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Irma Affect S3 Ceramic (P) Carts?

First off, glad to hear our beloved @samantha made it through Irma safely, and I hope everyone at V2 is doing well after the storm.

I placed an order the day before Irma hit for three S3 ceramic (PG) carts.  I love these carts.  So much better than the old wick ones.  However, two of my three leaked from the bottom almost instantly after filling them (like 5 minutes later there's a big pool of liquid beneath the cart).  I've half-filled the third ten minutes ago and so far, everything seems fine.  The small box that the carts come in were noticeably deformed, but nothing serious (just a little crumpled, like if you took one in your hand and squeezed a little); the plastic envelope containing the cart seemed fine and undamaged.

My question (and reason for this post) is, do you think there was some sort of damage done by the storm, i.e. pressure change in the warehouse or unusually high humidity levels to cause what appears to be a seal problem?

I know there's no return policy for non-functioning carts, so I'm just curious if I should order some of the original wick ones for a few months until new stock comes into play?  Is this a widespread issue or am I (relatively) alone in this experience?  Any feedback you all may have to contribute would be greatly appreciated, as I need to order NOW to get new carts here on time!

MD 7
V2 user and lover since 2013


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @MajorDouble7! Thanks for the kind checkin on our safety... we are all doing well and glad the storm didn't hit us direct on like we all thought. I believe we have generators where our products/warehouse is located so I do not *think* there could have been damage to products... But I am going to check on it. I'm sure I can figure something out to assist you. Let me also get an ETA on stock inventory and I can let you know which to order now (hopefully nothing changes, but it does happen). I am not aware of any widespread issues related to products or shipping, BUT, again, let me check. Things change often and swiftly in our office so you may be onto something... either way, thanks for the feedback and I will get you all your answers and resolution by tonight. Thanks for your patience and well wishes! :) 

    PS - Most of us have FINALLY gotten power back in our homes. lol It's 90+ degrees + humidity so that is something manyyyyy of us are thankful for. :)
  • MajorDouble7MajorDouble7 Posts: 24Member
    @Samantha, I know the feeling.  Went through hurricane Odile in Mexico three years ago and it wiped out our town completely.  NO power, running water, or anything for at least two weeks.  Crazy, crazy times.

    In any case, it appears that the third and final cart gave out, with a small leak coming from the bottom like the others.  It's still useable, but I'm afraid of it ruining my battery (it probably will, but I'm going to keep using it).

    Someone from CS called me, but unfortunately the number they reached out to is reserved for voicemail only, so I was unable to pick up.  Is there a way to get in touch with them?  A direct number or perhaps an email address I can use?

    MD 7

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @MajorDouble7 - Oh wow, I hope you are not near Mexico City right now. It's devastating what's happening all over N. America with natural disasters. 

    Can you send me a phone # we can call and talk? Or is a phone call not the best methods of communication?
  • MajorDouble7MajorDouble7 Posts: 24Member
    edited September 2017
    PM'd @samantha.

    You won't believe it, ordered five more few days ago, first one leaked out after ten minutes sitting on the counter.  That makes me 4 for 4.  hahaha.  =)

    ETA:  For the record the cart is on a plain sheet of paper on the counter.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 581Member
    edited September 2017
    I have the similar issues with 5 purchased have only used 3 and they were shipped during Irma and have posted my issues in that forum post and only way to stop the leaking is to only half fill.
  • MajorDouble7MajorDouble7 Posts: 24Member
    edited September 2017
    @David1886 I've noticed this too.  It hasn't always worked, but if I fill it half way, then it won't leak out for at least a few hours (I think that's the longest I've gotten one to last).  I've also noticed tiny, almost imperceptible "dents" along the outer rim of the bottom of the carts.  Every single one has had one or two (where they are directly across from each other) minute bumps or raises on the outside edge along the bottom of the cart.  Very, very small.  Possible culprit.

    ETA:  Number Cinco was filled half-way.  Ten minute marker hit, leaking out the bottom.  This time sitting in a plastic bowl (so as not to 'draw out' the liquid with a more porous surface, i.e. paper towel, etc.).  I've calculated that I've lost at the very least approximately 10mL of liquid to these defective carts.  I guess I'll just place an order for more liquid and some wick carts since I'm down to my last and only reliable cart (an old wick one I had leftover since my switch to ceramic).  Bummer.  Shelling out some serious cash the past couple weeks just to get my vape on.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey guys - I am sorry to hear. I think I can get replacements sent if you all are willing to ship the defective ones back so we can review with our R&D team. Pls let me know if you are interested. My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. We are looking into your feedback, but so far, it thankfully looks like this isn't affecting all carts shipped out. Doesn't help your situation, but gives me a little peace of mind. 
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 581Member
    Thanks for the response my 3rd & 4th also have the same issues that were also posted in another post the 5th one purchased is working fine I was lucky they leaked into my older Series 3 and not the new one purchased with these faulty carts.

    There is no point returning the 4 faulty ones as the cost of international postage would exceed the cost of the cartridges by a large amount for me and also V2 it's just a disappointing experience as I have again started purchasing from V2 USA after @Andries_V2cigs dropped the cost of international shipping by a large amount and you have a much greater range of products that are not available locally from V2.



  • David1886David1886 Posts: 581Member
    edited October 2017
    @samantha @Philly_V2 @Andries_V2cigs
    Have the previous issues some people were having including me with the Series 3 Ceramic cartridges been resolved with bubbles only coming from one of the 4 holes, leaking & gurgling as I notice your new stock is showing a eta of 7 days has this new batch fixed the issues.

    I am also amazed of your new shipping price options to Australia now I can place all my orders again from V2 USA as with the previous shipping costs I was only able to buy locally a limited range of products and even had to buy e-liquid that was not V2 Platinum from another USA company who created a Australian website with prices in AUD and cheap shipping to Australia now V2 are even cheaper.

    With your new shipping options I will tell all my friends to convert to V2 as you have the largest range of products and are always releasing new hardware that is more advanced than any other company in the vaping industry and also have the best warranty on your products.

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    Yesss I am doing an official announcement on our new shipping policy! I thought of you when I was in the mtg and they were going over new rules:) Hope it helps! I will look into the bubbles inquiry...
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 581Member
    edited October 2017
    They had the same issue as the Ceramic EX-Blanks and the new batch of the Blanks other forum members commented they resolved the issues and now working perfectly I have 3 X 3 boxes currently on the way.

    The new shipping options are fantastic but the estimated delivery days are a bit optimistic.
    ( ECONOMY (Delivery Confirmation) 5-11 BUSINESS DAYS) which is the second option.

    As the current Express International 3-5 Business days normally takes between 4-5 business days after shipping to even depart the USA and about 10 days for final delivery as the orders seem to bounce around Florida for many days before departing the US via LAX airport.

    Is saying that even if the new shipping took 20 days people like myself would save a fortune as I am on a limited income (Disability Pension) and the saving of about $60.00 plus USD can now place all my orders from V2 USA and the saving in shipping cost can now place larger orders as you have a much larger range of products and also when new products are released they are only available locally about 1-2 months after there initial release.
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