mine in Silver burst color has been shipped! My question (since I've only used V2 standard batteries with EX Blanks in past - no sub-ohm device) is: will I get better flavor with XEO VOID? I've found the EX Blanks heat up pretty quickly, but I can get a good taste for the most part. I think your comparison in flavor/taste was compared to bigger subohm'ers, right? Any comparison with smaller devices would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! 
  • DaBigEDudeDaBigEDude Posts: 23Member
    Definitely was a statement about big honking hot sub ohm devices. And not the V2 standard or Ex. Also should clarify I haven't played with the 1.0 ohm atty with a PG centric juice. Only the 70-80 VG and 0.6 ohm deal. I was waiting on second unit for that test. I am using the V2 Ex with carts and some other non-V2 items for PG juices. That said, if you are still using a mixer or flavor shopping I would recommend for more vibrant flavors or a single flavor shot for a little boost... Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions that I may too have experienced or any discoveries you make please.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,415Administrator, Moderator admin
    Great post @DaBigEDude !
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