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Cartomizer/Atomizer Advice Needed

wilbobagginswilbobaggins Posts: 4Member
edited January 19 in Product Troubleshooting
So I've been a V2 customer for about 6 years. Started with the filled cartridges, and then the EX blanks. Lately have been making my own liquid and using another Clearomizer instead (sorry V2). Clearomizers overall are not that great though. They leak and don't give clean hits much of the time. They require constant maintenance, filling, and fresh batteries to work optimally.

That being said, I'm looking to upgrade my vaping game a bit, but am absolutely overwhelmed with all the options. I want to continue using the V2 batteries (808) automatics that I have since I have all the charging stuff, and I like the size. I don't want to go to manual batteries at all.

Can someone give me advice on what atomizer/clearomizer would be compatible with 808 batteries? Would the 3X or whatever line of product from V2 work with the regular batteries?

Thanks for any and all advice ahead of time!


  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    Your choices are slim if you want to keep the small 808 battery platform. The cigalike industry is suffering I feel like. There aren't many companies offering any innovation in this category of e cigs. I too am attracted to the size and feel of this battery type because my addiction to smoking was more the fixation of having something droop in my mouth or have something to fidget in the hands. Like many vapers who's first experience with e cigs involved a cigalike, a lot seem to upgrade to larger devices. Especially when a user continues to experiment and how the vaping industry has evolved so much in the past 2-3 years. Only the big player manufacturers are surviving. As there's only a couple cigalike companies left. V2 being one of them.
  • Navy20Navy20 Posts: 1,217Member
    edited April 2
    @PDXJack, when I started with V2, I started with the 808 cigalike and I was convinced (finally) that I had found a winner . . . Since starting with V2, I have never looked back . . . Big Tobacco has been kicked to the curb.    While I have moved forward, I have stayed with V2.   When V2 introduced the Pro S3, I jumped in and was and still am, very happy with that device, (I have several) . . . I then acquired a Pro S3X by winning a Customer of the Month contest, another great device and the then I purchased a Pro S7.   Yes, I have several mediums to choose from and I use them all . . . I use the cigalike each and everyday, and depending on my mood and/or situation, I rotate the the Pro devices.   

    When you speak of the "big player manufacturers", I find VMR (V2), to be a survivor . . . this company has not only the innovation but also the motivation, to expand beyond the mountain top that you and I see, like a circle, there is no end in sight as to where this company is going.   I for one, am on this VMR (V2) journey, and I am enjoying the ride.   

    What do I like best about V2 ?    What I like best is the fact that V2 is there for everybody, from the beginner to the more advanced, there is something for everyone . . . this why I believe VMR (V2) will continue to exceed and surpass the competition.
  • rbaker1009rbaker1009 Posts: 1,268Member
    I started with V2 standard automatic batteries and prefilled carts and move to EX batteries and blanks when the EX line was launched. I really have no desire to get a bigger device, I like that cigalikes are discreet when compared to bigger devices and, like @PDXJack said, I like that I can keep it in my teeth and hands like I did with cigarettes.

    If I'm going to be out for a while I just bring a couple batteries and filled blanks, capacity has never been an issue. Cigalikes are so stealthy I vape literally everywhere, not even one dirty look in 6 years of vaping in highly verboten areas in oh-so-sensitive California   :) 
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    I've only probably had 5-7 analogs since the month I've had my ex liquid kit. I use my kit all the time. All day long. I probably go through 2 to 2.5 EX batteries a day. (There's a sale of some sort going on the select items FYI) I've been looking to find blank 808 carts and they're like a unicorn these days. Unable to find any online on other sites. Like I said there's only a couple 808d threaded cigalikes left :-/

    I don't think VMR is doing that bad as a whole. They're a global company. i hear prohibited is doing well and they're about to make an IPO? So a potentially huge influx of cash and resources may be coming to expand vertically or horizontally....whateber they have planned...and IDK If there's a production issue, distribution, poor supply chain management or what cuz there have been certain carts that have been out of stock for a long time. 5-6 weeks since I first looked. V2 cart blanks are still 60 days+ from shipping. They don't make specialty ex carts or blank ex carts. So if I wanted to use a cart I need to get original V2 products. I'mma look around some local v2 retailers to see if anyone has these. Or the kinda new ceramic blanks with I'm SUPER eager to try. I bought a 50/50 juice and it works in the original ex blank. Just gotta wait a sec for the wicks to reabsorb as chain vaping will lead to dry hits and burnt cotton. (Vodka and grain alcohol work well to dissolve old e juice and burn coils. The exposed wicks come out looking like brand new, with maybe a 10-15% decrease in performance/flavor/longevity FYI.

