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very little vapor from v2 pro s3


I have been generally happy with v2 products in the past, primarily v2 prefilled cartridges and ex cartridges. I bought a v2 pro s3 a while back, but didn't use it much as filling up the juice and such seemed like a bit of a hassle, and the vanilla juice I got tasted absolutely nothing like the prefilled cartridges.

Recently I've decided to save some money and use my s3, but I have found that it produces very little vapor. In fact, my ex battery produces much more, which doesn't seem to align with many people's experience here.

Do I have a dud? Is there something I am doing incorrectly?  I bought 2 new tanks thinking maybe that was the issue, and it persists. I am using a VG/PG mixed juice, will a purely VG juice change my experience entirely?



  • Jeremiah_V2Jeremiah_V2 Posts: 45Moderator
    Loafob, we have taken note of this issue, and will have someone contact you with further assistance. Thank you for your understanding.
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