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what has happened to the coupon code/can't find it

JuliehbirdJuliehbird Posts: 110Member
I went to the promotions page to find this months coupon code and it is nowhere to be found. I really count on that little extra help with my V2 supplies being on a fixed income. Where can the code be found. I read it can only be used once a month which I can handle but don't know where to find it now? I hope it is still available. I'd be very disapponted as a loyal customer if that small incentive is taken away. 


  • JuliehbirdJuliehbird Posts: 110Member
    So I spoke with customer service today to have battery replaced and was informed that V2 has discontinued the coupon codes. In my humble opinion this is a bad move on V2's part. You cut or Rewards points in half, you don't have near as many sales as in the past, you hit us w/ an added "settlement fee", items not in stock & shipping has been horrible for quite some time and now this. This is not the way to keep loyal customers loyal to your company. This is so frustrating as I love V2 eliquid but I don't know how much longer I can stay w/ your company. Your prices are high compared to others as is. The coupon codes and sales helped offset that so I've remained loyal thru all the problems and hassles but instead of showing customer appreciation, you make it seems as if our satisfication for your company and product doesn't matter to you. 
  • archerarcher Posts: 163Member
    I've been a loyal customer since 2013.....and i have to admit that whenever there have been issues V2 costumer service had been able to fix the issue.,with the notable exception of the change in the vape for free original program where I was within a few hundred points of the highest level then lost all those points in the change. Then I w worked my way back up to a high level, and the rules changed and it got harder to move up. Still I have stayed a good customer, the product suits me, and though more expensive than some other comparable products I justified the cost by taking advantage of the occasional sales or the monthly discount code. 

    V2, you are making this hard on me, and perhaps other long time customers. Being retired, on fixed income,  you are turning a staple into a luxury and that does not make me happy. I hope you will reconsider this decision. I'm not threatening to leave, I love this product too much and trust V2 quality...... But I will be buying less and will be less likely to take a chance on new products in the future. l suspect I will not be alone in that.  
  • Cris_NCris_N Posts: 18Member
    Very disappointed with this move. Makes my truly question the value of loyalty. Almost every other company I regularly do business with has a customer loyalty program.
  • liz78eqliz78eq Posts: 12Member
    I've been a LOYAL customer since 2012.  What's going on here V2?  There are vape shops opening and open left and right around me.  I've stuck to this company because it is what I know.  The settlement fee, is already a kick in the pants.  I've been on the receiving end of MONTHS of wait time for an order placed. and now you're getting rid of the coupon code?  What gives?  This isn't right.  I came on here to place an order.  Do I really have to run over to the closest vape shop less than a quarter mile from me?  I know they want my business.  5 years of continued and consistent business doesn't seem to be appreciated here anymore.

    @samantha is there anything you can do to help here?

  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,120Member
    Unfortunately @liz78eq Samantha was removed from the forum Nov 2015 for an unexplained reason. I absolutely loved her, she was exactly what a company needs to show their customers who interact with their corporate social media presence that they are human and truly care. V2 spends relatively nothing on marketing and having an active and exceptional social media contact like Samantha is a no brainer. 

    I hear you, those of us who have been loyal long term customers have seen a steady erosion of benefit that seems unending. I understand that some of these reductions have solid business reasoning behind them but making your customers pay for your settlement from lost lawsuit in such a public way is beyond the pale.

    In my corporate career we would never have made decisions that have fractional positive revenue impact but result in alienating customers.

    Do we want to take away a 15% customer appreciation code and risk having a long term customer that spends $60 - $80 a month with us year in and year out look elsewhere?

    Do we want to directly pass along the cost of our lost patent infringement lawsuit to our customers on every order they submit? (with no end date)

    Included shipping on all orders made a return, that decision must have impacted sales to the point it got an executive's attention. 

    The companies I have run would find other ways of covering revenue, these questions would never have come up.

    I don't get it, at all. 
  • liz78eqliz78eq Posts: 12Member
    You've hit every nail on its proverbial head.  I'll be placing my final order with this company to use up my reward points.  This company has made some bad choices, and I've stuck by them through all of it.  Such a small thing like a coupon code is the last straw.  The customer service here has suffered, but at times I've managed to get someone on the phone who at least appeared to have the customer's interests in mind. 

