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Welcome back Samantha & Andries

rbaker1009rbaker1009 Member Posts: 1,111
edited May 5 in New Members Start Here
Samantha so cool! 

Love that we'll have you back, many a post lamented your exit and pitchforks were held high as those of us who were calmed by your presence struggled with our new normal :) Really cool to have you back, looking forward to seeing you around!


Nice to see you post here again. I'm glad your not aiming at being an inexpensive option. I never look for the inexpensive option in anything I buy. One of the reasons I'm always willing to spend more is increased quality, style and an enhanced level of service comes with the spend. 

I think the negative reactions to some of the policy decisions you've had to make could have been greatly minimized by down-to-earth communication from VMR. Explaining things like you did today go a long way to maintaining loyalty. Not communicating leads to a feeling of being underappreciated. Voids get filled with speculation, most always negative. At your price point customer touch points need to handled well.

I don't know if your customer base is growing or not but forums can be the canary in the coal mine and the defections here from rabid V2 fans and promoters has been dramatic over 4 years. It may anecdotal but extrapolated out that's some substantial recurring revenue gone for good. 

I like V2 and have bought exclusively from V2 since I started vaping. I found class, style, innovation and a fun active forum full of tobacco "survivors" that bonded over your product and our joy (and relief) at V2 products saving us from cigarettes. That's a bond that most products never have the chance to make with a customer regardless of effort. Customer lifetime value must be substantial in your business, and painful to lose. 

I'm rooting for you, I'd like VMR to be the Apple of the vape world.



  • samanthasamantha Administrator, Moderator Posts: 2,768 admin
    Hey @rbaker1009!! Thank you for the kind welcome back. :) I'm glad to be back and I 100% agree with everything you said on this thread. V2 has been listening for quite some time and with some org restructuring and new priorities made for our long-term and new customers, we are aiming to create a more communicative environment here on the forum. Thanks to Andries and our exec team, we are refocusing and want to do everything we can while still remaining in business (lol) to keep customers happy. Perhaps we can even convince a few old customers to give us another shot:) 
  • butchfamilybutchfamily Member Posts: 17
    Well  !!   It's about Dam Time   !!!   Welcome back , Nice move on V2's part ....................
  • David1886David1886 Member Posts: 248
    Welcome back looks like he old team at the forum has returned in your absence the other customer service team like @Philly_V2 have done a great job but is a pleasant surprise that you have returned as you were personally a great help to me in my early days with V2 many years ago. 
  • JoBurrJoBurr Member Posts: 316
    This is my first time back to the forum in more than 6 months and was thrilled to see V2 finally realized your value bringing you back to the Forum.  Welcome home from one who enjoyed your posts since 2014.
  • samanthasamantha Administrator, Moderator Posts: 2,768 admin
    edited May 10
    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I really appreciate it:) Yes, our CEO and exec team have listened/read closely and we are working to bring the V2 forum back to its hey day. I'm excited that they have brought me back to the forum to help facilitate. There has always been a great and smart bunch of people from across the world in the V2 Forum... It's important to us that we all support and educate each other when it comes to vaping and making the transition to vaporizers/ecigs. :) I hope all of you are doing well!
  • David1886David1886 Member Posts: 248
    edited May 11
    I thoroughly agree with your comments as @Samantha was a great asset to V2 and now the long time forum members that vanished might return as they posted a wealth of information to other members.
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