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Flooding my Ex tanks

Ok so what is this newbie doing wrong every time I fill my tanks always seems to be some coming out of the bottom of the atomizer,I'm not overfilling i just fill it to the line marker, saw it mentioned somewhere but not why.
Thank you for any help for a newbie.


  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,232Member
    I'm not sure why in your specific case but one of the issues that rarely causes flooding is the plastic washer coming off. Check to see if that washer is in place. If the washer is in place and your not overfilling but still have leakage it could be a manufacturing defect.

    photo V2_EX_Blank_Refillable_Cartridges_3-Pack__92590_zoom1_zps039a5bb4jpg
  • QuentinQuentin Posts: 43Member
    Must be a manufacturing defect the washer is in place and not overfilling but it's nothing I can't live with I just have to blow gently through the stem to clear the atomizer and about only one or two drops comes out quick wipe with a paper towel and good to go, It just seems the wick is pulling to much juice in to fast as I'm filling the tank and it doesn't do it every time, I never run them dry and I do clean then once a week but these things are mass produced in China, so probably just a batch with a quirk. Thanks so much for the info and pic you are being so very helpful @rbaker1009. Again I think V2 is a superior product in this price range, I tryed all the ones sold in convenience stores, then I found V2 online and it's the Cadillac of E-CIGS for me anyway. Only had one analog cig today so getting closer to complete change over and already reaping the benifits, saving money big time,feel much better in the mornings,food taste better and wow I can smell things again. So it's worth the little niggling problems. Again Thank you.
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