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Sub Ohm Tanks/Cartridges

Could someone please advise me on how to best use the sub Ohm cartridges on the pro series 3? It has a slash through the pg on the box possibly implying no eliquid that contains any pg content at all or hopefully implying no 100% pg liquid. I do not use 100% VG liquid so I have been using them with my normal mixes. I understand they drain the battery faster and consume more liquid but it's worth the trade off for the improvemed hit and boost in vapor. Are there any other problems that using them with basic eliquids could cause?


  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Administrator, Moderator Posts: 204 admin

    Thank you so much for your patience. The Series 3 Sub Ohm ceramic Cartridge is designed so that you may use e liquids that have a larger percentage base of VG. VG has a very syrupy like ( Reminds me a little of Karo Syrup but slightly less viscous). If you are not experiencing any issues, then the blend is totally up to you. Please let me know if you need any assistance.

    Happy vaping!

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