    I'm really very sorry to hear that Samantha is no longer with the company.  She was the very life line that we clung to through all of these negative changes. 

    Goodbye V2.  There are many many others ready and willing to take your place.

    Good luck and best wishes to the remaining customers here.
  • gotpanthersgotpanthers Posts: 6Member
    edited May 3
    V2 appears not to be concerned about their long time customers at all. They make up their mistakes by charging us for them. I will not pay for the companies misdoings. So long V2 i'll be shopping elsewhere.
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 644Administrator admin
    edited May 5
    V2 cant afford to offer those coupons on top of our 8 major storewide sales a year, our V4F program discounts, and the long list of coupons that are in distribution with marketing partners across the web. We have the largest R&D team in the industry with more engineers than any other company. This is a very expensive operation to run. V2 has not been a profitable company in many years, as we have been investing heavily in infrastructure and technology, so please understand that many decisions are made to keep the company viable and guarantee that we stay in business. We are not greedily increasing our margins at the expense of our beloved customers. 

    V2 and V2 Pro are not the least expensive brands on the market... We don't want to be either... we want to be the best brand with the best technology. We invest more in R&D, QC, and factory infrastructure than any other company in the ecig industry. 
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 2,841Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hiiiii @rbaker1009!! Hope all is well:)

    I am officially back managing the forum! Hello to all the V2 vets in here! It has been a while and I've moved around to several departments but now I am back. I am spending pretty much every day for the next month reviewing issues and addressing them. It's my goal to get the V2 forum back what it use to be in its heyday. I'm excited to be back and reconnect with everyone. We had a huge meeting about the forum and our long-term customers. We did drop a few balls in the past year or so, but we are dedicated to repairing situations with our loyal, long-term customers as they are the reason we have achieved the success we have. I'll be posting a long, new post saying hi to everyone and addressing many of your concerns. I do hope you all stick around the forum and continue vaping with V2. We have a lot of exciting new projects and products in the pipeline. We are listening to your feedback, good and bad, and we are dedicated to addressing all issues and concerns.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 2,841Administrator, Moderator admin
    liz78eq - Do you mind if I message you? We don't want to lose you, but we are also trying to find a fair balance with discounts and codes. It's not an easy task but I'd hate to see you leave.
  • JuliehbirdJuliehbird Posts: 110Member
    @samantha.. welcome back!! It hasn't been the same since you left so very glad to see you are back!
    I do wish V2 comes up w/ some other alternative for their loyal customers. V2 keeps cutting back the incentives that have kept their loyal customers from moving on. On already more expensive option for vaping, they've cut back on our rewards, cut back on sales, added the settlement fee charge and now discontinued the coupon codes. To add insult to injury, they can't seem to get the stocking issues under control. I'm sorry to throw a negative post at you right off the bat as you return here, but I just don't know what to do anymore, I don't want to stop using V2 but at the same time, the costs are getting to a point where I can't afford this. I don't have enough money coming in to be able to buy a couple months worth of product to hold me over between sales so I'm going to have to decide if I can stay or if I need to look into another option and that make me sad, I've been with V2 since I quite smoking and have never tried another brand. Anyways, that's my rant. I hope things improve soon!
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 2,841Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited May 5
    Hey @Juliehbird! Thanks for the warm welcome. I def understand all of your concerns and appreciate you sharing. We are working to find a happy medium between giving our customers great price, product, placement and promotion while also remaining in business so we can continue to grow our product lines. Granted, it's extremely hard to achieve all 4, but we are making some adjustments and realignments to see what works best for both us remaining a solvent company that can invest tremendously in R&D and also making sure our customers feel satisfied for cost for the value. 
  • MbrainMbrain Posts: 1Member
    If V2 keeps taking things away i will be looking for another brand
  • BeachBratBeachBrat Posts: 7Member
    I popped in to see if there were any answers to the missing coupon code and I'm not too pleased with the answer. Like someone else mentioned, I also can't afford to put in a large order during sales...even with sales it's just too expensive. I'd much prefer to give up the sales in exchange for monthly coupon codes. 

    The carts for the s7 are insanely high. Considering the price of the device and the carts, this was supposed to be an upgrade from the $20 ego batts, but it's really not. The hits are really weak and the carts taste awful and have a very short life span. With the ego batts the hits were much stronger, with more vapor, and a $5 replaceable wick lasted me 4-6 weeks. I hate to say it, but it feels like a rip off. It's a gorgeous piece but performance wise, the cost of the device is way higher than it should be. On top of that we're slapped with a settlement fee and now coupon codes are reserved for marketing partners. 

