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The Ex battery I have and the Replacement both old design!!!

They originally sent me an old design EX battery, Requested and was sent what was supposed to be the new design EX battery to my confusion I received the exact some old design. Here's a link to the picture of them side by side.



  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Posts: 181Administrator, Moderator admin

    I am taking care of this for you right now! Thank you so much for being patient!

  • swebsweb Posts: 18Member
    The exact same thing happened to me. I received my replacements today but they are still the old model. The one on the right is my old one. The other two are the new ones with the old design. 
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,232Member
    I am speculating that older product inventory has recently been released into V2 inventory.

    The Cinnamon 50ml V2 e-liquid I received as a gift in my black Friday order is packaged with the old eye dropper style bottle and has a best used by date of 12-25-2016. It's batch number, VSCN, results in a "Sorry! We could not find the Batch # you entered. Please try again"  when entered into the "Get batch results " page.

    I'm totally cool with older e-liquid (especially when it is a gift) I would vape e-liquid many years after the "best by" date. I don't look at e-liquid like I would a food product. But the older batteries with a design flaw is a different story.

    Total guess on my part but perhaps a load of older batteries and e-liquid has recently been released from Customs after being impounded or held for some reason coming into the USA from China.

    Or maybe a few pallets were just unearthed from the deep receses of the cavernous warehouse  0_O
  • QuentinQuentin Posts: 43Member
    Hi, @rbaker1009 ,@sweb

    @Philly_V2 messaged me and said they where going to the warehouse on monday to personally
    and visually make sure I was sent a new design battery, So I would definitely send @Philly_V2 a personal message to let them know the same thing has happend to you and include picture to verify the problem. As you can see @Philly_V2 is personally going to make sure that this problem is resolved. Now that is Customer service above and beyond any I have come across in year's, V2 is truly dedicated to customer satisfaction.
  • swebsweb Posts: 18Member
    Thank you Quentin. I did message Philly, waiting to hear back from him. Really hoping to get the correct devices soon!  
  • QuentinQuentin Posts: 43Member
    Your welcome, Best of luck," @Philly_V2 will get back to you she has always returned my messages sometimes takes a few days, unfortunately we are not the only ones @Philly_V2 is helping.
  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Posts: 181Administrator, Moderator admin

    Thank you for your patience. I Will look into the issue for you.  @Quentin
    I sent you a message regarding the battery today and we are working hard to get this corrected for you. If anyone has further concerns, I will be out of the office and @Jeremiah_V2 will be able to assist you.  

    Merry Christmas Guys !

    Philly (I'm a [email protected])
  • Jeremiah_V2Jeremiah_V2 Posts: 45Moderator
    Hi guys! ;) Please let me know how I can further assist with this Ex Battery issue. For those that are in need of assistance, please send me a direct message.

    I look forward to helping anyone in need. 

  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,172Member
    edited December 2016

    @Quentin, and @sweb, I too purchased this battery, the EX Manual Switch Battery in the Matte Black finish.   I bought four (4) of them to use as Christmas gifts.   I have read with interest the above dialogue concerning this battery and my curiosity peaked . . . therefore, I pulled these batteries out to check them for the airflow hole placement.   As the two (2) of you have stated (and shown), the air holes are below the O-Ring.

    I sent a message to @Philly_V2 with my concerns.   Because she was to be away for the Holiday, she suggested that I contact @Jeremiah_V2 for further assistance.   This I did and he proved to be not only courteous but of great help.

    Jeremiah stated that after further investigation into this matter, it  was to be found that this is how the EX Manual Switch Battery was designed.   I further questioned if in fact this battery would accommodate the EX Blank, for if it did not, I would need to order the Automatic Switch.   He  (Jeremiah) stated that it would.

    Once again, I pulled these batteries out and tried an EX Blank on one (1) of them.   Yes, it does work and works very well.   Now . . . since I have purchased these batteries as Holiday gifts, I need to order one (1) for myself.

    I have the original EX Battery which was only available in the Automatic Switch version and I love it.   However, when the Manual Switch became available, I thought that this would be great as I carry my batteries in my pants pocket and would not have to worry about activating the battery since you can power this EX Manual Battery on/off, unlike the Classic Manual Switch Battery.   A great feature in my opinion.

  • swebsweb Posts: 18Member
    I can't even begin to understand how I was once again sent the old style battery. I was sent TWO sets of replacements and they are ALL the old style so I still do not have what I paid for. The one on the right is my original that I been using. The other 4 are replacements. As you can see, they are ALL the old style. Very discouraging! 
  • QuentinQuentin Posts: 43Member
    Please read @Navy20 post above explains a lot and yes this is the new design according to @Jeremiah_V2 the new V2 EX manual battery all come with the holes below the o-ring and yes they work well with the EX blanks, I'll see if I can repost his response on here.
  • QuentinQuentin Posts: 43Member
    Here's the reply from @Jeremiah_V2 about our batteries via @Navy20. @Jeremiah4 is filling in for @Philly_V2  will she is on vacation I suggest contacting him if you still have concerns
    Navy20 sent you a message
    @Quentin,  yes . . . I saw the linked pics, that is why I checked the batteries that I had purchased and contacted @Philly_V2 about my concerns.   I was referred to @Jeremiah_V2 . . . he Jeremiah, explained to me that:   The EX Manual battery is designed as you and @sweb and I received.    This is the proper air hole placement for the Manual switch battery (below the O-Ring).   I further questioned if the EX e-Liquid Blank would be accommodated by this battery and I was assured that it would.   Still feeling uneasy about this, I tried it.    The EX Manual Battery with the air hole placement below the O-Ring does accommodate the EX e-Liquid Blank . . . it works very well.   As the EX Manual Switch Battery is a relatively new addition to the EX line-up, this is how the manual switch battery is designed.    For verification of this, contact @Jeremiah_V2
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