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Entering contest for v2 points

I have been using V2 for the past 4 years, my choice is the V2 red 1.8. I was a pack a day smoker if not more and since I was turned on to the V2 red 1.8 I have not had a regular cigarette in 4 years. I absolutely love everything about V2 I no longer smell like smoke I no longer have the cough and I no longer have the bad feeling of smoking regular cigarettes. V2 has been amazing for me and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to try something new but not have all of the other things that are involved with smoking regular cigarettes.


  • Rosie2818Rosie2818 Posts: 3Member
    V2 Reds is absolutely amazing and you will have the nicotine your body so needs.
  • Rosie2818Rosie2818 Posts: 3Member
  • kqualleykqualley Posts: 1Member
    I have been smoke free for 3 months thanks to V2. I love the menthol and have slowly weened down to no nicotine. I recommend V2 to all my friends who smoke. I just love it!
  • nmb924nmb924 Posts: 2Member
    I have been using V2 for a few years now and have not had a regular cigarette since day one.  I like the coffee and the vanilla best.  Thank you V2.
  • jasperjasper Posts: 7Member
    I have been cigarette free ever since I started using V2 about 3-4 years ago. I have tried several other vape liquids and find V2 of the highest quality and throat hit and at this point would rather quit vaping all together before giving up my V2 menthol.  V2 labs has always been there for me even during their short down time due to Hurricane Irma.  The staff has always helpful and friendly when I have called them for help.  I hope they achieve their wish to be able to go public on the stock market as I would like to be one of the first to invest in the company and their high standards as they are defiantly winners in my book.
    Rock on V2

  • MIlagrosoMIlagroso Posts: 1Member
    I've been using V2 for five years. I tried other e-cigarette brands but once i tried V2 I never went back to analog smokes. It was simply the best vape experience I had ever had. My favorite is the Red with the Sahara being a close second. The coke is just pure awesome. I have nothing but great things to say about V2's customer service and their products and I pass out the coupons with my code on it to any smokers and vapers I meet so that they can get their own great experience at a discount.
  • btaylorbtaylor Posts: 16Member
    I love my V2 PG the flavor of the coffee and Red 18mg is what I use in my V2 Pro 3!
  • TonyITonyI Posts: 6Member
    I prefer the V2 Platinum VG Red E-Liquid @ 2.4% (recent former smoker) using my V2 standard. This I have found is the closest to the taste I have been accustomed to - Great Stuff!
  • Mitchberens1214Mitchberens1214 Posts: 3Member
    I have been using B2 since 2014. I used to prefer the disposable catridges, but now prefer the ex blanks. My favorite kinds are Sahara, Green Tea Menthol and coffee. I love the customer support and continuous efforts to retain my business. I am a very happy customer.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi folks! Welcome all you newbies to the V2 forum! This is not the contest thread for V4F points, BUT... no worries! We will include all of your entries in our drawing! Thanks so much for joining the forum and participating in our first re-launch of V2 Customer of the Month campaign:)
  • btaylorbtaylor Posts: 16Member
    Thank you Samantha I didn’t know this wasn’t where we entered!
  • olabahaolabaha Posts: 1Member
    very good thread
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