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E-liquid not for use with anti-depressants?

I have never noticed this warning until recently. It states on the e-liquids: "do not use if you are taking anti-depressants" Anyone know why this warning exists? I've been on anti-depressants using my v2 for years... 
Just curious. 


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @Seabee and welcome to the V2 forum! Hmmm that is a very interesting question... it is actually a first. I do know some friends that are on anti anxiety and/or depressants and vape V2 regularly... and they don't have any kind of issues. But I'm going to talk to a few of our exec team and get a final answer on this. 

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @Seabee ;

    I talked with one of our executives and they found a few new studies that touch on the effects of mixing prescription medication with readily available chemicals like Caffeine or Nicotine...

    Here is a link with more information: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16696296

    It appears that most people recommend you speak to a doctor about mixing antidepressants and nicotine, as there may be adverse effects. Unfortunately, because I am not a doctor, I can't offer any more insight. But perhaps one of our forum members can chime in and add further thoughts...
  • CelticKateCelticKate Posts: 9Member
    I'm on anti depressants and anti anxiety medicine and my doctor cleared me to use e-cig liquid in general. Nicotine has a very positive effect in conjunction with my meds (not sure how it would work alone) and while she says she hates to endorse nicotine use, she is much more comfortable with me vaping than smoking actual cigarettes.

    Maybe your doctor can tell you more? We (doctor and I) went over my meds to make sure they were not indicated as incompatible with smoking, and since they weren't, she felt safe in saying they weren't incompatible with vaping either.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    Thanks for your feedback @CelticKate! I'm sure it will be very helpful to many forum members... to some people, the topic of medications is still taboo and folks may not be comfortable talking about it in an open forum setting. But this thread is getting some views/activity so I have a feeling it will be helpful insight to some:)
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