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Rant I hate to post from a long time lover of V2

It saddens me to see loyal, long term, high spending, engaged customers like @David1886, @janea, @Mcgver @Elaine99, @revolting, @rat_scabies and many, many more get the runaround like this. It's highly unethical and shortsighted.

The amount of customers lost to exceedingly long delays, defective products, customer service that can't keep up and out of stock items (that are still sold despite not being in stock) just to name a few of the current issues has got to be staggering and a revenue loss that would get any CEO called on the carpet daily. 

You can have the best product in the industry but if you blow off customers with legitimate shipping and product problems they will be gone, for good. We are in an age where expedited shipping is expected and easily achievable. V2 has had stocking, product and shipping issues for the entire 5 years I've been a customer. 

I have seen an astounding number of customers leave, substantial revenue gone. This forum used to be amazingly fun with hundreds of people passionate about V2. The kind of passion companies rarely achieve. Now, its mostly complaints, legitimate ones. There used to be real answers to the issues posted, not anymore. 

I love V2, I have always defended V2 on this forum and we had some hardcore trolls I fought everyday. I have always promoted V2 at my gun club, car club, tennis league, films festivals and many social events I'm a part of. I have always given V2 the benefit of the doubt.

I was seriously considering in investing substantially when/if they proceeded with a Reg A Offering for public investment. But I cant put my money behind a company that cant solve the basics after 5 years.

I want V2 to succeed. Fix these issues once and for all and be the company you should be.


  • David1886David1886 Posts: 410Member
    edited December 7

    I totally agree with your comments I had major issues with the Series 3 Ceramic PG cartridges and the first order of 6 were credited as faulty they then went out of stock for about a week so I placed another 2 separate orders for 4 then another 2 thinking that the leaking issue had been resolved but they still had the same issues attempted a return request (Which was rejected) for the first 4 ordered did not bother for the other 2 even though the cost of return international shipping was more than they were worth just to make my point that they still had the same leaking issues then the stock status again changed showed eta 15 days.

    Then on the Halloween sale placed another order for 3 of the PG Ceramic Carts and 4 boxes of the Classic EX Blanks and at that time all items were showing in stock and (I posted another comment in a different section of the Forum) as after many days the order had not shipped and over a month later still showing eta 15 days and had to send 4 emails to customer service before i received a ridiculous response.

     "We apologize for the extended delay. Currently, the Series 3 PG Ceramic Liquid Cartridge has been delayed and was pushed back by 10 business days"

    I think V2 don't know how much stock they have on hand and only change the status to out of stock when the warehouse advises that there is no stock to fulfill orders.

    During the Thanksgiving Sale I placed another order for another 3 Ceramic PG Cartridges knowing that the eta was another 15 days and as of today still showing 15 days.

    This resulted in me having to place a separate order for 5 of the Series 3 Cartridges then 2 days later placed another order for another 5 as thought the Ceramic PG could be out of stock for a longer period of time which resulted in having to pay several shipping costs as needed cartridges for my Series 3 units.

    I think there was a serious problem in the manufacturing of these cartridges and V2 have no idea when the will be back in stock and will just have to wait and have written off the other 6 faulty cartridges as a bad experience.

    In addition to my above comments I had several faulty Series 3 units one which was DOA and @samantha @Philly_V2 resolved the issues straight away and always offer a solution to problems it's just when you send many messages to customer service direct they either don't respond or are unable to give you a correct answer as i am unable to phone direct as is an international call.

    I have been a loyal V2 USA customer for many years but had to stop ordering from the USA and purchase from V2 Australia for about 10 months as they only had one costly shipping option now with there Economy shipping option all my purchases except V2 Platinum liquid will be purchased from the USA as they have a much larger range of products at much cheaper prices for many items and a much better warranty period.

    Going forward I hope things improve as you mentioned they will loose lots of customers with there current issues with stock and faulty products an we only see the issues that people post on the forum and not the customers that phone or message customer service.

    I will still remain a loyal customer as they just seem to be recently having major issues with faulty products and a lack of communication with customers with issues that message or call customer service.

