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Series 7 VG ceramic

The Web pages says September, is this still happening? Pre-ordered 3 and really want to try them out since I love the S3 ceramic tank.


  • Macgyver46Macgyver46 Posts: 31Member
    September 21st and still nothing. When is this September release? This is kinda nuts. I know products need testing etc but don't advertise July push it back 2 months and still no word. I love V2 products and the support team should win awards but the Web team or ad team needs to get it together. I bought a series 7 because I believed the Web site that the VG ceramic tanks would be out the next month. It's almost 3 months later.

    Guessing I should cancel my pre-order since it could be another 3 months before the tanks are available. Or better yet send me a few and I will test em.
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