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Series 7 Pro and cartridges

Macgyver46Macgyver46 Posts: 63Member
I upgraded from a series 3 to the larger series 7. While on the site I saw that series 7 VG ceramic carts would ship in July. It's now December and the site now shows a possible January release. I seriously doubt that will happen.

Now I have a series 7 pro with PG wicked tanks and a supply of 65/35 VG ejuice that taste bad since the cartridges are not made for what I like. If I had known the VG ceramic cartridge was never going to be released I would have bought a Series 3X and enjoyed my vaping experience with V2 as my system. Nope not the case and it's months into owning this so trading is probably out of the question. Seriously disappointed and looking for other vape solutions since V2 failed to keep this customer happy.


  • Macgyver46Macgyver46 Posts: 63Member
    While I had the series 3 my wife and I were sent series 3X ceramic tanks to test out and customer service went above and beyond to make us happy.

    Why can't this effort be company wide?

    7-8 different vaporizers purchased, lots of cartridges. Love the ease of use and simple cart connection. Great warranty, extremely awesome customer support. Shipping and advertising none existent products complete failure.

    I feel like I was scammed into believing the ads about a great product and come to find out they can't or won't release it and after showing it to the world won't explain why they don't release it or offer something in return to compensate for advertising something that doesn't exist. I spent a year finding a vape system and thought I found the Samsung of vaporizers. What I found out is its time to find another company who can sell me a product I will be happy to say I bought it from xyz.

    Thanks for the major frustrating vape experience and wasting my money. Lesson learned.

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