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New York Governor Signs Bill to Ban E-Cig Usage in Restaurants and more...

samanthasamantha Posts: 3,521Administrator, Moderator admin
Read full post; https://www.menshealth.com/health/new-york-bans-vaping-ecigarettes-smoking

Do we have any New Yorkers here in the forum? Sad news for vapers.... see Men's Health article link above and excerpt below...

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill on Monday that will ban the use of e-cigarettes in every place that traditional cigarettes are barred across the state.

This new bill means vapes and e-cigs can no longer be used in restaurants, public parks, bars, most workplaces, and clubs. The ban, according to The New York Times, will go into effect in November.

“These products are marketed as a healthier alternative to cigarettes, but the reality is they also carry long-term risks to the health of users and those around them,” Cuomo said in a statement while announcing the new bill. “This measure closes another dangerous loophole in the law, creating a stronger, healthier New York for all.”

Like Cuomo said, long term studies on the ill effects of e-cigs are limited—however, there are a few health points of interest to know about these tobacco alternatives.


  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,172Member
    I live in New York state . . . Seems as though it is getting to be that about the only places I can vape is on my own property and inside one of my own vehicles.   That is okay because I have no intention of giving up my e-cig or vaporizer . . . for certain, I will not be returning to "cigarettes" ever.

    Recently returned from a couple days in Niagara Falls, we have friends on the Canadian side.   While there,
    as in most places, it seemed that some "smokers" miss the ashtray, as cigarette butts can be seen on the ground.   However, not once did I see an e-cig or e-cig cartridge or any type of clearomizer on the ground.   

    I live just inside the New York / Pennsylvania border and work in Pennsylvania.   On many occasions, I have seen cigarettes thrown from a car window, yet have to date, never seen anyone throw an e-cig out the car window.

    Where I am employed, they have a smoking policy in place that requires all smokers to use a designated smoking area which is outside, unsheltered, and on the backside of the building . . .smoking out front is prohibited . . . this includes those of us who use e-cigs and vaporizers.   Here also, many smokers fail to use the ashtray provided, rather they just throw their cigarette butts on the ground, yet I have never seen any e-cig or component of, tossed on the ground.     Because of this, the company is considering banning smoking and vaping on company property completely.    

    I want to believe that the time will come when vaping is accepted by a majority rule, knowing that there will always be that sector that disapproves (can't satisfy everybody), however, in the mean time it appears there may be a long road to travel to get there.   I have been on this journey for close to five (5) years now and I have no intention of giving up.   

    Big Tobacco and the Pharmaceuticals have been kicked to the curb, this makes me wonder, of all the bans being placed throughout the country, how many are being financed with their money, how many politicians have they bought ?   I don't know the answer . . . do you ?
  • MSmith447MSmith447 Posts: 255Member
    More and more unnecessary regulation
    I abide by it but find it ridiculous 
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,232Member
    Ban away. I vape everywhere and its been banned here in CA (of course) for a long time. . 

    With a standard battery, EX blank and no voluminous clouds coming from me I have vaped in Doctors Offices, restaurants, court, live theater seats, the Police Department (I'm a volunteer), I'm law abiding but some that have no chance of hurting anyone I ignore. It's the land of the free still in my world. 

    I am discreet but there has never been a place I haven't vaped if I wanted to. Never so much as a dirty look. Try that with a cigarette :)
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 586Member

    You have it bad  in the US in Australia the Federal Government it totally committed to stop the vaping industry and with some states it's illegal to possess e-liquid containing nicotine.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,232Member
    Wow @David1886 that is draconian, absolutely medieval. I thought Australia was fairly progressive. Move over here brother I have a very nice guest room. 

    Here Marijuana is legal and way more widely accepted than tobacco. You are more likely to be ticketed for smoking a cigarette than smoking a joint walking down the street (not that I have anything against marijuana).

    Either way, your country and mine have their priorities backward. Hard to believe in this day and age. 
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,172Member
    @rbaker1009, it appears a New World Order is attempting to surface . . . let them come, however, my
     e-cig and vaporizer will be the last damn thing taken from me while I am alive.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 586Member

    The Federal & State Governments in my opinion is against e-cigarettes and would prefer people to die from smoking related conditions as they have a Huge Tax on analog cigarettes which a percentage is also split up among the states and a packet of cigs cost depending on brand around $22.00 USD.

    If they allowed e-cigs which would save lives they would have a massive reduction of income from the tax received.

    There are also other states that are also not allowed to sell e-liquid with 0.0% nicotine but strangely enough Australian Customs who are controlled by the Federal Government will allow you to import e-liquid with nicotine up to a 3 months supply.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,232Member
    Haha I'm right with you @Navy20. There are 5 things they will have to pry out of my cold dead hands. My primary residence, my Glock 17, my Star B 9mm, my Mossberg 500a and my Vape. Like you say let them come. I'm ready.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 586Member
    You both a humorous bunch  @rbaker1009 at least you are able to own firearms as when I was much younger many moons ago owned many different guns but after a mass shooting the Government banned the ownership with the exception that a farmer could apply for a permit if living in a remote rural property but all semi automatic rifles were illegal.


  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,232Member
    Wow @David1886 that's a nasty killing spree. In the US we have them frequently with higher kill rates. 

    I would gladly give up my firearms if they truly could be banned and nobody else had them. It is not possible to accomplish this however. It would not be possible to enforce.

    Fundamentally even the most liberal of lawmakers in our government still know that the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The more of us good guys with guns the safer we are. Even though crazy or disgruntled individuals will always find ways to kill the more of us who have firearms who can stop them the safer we are. So far the 2nd amendment to our constitution has been upheld, but it's being chipped away at.

    I'm no right wing survivalist nut but I do strongly believe in our 2nd amendment and would never allow my weapons to be taken. 
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 586Member

    I subscribe to several US News channels and am horrified when I see breaking news about a mass shooting I think the last major one was the nutter that committed the Las Vegas massacre.

    The mass shooting was huge as it occurred in a remote tourist destination in Tasmania if this had happened in a populated area the death rate would have been much higher.

    I totally agree with your comment about the good guys owning firearms but the regulations that allowed the Las Vegas shooter have such a large arsenal of weapons should not be permitted.

    Looks like you are like me a night owl as is in the early hours of your Friday morning even the past few days samantha has been working late into the night to resolve the other V2 Issues as I have receive 3 PM's from her at 11pm Miami Time about my issues she is an absolute gem of a lady.

    Take care my friend.

  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,232Member
    It's almost 10 pm here and I'm just on the forum while watching 007 in Casino Royal. It's almost over so ill hit the sack soon.

    I agree that the regulations that let the Vegas shooter get so many, and so high capacity machine guns should change.

    Have a great night my Aussie friend, talk soon. 
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