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Pro Series 3 carts won’t last?

ViankyVianky Posts: 20Member
edited February 3 in Product Troubleshooting
Hello, wondering if someone might know what’s going on. I’ve been using the series 3 for like a year and for a while was having no issues at all. The last few months though I’ve been having major problems with the carts. I buy like 4 carts a month and all of them have either gone through like 3 fills or less before they start tasting burnt. I’ve seriously gone through like 10 of them in the past few months and maybe one has lasted more than 3 fills before tasting burnt.

Anyone have any advice/suggestions?

P.S. I use the standard V2 Pro Series 3 E-Liquid Cartridge


  • ViankyVianky Posts: 20Member
    Hello? Anyone?
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    Maybe refill it before it gets to bottom...like at 1/4 full? I suspect the burnt taste is caused by burning the bottom that has no liquid.. and once that is burnt, it's not going away. Also take slow soft draws to allow liquid to always be in the process. I combed the forums for this and it has worked for me. Hope it helps :)
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member
    @Vianky @samantha

    What e-liquid are you using as if its not a high PG Ratio that will also cause problems.

    I have purchased over 15 of the standard cartridges during the past 2 months and not had any issues using V2 Platinum PG e-liquid.
  • ViankyVianky Posts: 20Member
    I never let the cart go bellow 1/4 filled and I also use the V2 Platinum PG e liquid
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hi @Vianky - If the vaporizer is over 1 year old, it may be on its last legs; but it may also be something else that can simply be resolved via troubleshooting. I can have a CS member call you tomorrow to resolve? Pls provide me your phone number via PM and I will get you taken care of. Thank you for reaching out and being patient with us.
  • rick31621rick31621 Posts: 17Member
    I too have found the carts don't last as long as they did in the past. Here's an interesting problem, the last two (2) Pro 3 carts I unpacked had a base that is not magnetic therefore they wobble inside the vaporizer. Has anyone else experience this?
  • ViankyVianky Posts: 20Member
    > @samantha said:
    > Hi @Vianky - If the vaporizer is over 1 year old, it may be on its last legs; but it may also be something else that can simply be resolved via troubleshooting. I can have a CS member call you tomorrow to resolve? Pls provide me your phone number via PM and I will get you taken care of. Thank you for reaching out and being patient with us.

    I have just spoken to someone in CS. It did not go well. Basically I was told that it would probably not be the pens because it would be odd that all 3 pens I own would be giving out the same burnt taste at the same time. Makes sense if you think about it. What are the odds of that happening? Then I asked if it could be something going out with the carts that have been going out recently? She said there have been no additional complaints so that’s a no. She can’t re fund or send new carts because they are disposable items. Her solution was, buy more carts. Which makes no sense to me. I’m calling to tell you that the carts I’ve been receiving are not lasting more than 3-4 refills when they should be lasting 40. Your solution is to buy even more then I have already bought and hope it’s different?

    I told her I’d prefer to just start looking into other vap companies and she said there was nothing else she could suggest.
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    Could it be the e-juice? Are you using the exact same bottle for all the faulty carts? Maybe try a different type. If I use Sahara in my carts, they last forever.
    Bernard from V2 told me to empty the cart completely, put in some juice and let it set for awhile. Pour that out and then fill it back up and it should be better. The liquid you just poured out should be darker. I know that is wasting juice, but might be worth a go if nothing else works.
    Just trying to help... I know what it's like not to have a vape available. Hang in there -- Samantha is all over it and hopefully will remedy the situation.
  • thorn3049thorn3049 Posts: 1Member
    I am experiencing the same problem, burned taste at second or third fill.  It seems to vary with the manufacture date of the carts.  I am currently using carts with a manufacture date of 8/29/2017, these are the worst yet.  Manufacture date of 2/13/2017 I averaged 8 fills per cart.  Manufacture date 8/29/2017, I am averaging 2 fills per cart, and the second fill is awful, feels like I have burns in my mouth.  I sent for another shipment of carts, received the 8/29/2017 manufacture dates again.  If V2 can't deliver products with consistent quality, it may be time to look elsewhere.  I'd rather not, because when they are working correctly, they are awesome.
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @thorn3049 - thank you for joining the forum and reaching out. I am going to look into your order and have a CS representative reach out tomorrow morning to first do some troubleshooting and then we will get you taken care of with a resolution.
  • barekbarek Posts: 8Member
    I've found the same to be true...recently received three Pro Series 3X filament carts...first one died after maybe 10 re-fills...using second one now (6 re-fills so far)...BOTH started leaking at the base within the first 5 refills...using V2 Sahara only...

