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Out of stock

I have been ordering product from V2 for a few years now and usually receive my orders in a timely matter or responses from customer service quickly. That has changed. I placed an order on November 2nd for cartridges when it had the green leaf. After six days, I still did not receive an e-mail that my order had shipped so I called customer service. I was told it would be in stock within two weeks and it would be sent overnight at no additional charge. I have e-mailed customer service several times and finally on December 19th received a response that product should be in the next three to five business days. With Christmas, I will be lucky to get it before the New Year. Two months of waiting is unacceptable!!


  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member
    edited December 2017
    @debbiems the reason for this has been explained by V2 to others who have ordered items showing on the website as in stock when they are actually out of stock: V2 has not upgraded its computer systems so when the warehouse runs out of stock it does not communicate this to the website. I assume someone in the warehouse emails the webmaster to update the product has sold out and a "ships within x days" status is input on the website. This delay causes buyers to buy products listed as in stock when they are out of stock, causing irritation. Often when the website states "ships within x days" that date is also missed.

    Really the status should be listed as "out of stock" instead of "ships within x days" and the warehouse inventory computer should do that directly. Your issue has annoyed customers the whole 5 years that I've been a V2 customer. If V2 does not really know when the product will arrive at their warehouse they should simply refund the credit card rather than making guesses that lead to a 2 month delay on a product that shows in stock on the website when it is not in stock and they know the product must get here from China to get to you...in your case two months from when you ordered it and were charged for it. More here:

  • David1886David1886 Posts: 646Member
    I also still have similar issues which were posted on your forum discussion from the Halloween sale and am waiting for @samantha to resolve and have also sent a PM


  • Jazzkitty6Jazzkitty6 Posts: 75Member
    I'm still waiting for my order of Coffee eliquid and never once received a call to either replace it with prefilled or to send me prefilled to get me through. If the product is not going to be in stock in the timeframe listed then it needs removed from the site.
  • rkxrayrkxray Posts: 2Member
    I have an order for V2 mouth pieces that is over 90 days. I have been told it will arrive within 10 business days every time I've talked to "customer support". I do not understand how a company can be out of an item, that is essential to using their product. I also cannot understand why V2 cannot sell the small round metal disks that are needed for the leaf cartridge. If your going to sell something you need to support it. If I has known that it was going be this bad I would've never done business with your company.
  • fdutch55fdutch55 Posts: 6Member
    Just curious.  Is there a way for V2 to inform their customers if in fact the items ordered are "OUT OF STOCK"???  This would prevent so much customer dissatisfaction all way around! 

    Come on V2, this ain't "rocket science"!!!   
  • robin811robin811 Posts: 2Member
    I placed an order for peppermint liquid Dec. 16th V2 charged my card Dec. 18th. I still haven't received my order. I have contacted them many times with no response. I did chat with a man who told me it was out of stock. He was rude and I felt like he could care a less! I wonder if they are going out of business. Why else would they have so much trouble keeping so many different items in stock. I'm worried I will lose my $122.00. If you notice they still haven't taken the closed on New Years Notice down. I'm worried they are on their way out! The man I chatted with said he would change my order and it would be sent out the next day. That was the 8th. My order still say awaiting fulfillment!
  • EllEll Posts: 14Member
    I have 2 orders ( Series 3 PG Ceramic Liquid Cartridge) from last Oct and Nov that I am still waiting on. The website has the message, ships in 15 days which definitely has not happened. I would rather it had a more accurate time so I am not left wondering why my paid order still has not shipped every couple of weeks. If there is a long wait stock issue on these carts, or any other product, let your loyal customers know. I love v2 but I have honestly been thinking about "going local" so I am not left out in the cold with no product.
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 646Member
    edited January 2018
    I have replied to several PM's you sent about 2 different orders but have not received a response.

  • David1886David1886 Posts: 646Member
    edited January 2018
    Just thought I would let you know that all my issues have been resolved by Fernando using the online chat he fixed everything straight away and even received the modified order email within 5 minutes of finishing the chat session. 
    Fernando was fantastic and a great asset to V2
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