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A New Member's Fave Flavors

Scooter_AtreidesScooter_Atreides Posts: 8Member
edited August 7 in Member Stories
Hello Folks,

I have been a V2 customer since about May. I WANTED to go into detail about my favorite flavors, but when I tried that, my post was reduced to about a quarter of what I actually typed


  • Scooter_AtreidesScooter_Atreides Posts: 8Member
    And it did it again
  • Scooter_AtreidesScooter_Atreides Posts: 8Member
    Fine...I'll just list them.

    But this forum really needs some way of letting members know when their posts are too long
  • Scooter_AtreidesScooter_Atreides Posts: 8Member
    In ascending order of preference:

    Red, Sahara, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Cherry, Menthol, Green Tea Menthol, Congress, Zig-Zag Clove, Peppermint.
  • Brogan84Brogan84 Posts: 3Member
    Of the flavors I've tried my favorites are:

    Congress, Vanilla, and Red
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