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V2 Customer of the Month WINNER Announcement-->>>

samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
CONGRATS @Gspeed78 on winning Customer of the Month!!! Thanks to everyone who entered and we will be doing another contest similar to this one in the next 30 days so make sure to check back in so you enter to win V2 goodies:)


  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,180Member
    @Gspeed78,  CONGRATULATIONS on your Customer of the Month win
  • PatchPatch Posts: 11Member
    @Gspeed78.... Congrats! How fun
  • M5k177jM5k177j Posts: 6Member
    No offense to gspeed78, but how is this the "most creative and detailed response". It's 1.5 sentences with no creativity or detail. At least tell us that the winner is chosen at random instead of making it seem like somebody is actually reading the responses. I'm not saying I should've won or trying to ruffle anybody's feathers, I just don't see the point in asking everyone a question and listing contest rules if it's just pulling names from a hat. I am expressing my thoughts here because I genuinely like the v2 company as well as the products and I would like to think this contest is about getting to know the customers instead of a marketing scheme to get data about what products are most popular. That's all I have to say about it, plz don't ban me.

    Here's the winning response:

    September 29 Flag
    > @samantha said:
    > We're bringing back our infamous V2 Fan/Member of the month contest! One winner will be chosen and will receive 250 V4F points to use on V2.com for complimentary vaping goodies.
    > HOW TO ENTER: Post a comment on this thread answering the following question:
    > CONTEST QUESTION: Do you prefer to vape PG or VG E-Liquid? Or what PG/VG Blend do you prefer? Let us know why and which vape juice flavor is your favorite!
    > CONTEST DEADLINE: September 30, 2017 11:59PM EST
    > PRIZE: 250 V4F POINTS on V2.com
    > QUALIFICATIONS FOR WINNING: Must be a Vape4Free and V2 forum member. Winners will be notified via email so please list your appropriate email address on your V2 Forum profile and V2.com accounts (emails on both accounts must match). You must have a V2.com account to get the V4F points; must be of legal smoking/vaping age in the state customer resides in. The more creative and detailed your response, the better chance of it being chosen by our marketing team as the winner.
    > WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: Look right here on the V2 forum to see who wins. We will announce it in the first week of October 2017.
    > Please let me know if you have any questions or inquiries! Good luck!

    I prefer v2 red pg blend. It provides a better taste than vg blend
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,180Member
    @M5k177j,  regardless of the criteria used by the "marketing team" to determine how and/or why the winning entry was selected, the winning entry submitted by @Gspeed78,  did answer the question(s) asked . . . "Creativity" is quite subjective and "detail" was included . . . (1) e-Liquid preference - PG,  (2) favorite vape juice flavor -  V2 Red,  (3) why - provides a better taste than VG blend. 

    I mean not to "ruffle" your feathers, however, toughen up, there is another contest on the horizon.
  • M5k177jM5k177j Posts: 6Member
    @Navy20 I will admit that I was coming in hot when I wrote that post and I will acknowledge that the winning response met the minimum requirements necessary to avoid disqualification if  the criteria are interpreted as "Responses should be creative and detailed enough to not contradict a loose dictionary definition of the words, "creative" and "detailed".

    Even if that were the situation, the rules state; "The more creative and detailed your response, the better chance of it being chosen by our marketing team as the winner. So eliminating all subjectivity, the winning response should have been any one of the plethora of other ones where the author used a greater quantity of adjectives and more immersive story-telling vocabulary. Hell, you should've won with the creativity alone that it took to rebuild @Gspeed78's response into one that conforms with the contest's "qualifications for winning". For that I say, "You Da Real MVP" @Navy20

    All humor aside, I am only sharing my opinion on the contest outcome because I feel that the integrity of a business should be reflected in all its facets (including marketing) and way down to a silly Customer of the Month Contest.
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,180Member
    edited October 2017
    @M5k177j,  it appears that you are standing fast regarding your  "opinion"  of this contest . . . I also stand fast in my  "belief"  that the "marketing team" made a proper determination.   It appears that we  (you and I) are at a standstill on this issue.

    I went back to the original contest announcement and reread each and every entry.   All entrants knew at the time of entry that  "one winner" would be chosen.   What a daunting task it must have been for the "marketing team" to choose the winning entry.   I say this because, each entrant who entered "in compliance with the rules", is in his/her own right, a winner.   

    As for this contest, a determination has been made . . . the winning entry was "concise" and "to-the-point".  The winner (@Gspeed78) should be congratulated and we should move on to a new day.   

    As @samantha mentioned when announcing the winner of this contest and as I had previously mentioned,  there is another contest forthcoming.   I encourage you to enter the next contest.   To you and each member that shall enter the contest, I Wish Good Luck.  Who knows, I may be sending Congratulations your way.
  • chows1965chows1965 Posts: 7Member
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,511Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @M5k177j - Thanks for your feedback. We had quite a big team with lots of opinions involved in choosing the winner. There were a ton of responses. I don't disagree with you at all and appreciate your feedback. We will take it into account for the next contest (which should be *fingers crossed* next week). So all of our wonderful literary scholars will have another opportunity to enter and possibly win.:)
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