    V2 your QC is getting really sloppy!!!
  • samanthasamantha Posts: 3,553Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hey @barek - 10 refills sounds about right for some folks that vape heavy. It all depends on vaping style and is subjective. I Can have a CS rep contact you to troubleshoot and look into a possible exchange if you'd like? 
  • spersingerspersinger Posts: 5Member
    I’ve been battling this same problem. I’ve gone through dozens of carts in the last couple of months. It’s definitely not the pen, because I bought a new one just to see. I’ve also found that the ones with the 8/29 date are the worst. I just put a brand new one in, let it set for 20 minutes and it already tastes burnt. I use nothing but V2 juice. I called CS and didn’t get much assistance. Crazy thing is when I bought my new pen, I used the cart that came with it and was great for over 30 refills. The ones that come individually do not last near as long.
  • AndiiAndii Posts: 125Member
    Noticed that too. The ones I ordered back in October lasted quite awhile. The ones I've received the last 2 months do not last at all, some doa right away. Which is tough with the ceramics (pg) still having 60 day waiting time. Wish the cartridges were more consistent :/
  • tommietommie Posts: 25Member
    I'm beyond frustrated with V2 right now. I've been a loyal customer for 7 years and last week started having problems with the Pro 3 liquid cartridges. I kept trying to vape all morning and finally gave up on it, realizing it was a bad cart so I set it aside and filled another one. I hate when that happens but it's not unreasonable, sometimes you get a bad one. The second one was exactly the same. I just couldn't get a good draw on it. It had very little vapor and somewhat of a chemical taste. I kept trying all day but no good result. I set that one aside and opened a third one. Same thing. I let each one sit for an hour before vaping. On day 3, I was hoping by morning it would have resolved itself but nope. I already know what's going to happen when I open the 4th cartridge but I have to give it a try. Same result. I have 4 Pro 3 batteries and got the same result with every one of them. Hell, I even thought maybe it was my liquid because why would 4 carts in a row be bad? So I open a second bottle but it didn't make a difference. By now I am staring at 4 useless cartridges on my counter, 3 brand new unopened ones with the same date ($$$ cha-ching $$$) and 3 days with very little to no nicotine in my system and I start looking here in the forums and find this thread mentioning the 8/29 date and sure enough there it is on each and every one of mine. Now I'm pissed. I sent an email (online chat was offline) a week ago (3/21) telling them they must have got a bad batch, explaining what the problem was and telling them about this forum discussion about it and begging them to take these things off the shelves and stop shipping them. I then drove to the nearest vape store and bought myself a new setup and FINALLY got some nicotine! I went back the next day and bought another one as a backup and couldn't be happier with them. I have received no response from V2 whatsoever. V2 customer service used to be fantastic. Don't know what happened. Very disappointing.
  • MajorDouble7MajorDouble7 Posts: 28Member
    I have experienced this issue, on and off, for a while now.  I'll admit to being somewhat lackadaisical about it and not contacting CS because I've had hardware issues in the past with batteries, etc. and don't want to come off as an impatient customer that's only out to get free sh*t.  And they don't normally have a return policy on carts anyway, so...I just buy a new batch.

    I've had some carts recently, the same as those posted above, that really only lasted for a couple days...and I most certainly had some carts from the batch that people described above as being DOA. That was really frustrating.  The last (maybe) two batches have been better (I usually only order about 3-5 at a time), and my most recent batch of 4 has just been broken into a couple of days ago, so we'll see (the dates are 8.03.2017).  The worst really for me was when the PG ceramics started burning out quicker than normal wicks (and then there was a leaking issue a while back), which is why I suspect they are still not available for sale.  I hope that it's resolved at some point.  Those really were some revolutionary carts for my S3.

    Are the EX ceramics faring well?  I was sent a pack of 5 (yes, FIVE) classic, auto, long bats (they're white with a bull, or toro, on the end) a couple orders ago (I'm assuming it was a mistake...seems to be a weird 'gift') and am thinking about getting some of those EX ceramics to make up for the lack of S3 PG ceramics available.  Anyone have an opinion one way or the other?

    MD 7
  • carol44carol44 Posts: 18Member
    wow. What gives with recent V2 Quality Control! From above "Spersinger"  on Series 3 carts March 20 post "the ones with the 8/29 date are the worst."

    Amazingly CS sent me a couple boxes of  the 8/29/18 Series 3 standard (wick) carts as a Replacement for the S3 Ceramics that were out of stock for months a while back. Recently went back to  using those wick carts since newer  S3 PG new Ceramics appear to clog after just a few refills. "Spersinger's  March 20 post is spot on. The 8/29 standard S3 wick carts are a bust, either DOA, taste burnt, or clog in 1-3 refills. Loved my old ancient EXs,  but Series 3 cartridges (both wick and ceramics)  suck recently, so I've resorted back to my Exs. . About to find another company if they don't get their act together and do some Quality Control inspections before shipping these things out. Frustrated beyond belief right now !
  • David1886David1886 Posts: 636Member
    edited August 23
    I am in the same situation as you with the 8/29 Cartridges as stocked up when the PG Ceramics were out of stock and during sale events I currently still have 5 boxes of them left that's 25 Carts in total and absolutely agree with your comments I am only using Bold Leaf Menthol as they also have the burnt chemical taste after 3-4 refills also producing almost no vapor and it's not just one Cartridge everyone I attempted to use was exactly the same result.
    I also had 3 boxes of an earlier batch which worked perfectly then started using the 8/29 which was the 6th box I had purchased plus some single ones and have given up on using them as am sick of getting a burnt taste and trowing in the garbage bin and will not even bother opening another of my 5 boxes as the same thing will keep happening.
    I am now only using the PG Ceramic as have 9 left and they work fine with my e-liquid the sad thing is I am unable to return as they are a consumable item and I also live in Australia.
    I did not bother posting my disappointing experience with these Cartridges until I read your comments and know that V2 will just state that there is no issues with these Cartridges and I have been a long time customer and no amount of troubleshooting will resolve the issues people are experiencing it was just a waste of money as still have 25 Cartridges that are useless.  
    At least I am having better luck than you with the PG Ceramic Cartridges as they are fantastic.
    These are the last 3 Cartridges I got the burnt taste when attempted to use again late last week with my Bold Leaf Menthol.

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