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NY Governor Proposes Tax Of Ten Cents Per Milliliter On e-Liquid

Just read an article from Churnmag.com, about the New York Governor proposing a ten cent per milliliter of e-Liquid tax.

Sales of tobacco are down . . . reckon they need to make up for the loss of revenue.

All of these damn taxes are getting ridiculous . . . .

Getting a bit tired of Government Agencies telling me that smoking is bad for me and I should quit.   To get my nicotine fix while attempting to quit smoking, I can use nicotine patches, lozenges and gum, all approved by the FDA.  

Problem is . . . at least for me . . . none of these worked.   I even tried hypnosis and going cold turkey . . . no results there either.

Tried a few different brands of e-cigarettes and didn't like them.   I felt that there was no solution to quit for me.   Then I decided to give e-cigarettes another try when I found the V2 website.   I liked it and it worked.   Been four (4) years now and I have never looked back.    The chains and shackles of Big Tobacco are gone and I regret not one (1) day of this freedom.

Local and State Governments keep making all these rules (laws) to ban vaping and/or tax vaping to the point that many can't afford it.   Some of my co-workers have returned to cigarettes as they feel it is no more expensive to purchase cigarettes as it is to purchase vaping supplies.   

What is it that Government wants ?    A population that smokes with increased health costs or a population that vapes and kicks Big Tobacco to the curb.   Apparently . . . Government doesn't know what they want . . . other then to raise and/or create taxes.   

Too bad Government can't focus in on what is truly important . . . taking care of its citizens.  

If New York approves this tax, I will have no choice but to pay it . . . I am not going to be happy about it . . . but . . . I AM NOT RETURNING TO BIG TOBACCO and I AM NOT GOING TO FUND THE BIG PHARMACEUTICALS  that push their damn nicotine replacement products.   

I enjoy vaping and will continue to do so.    I will make cuts in other areas of my life to support my vaping.  


  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,213Member
    At nearly $15 a pack New York has driven many to alternative nicotine delivery systems for sure. Like you say @Navy20, if New York's (and every other local and federal government) true priority was cigarette cessation they would include vaping in the smoking cessation product category NOT the tobacco product category. A move that is clearly designed to protect tax revenue.

    I will do what I have to and never buy cigarettes again. If I have to I'll buy vaping supplies on the black market if taxes get ridiculous. I'm law abiding but there are two areas I will defy the law on to protect, vaping and owning firearms.

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