  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,173Member
    You have ben exceedingly patient @David1886 and have articulated your issues civilly with great detail, as have others.

    V2 has launched many new devices that required substantial R&D resources. Many of those devices and tanks clearly had high failure rates. In addition they brought in several 3rd party eLiquid vendors to their online marketplace. 

    If I were the decision maker I would have redirected those resources to stabilizing the basics: upgrade the computer systems so that they can have effective communication to manage inventory and communicate between departments, increase quality control so that products are not being delivered with high failure rates, staff correctly: 15 people in R&D, 4 in customer service, 1 in China, 3 in the warehouse and 20 in management (conjecture) is backward, get the logistics fixed, get the manufacturing in China stabilized, reestablish the honest, transparent, human social media engagement they used to have. In the past Samantha saved many, many customers with her straightforward honest and direct help. I love her but V2 has muzzled her, all we get here now is corporate speak.

    I liken V2 to Tesla: focused on futurism and introducing "wow" factor products while failing at the basics: delivering product.

    I ask my wealth management guy to look into VMR Products, LLC to assess investing. I will just say it was a definite no, not at this time. VMR can raise all the cash in the world but if management isn't in place to fix the basics cash wont be directed effectively.

    This thread may well get deleted and I wouldn't blame you but I have been your biggest cheerleader and I'm sad the company I love has not solved the same problems that come up year after year. 
  • Macgyver46Macgyver46 Posts: 63Member
    Well I have started removing myself from this Web site and will be ordering a competitors products since they will be able to deliver a solid VG vape system and at a much reduced price then my current V2 systems offer. I also already know shipping is fast and reliable so I will enjoy my vape in 2018 unlike my experience the past few months with V2.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 410Member
    @rbaker1009 @Macgyver46

    On thing I have noticed the past week that no one from customer service has responded to any questions and issues posted on the forum which is disappointing.
  • Macgyver46Macgyver46 Posts: 63Member

    Well with massive issues getting products shipped, products they say will be available and never produce I have a feeling they are losing customers by the dozen weekly. I know they lost me as a customer. My wife's S3X (2nd unit) has broken lights on the bottom so no clue about charge etc. V2 just can't seem to get things right and the people who respect us are probably being told to stay off the forums. My guess anyway. Well in 2 weeks I am spending $200+ on new gear and it won't be spent on V2
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 410Member

    I am in Australia and V2 have treated me well with any issues over the years but it's only the past few months there have been product issues with faulty Series 3 Units that were promptly resolved (By a PM on the forum) but messages sent to customer service direct about out of stock or faulty items are totally ignored.

    Even with these issues I will continue purchasing from V2 USA and hopefully 2018 will be a new beginning and all the current issues will be resolved and they still have the best warranty in the industry.
  • Macgyver46Macgyver46 Posts: 63Member

    Best of luck to you. I live in the US and have had many faulty units, and shipping issues. What really burns me is posting online a product release and time frame and then push that date back 6 times is a good way to upset people.

    I bought my series 7 expecting VG ceramic carts which never happened. So I bought a vape system that doesn't support my ejuice preferred VG blend. I learned 2 things. Don't ever trust release dates to make purchases and 2nd after catching issues ordering online find another company. Good luck David with V2 your going to need it.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 410Member

    I noticed your comments on the forum about the Series 7 VG cartridges one thing that I will never do is a pre-order until I at least see comments on the newly released  product.

    We all have our own opinions and issues and understand your situation and hope you enjoy you new $200.00 purchase from another company it will be an early Christmas Present.

