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Prohibited In the 5th Degree Vaporizer (Not Just A Series 7 In Another Color)

samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
edited January 11 in V2 News and Updates
Hi everyone!

VMR Products is pleased to announce the launch of a *NEW* vaporizer line designed specifically for herbs and wax/concentrates called PROHIBITED.

ERB magazine recently published a feature about the new Prohibited vaporizer line.... check it out below! Note - We are very active and conscious about launching this new line while also making sure all V2 products and V2.com listed products are properly fulfilled.  

Check out this blog post to learn about the Prohibited Vaporizer: https://www.prohibited.com/blog/bro-do-you-even-research-bro/
(Note - I know they LOOK similar to the S7 but it is different)

Follow Prohibited on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/prohibitedvapor/

You can buy one here if you are interested: https://www.prohibited.com/

Let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Our exec team is eager to do great things with V2 AND Prohibited in 2018. We hear and read all of your feedback and are beyond appreciative of it whether it is good or bad. We have BIG exciting plans for 2018 and we hope to satisfy all of our customers and their personalized vaping needs/preferences. 



  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi forum members! Just wanted to share an update that the 5th Degree Dabber Cartridge by Prohibited is here! Check out the photo and shopping link below! Please let me know if you have any questions:)

    SHOP: https://www.prohibited.com/cartridges/5th-degree-dabber-cartridge

  • tuphamtupham Posts: 4Member
    Is this another brand name produced by V2?
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,225Member
    Yes, PROHIBITED is V2's line of vaporizers that are designed for the herbs and wax/concentrates user. 
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @tupham - Yes, this vaporizer was designed/manufactured by VMR Products. The wonderful @rbaker1009 nailed it - this is specifically designed for optimal vapor usage with herbs and wax/concentrates. So far, we have received really stellar reviews on its performance. :) If you have any further questions, feel free to ask on this thread and I will gladly assist! :)
  • Andries_V2cigsAndries_V2cigs Posts: 680Administrator admin
    edited January 30
    The 4th Degree vape from Prohibited (launching later in the year), is basically a V2 Pro S3X with new color options, new packaging, and improved carts for Concentrates and Flower... it will not work with eLiquids. 

    Prohibited Brand carts feature our best designs for Flower and Concentrates, but Prohibited devices like the 4th and 5th degree vapes will not work properly with V2 Pro brand eLiquid carts.

    Prohibited Brand Cartridges (Leaf, Concentrates, Dabber, eRig) will work on V2 Pro devices, but V2 Pro liquid carts will not work on Prohibited Devices. V2.com may sell some of the Prohibited brand carts for use with V2 Pro devices, but to get all the Prohibited brand carts you must go to Prohibited.com. 

    V2 Pro carts for eliquids will never be sold at Prohibited.com, because they wont work properly on Prohibited Devices... this is because the software installed on the Prohibited vaporizer is no optimized for the V2 Pro cartridges. 
  • LueLaLaLueLaLa Posts: 9Member
    I called to order All the attachments but I was informed they are not interchangeable. So far everytime I speak to customer service (over 5 times) they give me the wrong information or maybe sometimes they just do not want to bother. I placed a large order for pro 7 with everything you can buy for it. I got wrong info on replacing cartridges and also was told they would put expedited shipping. He charged my card several times on accident then had to refund it. That was fine but I could not access that cash while waiting a week for bank to process refund. He did give me free expedited shipping as I was going to pay for it. Well apparently they didn't put that on order. I called several times asking why order had not been shipped over the next days. I was shocked it was taking so long and not one person that I called noticed it had regular shipping. Not until it actually shipped did someone tell me that. Now I think waiting weeks for a order is ridiculous! I ended up purchasing another vaporizer which I have already received and am using. That was a big expense and I am extremely frustrated with this whole company right now! Oh I shoukd mention after me putting up a HUGE fuss they have given me 100 extra points. But that in my opinion just isn't good enough.
  • LueLaLaLueLaLa Posts: 9Member
    To clarify I wanted all prohibited attachments and to try the cartridges in my new pro 7. (If it ever gets here)
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    HI @LueLala - I apologize for all the inconveniences you have experienced. I am going to have a CS manager call you now to offer a better resolution. We hope to gain and keep your business with V2 and Prohibited. 
  • LueLaLaLueLaLa Posts: 9Member
    Well still waiting. Feeling unsure. Why do you say you will ship in one day but it really takes a few days to leave. So I have now also ordered the prohibited bundle. Supposed to be expedited shipping again but did not leave till right away. To me expedited normally would be much faster. Hopefully the pro 7 will be here tomorrow and the prohibited now says it will be here Monday. A lot of money spent so sure hope it is worth it. (Would have been nice to get the right information when ordering)
  • LueLaLaLueLaLa Posts: 9Member
    So I recieved my v2 pro 7. Was supposed to come with partial charge but did not. The case I ordered is useless!! I was told this would be good to hold my pro 7 but it is extremely small. Why do you recommend that or the cleaning kit? The cleaning kit only has a tiny case, the only extra that it came with is a tiny funnel and tweezers. I already have the metal dab tool/stirring tool and brush. I am feeling even more cheated. Still have not recieved the prohibited kit.
  • LueLaLaLueLaLa Posts: 9Member
    edited May 7
    I will say I did receive the prohibited wax cartridge instead of the pro 7 one I ordered. It works great!! I just put a little dab in and it lasts a long time. Start at heat 1 then work way up. I am still using at heat 1 with what I put in cartridge and have not had to refill yet. A bit harsh but has great flavor and smoke. My pro 7 herb cartridge isn't working right. I added herb and tried on all 3 settings but it doesn't smoke and I don't feel like I am getting anything at all. And the pro pods that I have tried (which is the red) are awful! I tried, my boyfriend, and 2 friends and we all don't like how harsh and strong they are. I am very disappointed and went by the advice of the person who took my order over the phone only I ordered a little less nicotine strength then he said. I am going to go ahead and try the other ones and see if any better. I ordered 2 boxes red, one Congress, and one Sahara. I have only tried the red and am really hoping the other 2 kinds are better. Wish I had not followed his advice so much and it would be nice if your employees were better educated.
  • LueLaLaLueLaLa Posts: 9Member
    Oh and you said to call before and I did. That is how I got talked into ordering the big prohibited kit. And yes I got free expedited shipping which I was supposed to get with my original order.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,440Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @LueLaLa
    I am going to have a CS rep follow up with you now to take care of you and check in on how your vapor experience is going. 
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