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Forum Rules - June 2017

samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
Forum Rules --->>>>>>>>>>>

A Message to Newbies

Welcome! Here at V2, we encourage you to join in our community. We are here to have fun and provide the most information possible so you enjoy your vaping experience. We take pride in our forum being entertaining and free of self-promoting trolls. Please be considerate of others in the forum. 

1. Read, Lurk and Search before posting. 

Each main topic has a title. Read the title, read the post titles and post accordingly. Check to see if your post has already been posted. If it has, delete your thread, otherwise an administrator may delete the thread due to the subject matter already being discussed multiple times. Do not post any images or links you would be uncomfortable viewing in front of your boss or your grandmother. 
Keep your posts interesting, funny, helpful or informative. Think before hitting the save button!

2. Do not post customer service chat conversations or messages. These type of comments will be deleted and you may get banned.

3. Do not spam or self-promote other e-cig brands in the forums or via private message. This includes posting details on pricing, usability and description of competitor products or links to vendors in direct competition to V2 in forum threads. 

V2 defines spam as unsolicited advertisements promoting yourself, merchandise, other websites or forum posts. Spam also includes posting the same exact post in multiple threads just to gain attention. If you spam the forum, your posts will be deleted and your account will be banned permanently. 

4. Do not post "Free” or “Referral Coupon Codes” in threads.

Free threads include “Get a free IPod, etc.” V4F referral codes (previously known as our Smoke 4 Free referral program) cannot be posted on V2 community sites such as our blog, Facebook or forum. 

5. Do not post the same question in multiple threads

Be patient. Someone will answer you eventually. Continuing to do so can lead to being banned or having your posts deleted.

6. Do not post copyright-infringing content. 
Use your own content or attribute the content authors for information posted in the V2 Cigs Forum. 

7. Be respectful to other users, moderator, and administrators at all times.
Attacking, degrading and insulting other members on the forum via public threads or via PM's will not be tolerated. Moderators will block such users at their discretion. If you are being harassed in the forum or via private message, please contact the moderator with your concerns.  Refrain from using racist, sexist, abusive, hostile, argumentative or general hate language in posts. Any form of cursing is also not permitted. You have every right to disagree with someone, but please remain courteous and mature toward other forum members and the moderator. This forum is a place for debate, discussion, and even disagreements... but we all must be respectful. If the forum admin finds you have been "trolling" othbeingor been disrespectful, you will be given a warning. If you continue to be rude/disrespectful/troll-like, you may be banned from this forum. We want the V2 forum to be a positive place for vapers across the world to connect with each other and find answers to their vapor questions.

8. No selling of any products on the V2 Forum or on the Swap Thread.
You are not permitted to resell V2 products on the V2 Forum and doing so can result in being banned. V2 is not liable for any resale transactions and V2's warranty does not apply to V2 products that are re-sold by an individual

9. No posting of personal information including email addresses, mailing addresses, phone numbers, etc. 

10. No nudity in any medium and no discussion about nude/explicit images/actions are permitted and can lead to being banned.

11. V2 reserves the right to delete any comment or thread at any time. We also reserve the right to ban users at any time as the moderator see's fit.

12. Registered Affiliates may not post links to their affiliate websites on any V2 corporate website including v2cigs.com, the V2 Forum, V2 Blog, Facebook, or Twitter. Doing so may result in the post being deleted, and/or commissions being denied.  

13. Do not promote competing websites or forums on public threads or via PM's. Doing so will result in the deletion of your comments and you will be banned.


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Bumping for NEWBIES:)

    Also update  - You CANNOT create a V2 Forum username with "V2" in it; This designation is for VMR Product employees only. Just a heads up. :) Please let me know if you have any questions.
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