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Vertx line?

DerekMDerekM Posts: 3Member
edited September 2017 in Product Troubleshooting
Imagine my surprise when after only just purchased 2 Vertx plus kits, during the Labor day sale I noticed ALL Vertx items (including carts) are off the website?


  • JHV2JHV2 Posts: 1Member
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 680Administrator admin
    Vertx is being renamed to VX... the platform will be relaunched with minor improvements (including: Increased Battery Life and a new capsule system) later this year. In the interim, please contact our CS department and they can assist you with getting VX carts.
  • DerekMDerekM Posts: 3Member
    Thanks Andries but "minor" improvements such as a new capsule system, is not a relaunch.  It's a replacement for a cancelled line.  Any investment in either prefilled or blanks will be obsolete.  The complete removal of ALL Vertx related supplies with no warning or phase-out was more than a bit disappointing and surprising.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,425Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @DerekM - Let me know if I can assist you with a return or exchange. We do apologize for the inconvenience and would love to assist you with another vaporizer product from V2. 
  • whiteyycwhiteyyc Posts: 6Member
    When the new VX platform is launched, will the cartridges fit in the Vertx batteries that are currently used???

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