    I'm putting in my last order for carts to get me through until I can go buy a new ego batt, after that I'm done. 

  • ditarawrditarawr Posts: 26Member
    This is bananas. Similar story - I've been a long time V2 customer. With my last purchase I was set to reach "Elite" membership status and regain the 10% discount I used to get prior to the company's membership shift. But when I signed in tonight, I see that I'm again nearly 1000 points away from Elite membership status. This feels like a bad joke. Constantly changing the rules is super frustrating from the consumer's perspective. To make matters worse, there's no monthly coupon code? I may really enjoy the Sahara juice, but there are other flavors, other vendors... it might be time to find another daily driver.
  • J2000LTJ2000LT Posts: 12Member
    Samantha - everyone is glad you are back, but I feel for you. V2 has tasked you with dealing with people who are not happy about all the things being taken away from loyal customers, and that can't be easy.  Sad that you have to be the person attempting to clean up the mess V2 is making with their loyal customers. Taking away the monthly coupon is just another slap in the face to loyal customers.  I seriously thought about leaving when I got slapped with the "Settlement" fees tacked on my orders but didn't because I loved V2 ecigs and liquid.  However, still paying this fee irritates me.  Why should customers pay the settlement amount V2 agreed to pay to the Plaintiff? The court did not and could not order V2 to charge their customers extra to pay the settlement agreed to by all parties to this lawsuit. Someone @ V2  came up with the grand idea to get their customers to pay for the settlement by slapping an extra charge on every item. It is not our fault that V2 got sued in the first place, and certainly not our fault that they lost and agreed to a settlement. Nice way to screw your customers V2. I just ordered my last bottle of liquid and will not return to V2. I'm tired of paying higher costs, settlement fees and now losing the monthly coupon.  V2 says they can't afford to lower their costs or continue to give us coupons, but apparently, they can afford to lose loyal customers. How warped is that thinking! Obviously, V2 thinks we are idiots. They want more money in their pockets and they are not worried about ours.  I don't smoke a nicotine product, so I have no problem tossing my ecigs in the garbage and finally being done with V2.  
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 2,841Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @J2000LT  - Thank you for your comment. I actually just posted a new post about the settlement fee. Every e-cig business is being required to pay these settlement fees. It's actually the reason NJOY ecigs filed bankruptcy. It infuriates all of us and is thanks to big tobacco. The entire lawsuit and settlement were bigger than us at the end of the day. We spent a lot of resources and time on fighting, but in the end, big tobacco run. I would encourage you and everyone else to see my full post on the new thread I just...


    It's important to note that all ecig providers have just rolled this fee into their prices ie have increased prices. We line item it at checkout. This was done in an effort to be more transparent with our customers. It's personally mind boggling to me that innovative vapor company's and customers like you and millions of others are being penalized for no longer smoking thanks to an alternative. 

    I am truly sorry if any of this was miscommunicated on our part. The settlement fees are just as upsetting to our team as it likely is to you. It stifles innovation and has significantly drained a lot of our resources that are dedicated to product, R&D and customer service. I hope this makes sense. 

    If not, feel free to let me know. I'm here to answer any questions. We do value you and appreciate your business. There are numerous vapor businesses to choose from and you made the conscious chose to choose V2. You and every one of our customers are the reason we are a global e-cig brand. I hope that I can persuade you to give V2 another try and continue to keep contributing to our forum. Your feedback, good and bad, is invaluable to us. These kinds of discussions are important to our company and for our industry as a whole.
  • J2000LTJ2000LT Posts: 12Member
    Thanks for responding Samantha, and yes I read your post regarding the settlement fee and how it affects everyone who is a supplier/manufacturer of e-Cigs.  It still doesn't make me want to continue to support V2 and here's why.  I have read what is available to the public with regard to the lawsuit and subsequent "settlement".  The lawsuit covered a "Patent Infringement" regarding the actual e-Cigarette itself.  I also have a feeling that R.J. Reynolds and Phillip Morris might turn this lawsuit on its ear because there was a patent sought in 1963 for an "electronic cigarette."   The model, submitted with the patent, is very similar to how most eCigs are manufactured today.  I think it can and might be proven that Hon Lik did not create the first e-Cigarette.  But I digress ... the reason I will not return to V2 is that the settlement of this lawsuit was related to the e-Cigarette.  I could find nothing that told me the "e-Liquid" was included in that patent infringement.  Since I don't believe that e-Liquid is included in that settlement, I don't feel I should have to pay a settlement fee for liquid when I order it.  I could be wrong, but I don't see anywhere in that settlement that e-liquid was involved. I would think it would have to be a separate lawsuit and I have not found a patent infringement regarding e-liquid. The original e-Cigarette patent stated that it could be used to inhale mentholated water because it would create a mist and not smoke.  The inventor also said whiskey could be used.  

