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2 E-liquid reviews and what,I have learned about high VG Ratio E-juice and EX Refillable cartridges

This thread is in response to a question asked of me about different E-liquids and my experience with them, thought I would repost here, these are just my conclusions and idea's, not an expert at E-liquids so feel free to correct or add thoughts
Had the same experience with" Vape Bartender Ginger Ale 40pg/60vg" burned out a fresh cart completely within 4 refills and no amount of cleaning would bring it back to life, which is a shame because it was a fantastic tasting e-juice reminded me of Sahara with a subtle sweet taste of ginger ale, which is one of my favorite drinks and the aroma smelled even better. Live and learn now I have 30ml vape bartender that I can't use. Also have XEO Tobacco Red, Very reminiscent of Marlboro red 100's with a touch more sweetness can't remember the blend on this one but have already gone through half the bottle on the same cart with no problems, I find XEO to be a wonderful vape right up there with V2's blend's with the exception that XEO has a more prominent flavor profile and the vape cloud density is more impressive, It is a German engineered product known for it's exacting tolerance, I plan on ordering more XEO products they are excellent. On a differant note from the research I have done it would seem that for us EX Refillable cartridge users that E-liquids with a 40%VG ratio an under is best for our carts and that's due to the nature of vegetable glycerin itself, our EX Carts just don't get hot enough to burn the VG completely off the coil and short of using turpentine or other industrial cleaners I've not ran across a way to remove VG gunk, If anyone out there knows please add to this thread.
As for the V2 Gold I received I intend to find out more, even though they sent me 0.6% nicotine I've been vaping it since I got it, I like it better than Sahara which is saying alot, If I can find it in 1.8% nicotine I'm hooked. Just thought I'd share my experience and thoughts on the thing's I've learned after all we have to help each other to get the best experience out of our V2's. Which I still think is the best on the market all around without moving up to those big box mods, which I hate, I just wanted to quit smoking which I have done and not carrying around 1 or 2 lbs of equipment/supplies.
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