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Please join the V2 family in congratulating...

samanthasamantha Posts: 3,077Administrator, Moderator admin
Please join the V2 family in congratulating our Warehouse Employee of the Month, Nelson Martinez. He is a veteran of the US Navy and an all-around great guy that makes it possible to for us to fulfill thousands of orders every week for our global customers. #teamv2#employeeappreciation

PS - I am excited to announce we are also bringing Customer of the Month back to the forum! I worked with our management team to bring this back and although it may not be much, it is something to offer some additional incentives to all of you, our loyal customers, as well as connect with you all. We are beyond appreciative for all of our customers and want to start doing more to show you our gratitude!:) Stay tuned for more details. 


  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,084Member ✭✭

    @Nelson Martinez

    Congratulations on your selection as Warehouse Employee of the Month.

    Additionally, Thank You for Your Naval Service.

    Take Care

    Steve Ellsworth

  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 669Administrator admin
    Great Job 
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