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No Vapor on loose leaf cartridge

Just ordered the V2 pro series 3 and I'm not getting any vapor from the loose leaf. The liquid works great. Tried 3 different times to make sure it was done right and still nothing. Could it be defective?


  • Jupiter75Jupiter75 Posts: 4Member
    Got my second loose leaf cart in the mail today. Hoping the new one would fix the problems I had with the original one. Nope. Same problems. Not very happy right now. How do I go about getting a refund for all of it?
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,077Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @Jupiter75
    I can help process a replacement or refund for you. I will PM you.
  • jenmac711jenmac711 Posts: 1Member
    Same issues! I am experiencing nothing but a headache from trying to get vapor out of the loose leaf cartridge. Very disappointed. If series 7 works well for loose leaf, how can I send V2 Pro Series 3 back and exchange for the 7?
  • gulshangulshan Posts: 2Member
    edited November 29
    why is there no vapor on loose leaf cartridge  i haved used pax 2 and have had no problem!
  • gulshangulshan Posts: 2Member
    gulshan said:
    why is there no vapor on loose leaf cartridge  i haved used pax 2 and have had no  problem!

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