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FIRST Generation of the EX Series

Needing the assistance of veteran V2 users; with a good memory. I fell off the vape wagon for a few years, and now am ready to give it another go. Just prior to leaving, V2 had just come out with the second generation of the V2 EX Series batteries; basically to replace the first generation of the EX Series, whose design was found to be pretty much incompatible with the blank e-liquid clearomizers. If my memory serves me correctly however, it seems to me that V2 had come up with some kind of workaround for the problem, for those that had already purchased the first generation EX series batteries. I currently have 2 of the newer 2nd generation, but also 2 of the 1st generation batteries, and am wondering if anyone can recall the retro-fit workaround that V2 had come up with. Possibly something to do with the rubber rings? Any insight would be most appreciated.


  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,172Member
    @HappyHuman, I also purchased the EX Battery when first introduced.   The old design had the air holes below the O-Ring and the EX Blank did not work well with this battery.    The new design placed the air hole above the O-Ring allowing those of us who use the EX Blanks to do so with no problem(s).   Hope that this helps.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,233Member
    @HappyHuman the workaround for the first generation EX batteries is to use a Classic Blank with an EX sleeve. The sleeve covers the holes and reduces fresh air flow. Using EX Blanks with the older version is out.
  • HappyHumanHappyHuman Posts: 156Member ✭✭
    @Navy20 & @rbaker1009 ; Thanks to both of you for your insights. Like it or not; I guess I'm pretty limited on the use of the first generation EX's. Thanks again.
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