    Im going to speak frankly here, and tag @samantha cuz she's actually listens to us and gets things done around here. Speaking strictly about the devices. They starter kits are a little on the expensive side. But everyone says they're quality products. And they come with a great warranty which makes exchanges seem easy And effortless. Battery accessories like tanks, carts are fairly priced I guess. Th ceramic carts are kinda spendy for $25. But if I can get 20 fills. It's worth it.
    The main gripe I have with v2 is their liquids are EXPENSIVE. $30 FOR A 50ML BOTTLE?! that's ridiculous. There are much cheaper options out there for e liquid. And e liquid is a purchase all vapers need to continually buy to become a regular customer. Free domestic shipping is nice but it takes a while. I can go down the street and get a 30mL name brand bottle at near MSRP. In a glass bottle and dripper (more expensive material adds towards the manufacturer costs) for $15. Idk if their 50ml are glass but the 10ml sample packs came in plastic. Maybe you could simplify the labels further. Remove unnessecary colors to make printing labels cheaper. Like. 60mL for brand name e liquid online should be about $20. And that's a complex 4 flavor profile. If it's just a simple flavor thing like strawberry or just cherry notes. You could release a more affordable line of juices at a lower price point. If v2 gold was $20 for 50mL. I prob would've boughten and tried it already. I know filling in various sizes costs a lot of money and that's why you don't offer 25mL bottles anymore. I know there are some sales going on select e liquids. But only in certain nic strengths. None that attract me ;-/. It's obvious you're trying to either A) clear inventory to make room for new stuff. Or B) it's been sitting for a while and you need to sell em before they lose shelf life. Maybe reevaluate your inventory processes. LIFO? fIFO?

    I'm sorry for the gripe. I just wanted to get that off my chest. I know it's "wayyy easier said then done and it's easy to sit and moan. But maybe i gave y'all some ideas you can implemet to further Improve as a company

    Vape on everyone!
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited April 10
    Hey @PDXJack - thank you for the mention and your detailed feedback. You are pretty spot on regarded everything you've stated... As far at the price points at V2, I hear you and understand. But it is our mission to offer the best e-liquids, not necessarily the most affordable. You can buy an innovative, savvy macbook for $1K+ or you can get a PC or google laptop for a few hundred bucks... it all depends on what the value each customer identifies. Our strict QA, batch testing and superior ingredients are the reason our eliquids cost a bit more. We self-regulate a lot and as you may have figured, it isn't cheap to do this. We are extremely accountable and stringent with our e-liquid formulas and ingredients. BUT, we are narrowing our eliquid and overall flavor inventory by a little, which may improve cost and availability. For every one flavor we have, we usually have 3-5 variations of it because of the different nicotine strengths we offer, so our eliquid catalog list can get long and complicated... but we've offered all of these variations because we know vaping is a very personal, subjective thing that is different for every customer. BUT - regardless, you feedback is great and I have sent it to our higher-ups to consider launching a more cost-conscious eliquid line. We appreciate your feedback and are constantly working to improve our inventory catalog and operations.... We do operate on a "last in, first out" model... our operations team is pretty savvy when it comes to international logistics and inventory... but we have been hit time and time again with many other customs and manufacturing hiccups that have led to out of stock (OOS) issues. We completely understand and have heard you all on social media + the forum loud and clear and it is our NUMBER 1 priority to get inventory stabilized. In addition, we are also working on other eliquid launches, but I am not 100% sure about the pricing as of now. We do have lots of fun product launches in the works though, plus as you mentioned, if Prohibited + the IPO happen/go as planned, VMR could be doing a lot of exciting things in 2018 and beyond.

    All of your feedback is completely valid and appreciated. Perhaps our CEO may jump on here when he is a little less busy with ops and R&D to offer more insight.... 

    In the mean time, we may or may not have a huge store wide sale coming up this summer. So save up everyone! We try to do these quarterly sales so everyone can save on their favorite vapor goodies. :P 
  • PDXJackPDXJack Posts: 61Member
    Thank you @samantha for taking the time to respond to me.

    As a customer, it makes me feel valued and appreciated. Like I said, it's easy to just sit and whine about problems that are easier said than done to address, but thank you for hitting on all the points I mentioned.

    You mentioned something to me that I actually didn't account for, each e-liquid product has 3-5 variations in nicotine strength. That doubles your inventory with some of these companies that may only offer 2-3. Do you really need that many kinds though? I'm sure you guys have some sort of data on customer's buying habits and trends on which nicotine strengths are more popular than others. The Vape industry has drastically changed in the 2 years from when I first looked in to it to now revisiting the world of vaping. I know it must be so hard to try to be an industry leader, let alone profitable in this business. If I was CEO and have employees like you, I would feel assured my company is going in the right direction. Keep up the fantastic customer support!

    Anyways, I'll stop being a Keyboard Warrior/Internet Troll and tell you guys how to run YOUR COMPANY. I'll for sure keep an eye out for that huge store wide sale coming up ;-)

    Thanks again for shedding light on the issue.

    Vape on everybody,
    - Jack
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    No, no you are awesome @PDXJack! Your feedback is invaluable and we appreciate the insight and your patience. We are streamlining flavors a bit but def keeping our varied nicotine strengths - we have found it's a great feature for new and returning customers who want to slowly reduce their nicotine strength and eventually get to 0%. 
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member

    Also the V2 Platinum e-liquid is a premium product and you are also able to get a batch report on every bottle you purchase which lists everything that it contains and is also diacetyl free which is also important to some users.

    Your comment about the cost and that there are many cheaper options available yes there are but you don't know what they are adding to there e-liquid where V2 have very intensive testing to ensure there customers are receiving the best quality liquid available.
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