    My boyfriend gets his liquid from another supplier (he used to smoke V2's Congress) because he can get a 125ml bottle for $27.99 plus tax & a $5.00 delivery fee that gets his order here in 2-3 days.  If he were still smoking Congress, he would be paying $34.15 for a 50ml bottle, which does not include shipping. He can get 75ml more of e-liquid for $7.00 less than he paid V2 for 50 ml's.  He quit getting his eLiquid from V2 after he was hit with the first settlement fee.  He invested in a new eCig and pays less for his cartridges too.  I've been slow to follow in his path because I love V2's Menthol eLiquid, and the small, feminine eCigs, but after recently becoming disabled, every penny counts and I can no longer afford to pay V2's prices with no coupons and being charged a percentage of my bill to help V2 pay their financial settlement.

    As I stated in my prior comment ... V2 claims that they can't afford to offer a coupon anymore, and they claim that for financial reasons, they have to pass along the settlement fee from a lawsuit they lost to their customers. Considering that V2.com, is the world’s highest-volume online retailer of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, and has maintained that position since 2011, I find it very hard to believe that they are "struggling" financially. Makes absolutely no sense to me why they would risk losing customers that propelled them to that number 1 spot.  Continued treatment like this by V2 to it's customers will surely bring V2's profits down very quickly. It really is just a matter of time before more & more people get tired of paying V2"s Settlement Fee.

    Samantha, I thank you for always being kind and am glad V2 put you back in charge of the Forum and other issues that only someone with your good nature can handle!  You're the bomb!

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 2,841Administrator, Moderator admin
    Very valid points @J2000LT that are a bit beyond info that I know. I am going to look into your eliquid inquiry. I have a feeling we are just spreading the fee out over all products until we hit X dollars that cover the settlement. But I don't know for sure... will keep you posted. Your other reasons make sense too- our leadership team's goal is not to necessarily be the cheapest on the market... but to be the best. Kind of like how folks can buy one kind of Smartphone for $200 and another kind for $800. Why do some people pay $200 for a Smartphone and others pay $800? They see the value and some don't. Different consumer have different priorities and preferences. I completely understand the price consciousness and am very similar when I make purchases with other brands. Unfortunately, we have just had so many people work our pricing system via our vapor program, coupon codes, etc. We eventually had to revise our discount system for business reasons. We did just have a huge storewide Memorial Day sale and continue to have weekly and quarterly sale-- so perhaps you can take advantage of treating yourself during our big sales with some V2 goodies:) I wish there was something I could say to keep you and your spouse with V2 but your concerns are valid and make complete sense. I do hope you continue to keep us company in the forum. Folks like you are a pleasure to interact with and add so much value to the overall online vapor community. 
  • MSmith447MSmith447 Posts: 222Member
    Yea this sucks to see so many of the discounts be cut... but I will tell you back in the day when I was using V2cigs, I knew several people that were really working the system... lol I'm talking putting coupon codes on top of other coupon codes, getting vapor rewards and doing all this during a big sale. LOL It was pretty intense but hey I get it. Vaping can get pricey. Anyway, this VOID vaporizer looks like it is right up my alley price and vapor production wise... I don't mind investing the money on a good device as long as it functions how it is supposed to. And V2 has been around a while and I know their quality of products were good when I was using them before...
  • Jeffreyb22Jeffreyb22 Posts: 1Member
    I found this out yesterday, very disappointing. I always seem to get an offer of 15-20% off my order 2 days after I place the order with no coupon. I found a kiosk at a local mall that sells filters that fit V2 batteries. I may try them. Price is comparable.  
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