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Switching from Logic

I wanted to try an ecig with lower nicotine than Logic. I ordered a V2 and some Red, Sahara and Congress carts .6 nic. They all taste the same to me. The Reds seemed bit lighter than the other two. Is there anything lighter? The strong flavor makes me nauseous. 
Also, after a few hits I get a lot of liquid in my mouth. I have both battery sizes. 
Any suggestions?


  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Posts: 181Administrator, Moderator admin

    I will send you a direct message to offer you further assistance.

    Thank you,

  • tolds53tolds53 Posts: 16Member
    FYI-same hear but if you are priming cartridge -try not to blow back into ecig -you will end up with a mouthful of -YUK-also hold ecig level or slightly down will help been on ecigs a long time -couple of years and there are some tricks-you can email me -if v2- will release my email address??
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