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V2 Forum V2's XEO Void Tips Part 2 from DaBigEDude

This is my second installment of Tips for the V2 XEO Void device. All tips are based on experience (names have been changed to protect the innocent).

Time and time again I get a burn hit... usually a big ol' hit of the foul tasting stuff and my mind immediately goes to trash the atty and replace. Fight the urge and try a couple of things first. I am sincerely wondering if folks throw away perfectly good attys like I did in the beginning or if this device has gotten a bad rep in the past because of being an atty hog. Honestly I have found the attys are quite well designed, but the devices airflow adjustment capabilities allow you to get dry hits.

1. After dry hit (as in my previous post) get off the button fast and stay off long activations until you are certain the atty is getting juice.
2. Draw on the device several times. If You are getting little or no resistance, jump to step 3, otherwise do the draw several times to get fluid in the atty and then do a short "burst" test to see if you are back in business. REPEAT SEVERAL TIMES! You might surprise yourself that you are back in business again. If not...
3. Make sure that the head unit is securely in place with bottom close to flush with base (I usually push down as I'm screwing the head assembly back on base).
4. With the Void in the upright position, turn the air adjustment ring clockwise (from right to left) like forever... I have found that from frequently refilling as this device requires for heavier vapers, I've notice that the air flow adjustment gets to a point where it allows too much air and not enough resistance to keep the atty happily filled with juice. So cut down the airflow and the go back to step 2 to see if you have resurrected the perceived dead.
5. Finally, if those don't work... pull out the atty and manually put in a few drop of juice and test. Also while your here, probably good time to clean the head - see instructions. If it works, you might need to repeat above until it starts filling. If it fails here, then change it.

Need a lanyard?

I found the ones that worked with the VAMO5, BOLT and similar devices work pretty well. Not perfect fit, but creative modifications they will work in a pinch.

I know this is hard to accept and over and over again I try to make the window indicator show completely full and expect zero leaks when I put the head back on. Just let it go... Follow the line on the side, and move on with your life. You be happier that way.

Now a question to fellow users. I have never used the 1.0 ohm atty. I actually just scored a Series 3 with that crazy good holiday offer for my PG vaping needs. How is the Void for PG juice?

Hope this helps my fellow Void fans!

(written but not proofed... Yet)


  • truejabbertruejabber Posts: 7Member
    I have used my Void for PG and it was ok, not great. I started with a 1.0 ohm and the V2 Platinum liquid which was pretty good but not great.

    Yesterday I was using 50/50 liquid with a 1.0 ohm and I end up double pulling to get a decent hit (draw on it for several seconds, let off the button for a couple of seconds to let it cool, then hit the button again for a few seconds which amounts to about a 14 second pull to get a good hit.)

    I just loaded a grape V2 Platinum and it definitely works better with the 1.0 ohm, but it still takes pretty long draws to get a good pull (this is with the airflow adjusted about half way.)

    I like the V3 ok. It's my "covert" device when I have to be discreet. My only complaint is the draw being so tight.

    It's been a while since you posted. How have they been working for you?
  • VapeNewbieVapeNewbie Posts: 27Member
    edited November 2017
    So @DaBigEDude (I'm new), I got the impression you use your void for VG liquids? I just bought a Void kit (it's arriving tomorrow)... Should I use VG liquids (not Pg?) I also bought a pack of more void atomizers (1.0 ohm). I have mostly all pg liquids but I do have a bottle or 2 of vg liquids. Should I use those exclusively with the void? What should I fill this sucker with when it arrives? Thank you!!!!
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