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Warranty V2 Pro

Having issues with a Pro 3 (after many hours charging, shows fully green.  First puff, turns red and is dead.  Stick it back on charger for another hour or so, green again and then works.  Exhibits this behavior more often than not) and a Pro 3x (only three lights at bottom, 2 green and 1 red, no matter how long charged).

No question in my mind they are both defective.  Saw under the warranty for Pro 3/3x that it takes 4 to 6 weeks for you to ship out replacements after receipt of defective units.  Seriously?

I'm going to continue try using them until they are dead, but am really concerned about this 4 to 6 week thing.  If you receive a defective unit from a customer, why aren't you shipping out replacement units post haste?  Why, if one complains about something in the forums, are they treated with kid gloves, but apparently if one follows the normal warranty guidelines, they go to the back of the line.  Perhaps I am jumping the gun as I haven't returned anything under warranty.  Maybe you handle it expeditiously.  Just relying upon your warranty terms, which are somewhat disconcerting to me.  No question I will be using the warranty at some point in time.

I just purchased my 2nd Pro 3 and 4th Pro 3X during your last sale.  Guess my final thought is does the Pro 3 or Pro 3x have any type of unit reset feature?  In other words, if the charging is working incorrectly or other issues as in lights not working properly, is there anything one can do short of returning the unit?


  • Philly_V2Philly_V2 Posts: 181Administrator, Moderator admin

    I apologize about the experience you are having with your vaporizers. I just wanted to make sure that any issues you have with your 3 or three items are being addressed.
      The policy for a turnaround is just a standard policy, however, the turnaround time I assure is processed much faster. This is in our policy in case there is an overwhelming amount of returns, but in my experience with our Returns team, they are quick and very efficient.  
    V2's team completely understands that you need your vaporizers and they are staples in your everyday life, so please be assured, we do not take that long if we can help it, lol.

    Even if you processed a replacement on your own or went through our customer service department, we try and take much care to make sure we can get it to you in a timely manner.

    I will send a direct email to assist you with this request.

    Thank you for your patience.

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