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Again, I ask why you use FEDEX for shipping?   Where I live, the order goes north of me first, then accepted by USPS, then brought back to my post office, then gets delivered the next day....(so 3 extra days)    I think if you place an order over 40.00 it could automatically be shipped by priority mail (for free)   Why do Brand new customers have the same benefits as someone who has been a long time customer ???   Crikies, I am on the same east coast, as you....  and I know (as I have had an online business for more than 17 years) that usps is the cheapest way to ship...  even though it would cost 5.00 to ship by usps priority mail....  it still would cost less to ship, than by FEDEX, who hands it off to USPS anyhow.....
  I know that you offer free shipping....  it makes people frustrated when two (even three weeks later) they receive their order...  you are losing customers because of this...  Seems to me, that if you have spent 700 + dollars to your site, you can at least ship by USPS priority...
   Leave the free shipping to FEDEX for new customers and explain that they might have to wait 2 or 3 weeks for their order....
                      Most Sincerely, Janine Sico


  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,521Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @janine - welcome to the forum and thank you for your feedback. I am so sorry to hear about the weird shipping route... you are not the first to experience this and unfortunately, it is not something we do or are in control of. It is fedex... Let me look into it and see if I can get more details to offer more insight. I know we are constantly working on improving shipping options. We just did a huge upgrade for international orders... let me see if/how we can send your feedback and perhaps figure out a solution to this. 
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,521Administrator, Moderator admin
    Feedback I just received: With the Standard shipping method, the package is liable to take whichever route deemed most beneficial to the courier. Shipping routes may change depending on weather patterns, volume of packages, etc. As long as the package is delivered within the guaranteed window (7-14 business days for standard shipping), the shipping route does not make much of a difference, if any, to the courier. Our free shipping option utilizes both FED EX (for transit) and USPS ( for delivery).  This package will have to travel through two hubs. Once it is scanned into Fed Ex, it will go to their nearest main hub after transit to be sorted,  handed off to USPS, going through another hub and sort system until it is delivered.  Yes, the process is slightly longer, but consider this like purchasing a  direct flight vs having a layover. If you are willing to have layovers then the ticket will always be cheaper. 
    In the mean time, our CS team has upgraded you to premier membership so now you will get a 5% discount and USPS P for $5.00.

    Hope this helps a bit.
  • janeajanea Posts: 977Member
    > @samantha said:

    > In the mean time, our CS team has upgraded you to premier membership so now you will get a 5% discount and USPS P for $5.00.
    > Hope this helps a bit.

    That's really nice. I wish I could get an answer instead of a delete?

    The question I posted about my order (items in stock) for about $200.00 on Nov. 27 is still awaiting fulfillment. And tonight, it is not possible for me to find that post.

    Please explain to me now, today, how an order placed on 11/27/2017 1:48 AM is still awaiting fulfillment. I have been a steady purchasing paying full price customer since February, 2012, and this is as bad as I've seen.

    Please explain and advise when I may expect my items to be shipped. (We'll just overlook the fact that it's going to take 10-14 days to get it here once it's out the door.)

  • David1886David1886 Posts: 586Member
    edited December 2017

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