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Even if the orders can be slow, no one can beat V2 for customer service!

I ordered an EX kit during the labor day sale and when I went to lustfully stare at check my order I realized I had clicked the manual battery option. Its been a rough week or two (not because of V2, because I am an anxious disabled person who had been dealing with med changes) and when I saw that I almost cried and started looking into what a return would involve. On a whim I called the customer service line since my order hadn't shipped yet to see if they could change the batteries before it was sent.

Less than five minutes from dialing to hang up and all was fixed by a friendly, positive employee and I am just so pleased.

I didn't catch their name (I was on a highway, passenger not driving but road noise and all) but they made what seemed like a huge thing into nothing at all in a snap and I'm just very pleased and wanted to share.


  • swebsweb Posts: 18Member
    The shipping time is not the best. That is why I left V2 awhile back but after trying several dozen other juices (from the most popular brands) I realize V2 has the absolute best juice available so I came back and will just make sure to order well in advance of when I actually need it. And yes, their customer service is second to none. They have always responded quickly to me and have been honest and since in their willingness to help. I value quality and service above shipping so I'm back to stay! I am hopeful that the turnaround time will improve! 
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,425Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @CelticKate - Thank you for your kind feedback. Shipping does have its ups and downs, and once it leaves our warehouse, it is in the hands of the carrier. If a product didn't get shipped out as projected, that is absolutely our fault and when/if that happens, it is our goal to offer superior customer service and do whatever we feasibly can to resolve the inconvenience/mistake. We greatly value every single one of our customers and between myself and our dedicated customer service team, we try our best to take care of everyone when they experience hiccups with their order. 

    And I'm so happy to have you back with V2 @sweb! I'm so sorry to hear about your experience with shipping in the past, but we are dedicated to providing the best product, service and experience at all times. We greatly appreciate your patience and are extremely thankful to have you back in the forum and with V2:) Let me know if you ever need any assistance and I will gladly assist.
  • CelticKateCelticKate Posts: 9Member

    Yeah, FedEx had some fun with one of my V2 packages. I got to watch it go two states north of me and back.

    Thankfully it wasn't a package I needed ASAP, so I just laughed and showed it to anyone who would look. It had a nice sightseeing trip apparently.

    The last couple orders I've made have been pretty prompt though, even with the storms to deal with. Not sure if luck or you guys are making some changes but I like it.  <3
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,425Administrator, Moderator admin
    Sorry to hear - Fedex has been taking a lot of weird routes with our packages lately. Glad it got to you and it wasn't needed immediately. Thanks for your patience:) Happy vaping! 
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