    Take care!
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,097Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi guys - I am really sorry to read everyone's comments. Our CEO and exec team has been notified of this thread and the valid feedback in it. @rbaker1009 - if there is a recent shipping or fulfillment issue, please let me know and I can def help with a credit or inquiry on your order. We are experiencing some fulfillment and shipping issues and our team is working around the clock to get products to customers. I am really sorry to see so many great contributors to the forum and long-time V2 customers feel this way. It obviously means we have dropped the ball. Our team is completely aware of your comments and we are working to stabilize things. In the meantime, if any of you have any orders you need assistance with or that have been severely delayed, please PM me and I will take care of you. 
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 410Member
    edited December 14
    @rbaker1009 @samantha

    Samantha thank you for passing on this information to management

    As I previously mentioned about my Halloween Sale Order #5701671 Date 29th Oct 2017 which still has not shipped as it contained the Series 3 Ceramic PG cartridges which were showing in stock at the time the order was placed I was excited to see them back in stock again as I thought the previous leaking issues had been resolved.

    Before the Halloween Sale I placed 2 orders 1 X 4 & 1 X 2  6 in total hoping the PG Cart issue had been resolved but they also had the same issues with leaking from the base.

    There was not much I could do as unable to return so just wasted money on 6 faulty cartridges hopefully the next batch when they eventually ship they will work as intended.

  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,097Administrator, Moderator admin
    Oh wow @David1886 - I am so sorry - I am going to get your Halloween order taken care of now. That is a huge oversight on our end. I will PM you once I have a further update.

    If anyone else has these kinds of issues, pls PM me and I will do whatever I can to provide alt products or resolve the issue in some way. Thank you for everyone's patience.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,173Member
    edited December 15
    Thank you @Samantha. Any issues I have had have been resolved easily by customer service likely because I have not had the confidence to upgrade beyond the reliable EX line (with wick blanks). I love V2 and my reason I started this thread was to give management the feedback they have stated they are looking for in this forum, it is not directed at you or any specific issue I'm experiencing. 

    I've got no dog in this fight. I can buy my supplies from uncountable companies. I'm giving my 2 cents because V2 was the product that got me off cigarettes and I have a sentimental bond with VMR Products, LLC. 

    My praise for VMR Products, LLC has far outweighed any criticism in my well over 1,000 posts. 

    I understand Jan's aspirations for the company, and I admire them. However I have intimate experience with ramping up, scaling, customer lifetime spend, tech introduction and adoption and customer brand impression. The key is keeping the core customers satisfied while pursuing others. 

    If you cannot deliver the purchases after offering a 30% off sale that you know will drive record sales (particularly before Christmas) you are creating a negative impression that the 30% savings wont overcome. 

    Introducing new, improved products is great and will retain customers who started out on the cigalike device that transitioned them from smoking but are ready to upgrade (and spend more). And, it will gain some vaping customers who are more advanced and wouldn't consider a cigalike device. But bottom line cigalike devices put V2 on the map, many still are only interested in that level of device. 

    In my very humble opinion as an outsider (one who held a senior position in a tech oriented Fortune 100 company) very basic principals that attract investment, retain the core customer base and grow revenue and acquire a new customer base are being fumbled. I was forgiving the first few years but "were having unforeseen hiccups" kinda loses it's credibility after 5 years of hearing it on the same stocking, shipping and new product failure rate. 

    At this time I continue to buy exclusively from VMR Products, LLC, but as I stated in my OP I know V2 can be better and I know that after 5 years the same issues that continue to persist can be solved. If I was running VMR Products, LLC I'd forgo the next executive retreat and instead hold a strategy meeting that would identify persistent issues, then I would create a plan to insure they were solved. It would be a company wide effort with defined expectations and accountability. 

    I would like to be only positive in my forum interaction and mostly am but the kind of "hiccups" I've seen over 5 years would not be tolerated in any company I've ever been associated with. 
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 410Member
    Things have already started to change I sent @Philly_V2 a PM about a faulty Series 3 and received a response within 24 hours and the replacement has already been shipped also @samantha Is also looking into my Halloween Sale order and the previous 6 faulty Series 3 Ceramic PG Cartridges which had the previous leaking issues and ended up throwing away.

    I also posted a comment on the forum about Reward Points not being posted to my account and again received a pm almost straight away stating they had now been applied.

    It appears that V2 is well on the way back to being the best vaping company in the industry that stand behind there products and offer great customer service.
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